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07 October 2005

Update On "Jay Severin"


Severin Returning To WTKK?

Is talk host Jay Severin poised to return to Boston's WTKK-FM?

Severin's been off the air since a Boston Globe piece slammed him for falsely claiming an "online journalism" Pulitzer Prize (there's no such award category). It also revealed his real name: Jimmy Severino.

At the same time, it was disclosed that the Sag Harbor, New York-based host had signed a deal with Infinity Broadcasting to appear on several CBS/Infinity news-talk stations around the country. It's a competitor to WTKK's Greater Media Broadcasting.

Earlier this year, Severin(o) left his position as a regular panelist on Tucker Carlson's MSNBC show under strange circumstances.

Late in the week, industry chatter had Severin returning to WTKK. Recently, the Radio Equalizer heard from Matt Mills, VP/General Manager for Greater Media Boston, who gave this update:

Brian, Yes, the Infinity deal does have something to do with Jay's absence.

We are working on a new deal with Jay, and if we can come to a good conclusion for both parties, Jay will be back on the air.

Nothing new to report on the accusations against Jay.

While Mills wins his own award for fast, professional responses to media inquiries, he may need to check out one other Severin credibility issue from the past.

Reader Richard Murphy brings this to my attention:

One of Jimmy Severino's claims that I find hard to believe is his stand on civil rights as a student.

I don't know if you have any evidence on this, but he claims to have been arrested over 50 times, fighting for civil rights as a youth.

From an article by Bill Shanley in the Boston College school newspaper on May 1, 2001:

"As a young person, Severin was arrested over 50 times while fighting for civil rights. Today, he says he hasn’t changed his views, but rather the parties have changed theirs. "

As to the 50 arrests, I cannot say they did not happen. There may have been a demonstration that went by his car while a ticket was being written and he counts that as an "arrest" and inflated it a lot.

If there were five arrests for demonstrating for civil rights, I'd be shocked, let alone fifty. He appears much too self absorbed to worry about the well being of others.

The Radio Equalizer's advice for CBS, Greater Media, or anyone else looking to hire Jimmy Severino: nothing less than a full background check will be sufficient. Otherwise, you'll never know which long-buried land mines will be exploding next.

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  • Conservatives Rule!

    By Blogger Mary, at 07 October, 2005 22:39  

  • red peters...rule what? They have the Senate and House, the Presidency, and 7 of the nine supreme court justices were selected by republican presidents. Why do we still have issues like gay marriage, and abortion going on today in america. Isn't this what the president ran on? Seems to me like those issues aren't intended to be voted on, just used as a wedge issue to keep america seperated. Sounds like these conservative-republicans are playing you too.

    By Blogger Iraq War Veteran, at 08 October, 2005 12:06  

  • & out 9 Supreme Court justices may be appointed by republicans, but 5 of 9 are raving liberals. That is why we have these idiotic issues hounding us to this day. It seem like every good conservative law that protects families and our way of life is struck down and forbidden by 5 people who apparently hate America and/or the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

    By Blogger Daniel Levesque, at 08 October, 2005 13:36  

  • By the way, I'm impressed with your blog. I'm linking you. Wanna link me?

    By Blogger Daniel Levesque, at 08 October, 2005 13:37  

  • why is it always "hate for america" ass is a liberal, do I "hate" america? I'm an active duty staff sergeant and iraq war veteran. Why would I do this as an occupation if I hate america?

    By Blogger Iraq War Veteran, at 08 October, 2005 13:54  

  • ... it's because the only things these loony wingnuts have are smears and slogans. No rational argument - just ambit claims and worthless opinion. These nutjobs believe anyone who disagrees with their extreme fundamentalist view of the world must be anti-American. If the SCOTUS does not submit to the will of the far religious right, then the seats on the court must be replaced with evangelicals. Screw democracy. Screw intelligent debate. Screw the majority of this country people that doesn't share their religious beliefs. Forget that you have served this country honorably in Iraq. Everyone must submit to their views and their way of life otherwise they must be anti-American.

    By Blogger HeadHunter, at 08 October, 2005 14:33  

  • Thanks for what you do!!!

    There is a group of us from California called the Western Alliance...

    Western Alliance

    We regularly quote you and would really appreciate it if you blogrolled our team blog and then any of our individual blogs as you see fit...

    By Blogger Roseville Conservative, at 08 October, 2005 19:51  

  • You are putting words in my mouth. I said that there are 5 liberals on the Supreme Court who apparently hate America. All you need to do is check the Supreme court archives and look at the way the liberal judges have ruled in Constitutional cases. They have been actively undermining the Constitution ad the Bill of Rights by inventing new rights that the Constitution says nothing about while restricting right explicitly stated int the Constitution simply because they no not agree with our founders. This is why I say they apparently hate America: They are not satisfied with our country the way it is and are actively seeking to reshape it in their image and the voters be damned!
    As far as your service to our nation goes, I have far more respect for my fellow servicemen who are liberals than for the liberals who refuse to actually do anything that helps America. I never said Liberals don't love America, though I do believe that people who do hate America tend to be far left liberals.
    SGT Daniel Levesque

    By Blogger Daniel Levesque, at 11 October, 2005 10:38  

  • I'm sorry, I tried to restrain myself, but this is too funny to pass up. Sorry SSG.
    Your ass is a liberal? I'm so sorry to hear that. It must be bothersome to have a behind that mounts a protest every time you sit on it. I hope it hasn't tried to have you impeached for butt rights violations. Please tell me it hasn't joined the Asses Civil Liberties Union. Maybe there's still hope. Perhaps if you take a whole lot of Ex-Lax you can flush the liberalism right out of it and it will realize how lucky it is to be your ass and stop protesting you for not using soft enough toilet paper.
    Again, I'm sorry but this really was just too funny to not say:)
    I hope you have a sense of humor.

    By Blogger Daniel Levesque, at 11 October, 2005 15:22  

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