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21 November 2005

Drudge Nails CNN


CNN Caught Slamming Cheney During Speech

Are liberal CNN staffers no longer able to contain their anti-Republican hate?

It seems impossible to believe network suits as yet have no answer to this Drudge flash:

At 11:04:45 AM ET Monday CNN was airing Vice President Dick Cheney's speech live from the American Enterprise Institute in Washington -- when a large black 'X' repeatedly flashed over the vice president's face!

The 'X' over Cheney's face appeared each time less than a second, creating an odd subliminal effect.

As this DRUDGE REPORT screen capture reveals, while one 'X' flashed over Cheney's face CNN ran a headline at the bottom of its screen: "CHENEY: I DO NOT BELIEVE IT IS WRONG TO CRITICIZE."

One top White House source expressed concern about what was aired over CNN.

"Is someone in Atlanta trying to tell us something?"

A CNN spokesman did not return repeated calls late Monday night.

Even if this was an accident, CNN's PR flaks should obviously be returning phone calls to explain the situation, even after hours. Waiting only makes the network look more suspect.

Otherwise, why needlessly fuel the fire for conservatives?

Once again, arrogance blinds the mainstream media.

Drudge provides further details here.

Michelle Malkin takes a detailed look here. Verdict: unclear.

Political Teen with much more, including video.

Funny aside: "Mr X" by Ultravox (from Vienna, 1980) happens to be next up on my media player.

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  • I believe it was Napoleon who said "Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by incompetance" - I fully admit I know nothing about what it takes to get a TV broadcast on the air, but might this merely be an instance of someone pressing the wrong button and activating some kind of test?

    It looks like there's unreadable text of some kind lower down.

    Any TV Junkies out there who could shed some light?

    By Blogger Lyin' Baloney, at 21 November, 2005 23:05  

  • Is this Brian Maloney finally engadging in self-parody?

    For the straight Maloney dope, drop by

    By Blogger equalizerequalizer, at 21 November, 2005 23:41  

  • I wished I'd seen this, but I was watching MSNBC at the time and all they did was show hardc0re pr0n by mistake. Darn.

    But seriously, this could just be two feeds (or a generated signal) getting mixed together by mistake; the X could just be a centering feature of some kind.

    By Blogger LonewackoDotCom, at 21 November, 2005 23:42  

  • Yet another Faux Right Wing "outrage". Don't you guys ever get bored of being lead around by the balls by Drudge?

    By Blogger Robert, at 22 November, 2005 00:52  

  • Truly another slam dunk. The crypto-communist, porno loving liberals used an "X" as in "XXX" to denigrate the great one. What more proof is needed?

    Cheney & The X-Files

    By Blogger Polunatic, at 22 November, 2005 10:27  

  • All Things Beautiful Trackback 'X Marks The Bias Spot'

    By Blogger Alexandra, at 22 November, 2005 11:04  

  • Brian - do you plan on updating this?

    Many bloggers, even your cohort Michelle Malkin concedes this was most likely nothing more sinister than a technical glitch.

    By Blogger Lyin' Baloney, at 22 November, 2005 13:42  

  • Drudge just updated.

    By Blogger Sailor Republica, at 22 November, 2005 14:39  

  • Yes, Stop the ACLU has an exclusive:

    By Blogger Sailor Republica, at 23 November, 2005 04:47  

  • I love how libs are so quick to pooh-pooh conservatives' reaction to CNN's "X marks the spot" screw-up ... even though the lefties on this thread haven't provided one shred of evidence that proves the X was just an accident.

    Even the folks CNN say it's not something they can re-create.

    Sure it's possible the X was merely a big accident. It's also possible that a mere coincidence accounts for the fact that the X didn't wind up covering the countenance of Ted Kennedy or Hillary Clinton or John Kerry.

    But I'm not buying CNN's explanation that easily. Right now, the "only a glitch" story sounds remarkably similar to Dan Rather's insistence that his National Guard memos were written on a typewriter in the 1970s -- you know, the kind capable of reproducing Microsoft superscript.

    By Blogger The4thEstate, at 26 November, 2005 00:34  

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