The Radio Equalizer: Brian Maloney

22 November 2005

Tuesday Briefing


Plus: $33 For Franken's Book?

Upon his return from a week in Mexico, a clearly irritated Rush Limbaugh lashed out Monday at liberal critics who accused him of seeking to make a profit from troops stationed in Iraq. He says the idea for his "adopt-a-soldier" Limbaugh subscription gift offer came from a listener.

While he was away, however, lefty detractors were quick to compare his program to Air America's recent (and failing) "associates" campaign.

That's where donations to the "progressive" radio network are rewarded with bumper stickers and other items.

Yesterday, Limbaugh posted this note on his website:

Rush 24/7 Adopt-A-Soldier Program Rolls Out Amid Absurd Charges of Profiteering from Kooks

Giving our troops what Harkin sought to deny them...

"A listener suggested this whole adoption idea, and I will personally match every pledged subscription. I will not profit from this. You know, you don't need a password or another website to read what this is about. It's all right here."

It's unlikely any of this will placate critics, who are still smarting over Air America's increasingly dire financial situation.

Sure, part of this is about exchange rates, but would you pay $33 for Al Franken's new book?

The Truth (With Jokes) has now been released in the UK, with a suggested retail price of £17.99, or about US $33 based on current pound/dollar rates.

Do English readers really follow American politics in such detail? It seems hard to imagine.

In addition, how many in the UK have ever heard of Franken? It's hard to picture "Stuart Saves His Family" having done any better in England than in America, so this seems a fair question.

The (former Manchester) Guardian/Observer's review is typical of the socialist organ, meaning Franken's of course presented as an American hero, but this bit of caution is interjected:

Some of the subjects discussed will not necessarily resonate with British readers. But the black farce of postwar Iraq will, including the story of how a 21-year-old student at the University of Richmond suddenly found himself living in one of Saddam's palaces and spending Iraq's £13 billion budget.

If Franken is right, the corruption, mismanagement and giving of reconstruction contracts to Halliburton and other crony firms is a historic disgrace.

The author reveals Bush's America as Catch-22 come true: a bloated and hilarious self-parody dominated by power, money, war and crazies. But Franken remains a patriot: a Jewish American family man who believes in God (sort of), knows the Democrats' failings and is desperate to rescue his beloved country from the 'Werewolves of Washington'.

Al Franken's robust call to arms is immune to the charges of glibness and smugness often levelled at British liberals. His is the voice the American left has been waiting for.

That it attempts to paint Franken as a moderate is what's funniest about this review. I'm not sure even Al wants that label.

At least for his sake, he was presented as only "sort of" believing in God. That should prevent any major trouble with the left at home.

Also, the Seattle Times does the right thing and publishes a full story for Tuesday's editions on the media's out-of-control antics during the Tacoma Mall shootings and hostage-taking incidents.

From their investigation (here's my Sunday post on the subject):

In the tense hours after a young man opened fire in Tacoma Mall on Sunday and took hostages in a Sam Goody store, the store phone rang several times. It wasn't hostage negotiators. It was the media.

Monday, police officials said they were upset that journalists from The Associated Press, Fox News and KOMO-TV called the store and interfered with a hostage situation.

"Depending on what they said, they could have said things that could have set him off further. We don't know what his triggers were," Tacoma police spokesman Mark Fulghum said. "Negotiators are specially trained to deal with subjects and bring it to an end. These folks, they're interested in the story and could possibly make the guy even angrier and start the shooting up all over again."

Kenny Irby, an instructor at The Poynter Institute, a journalism school in Florida, called it a "dangerous precedent."

"Every news organization has to consider a certain level of restraint during an ongoing criminal situation. ... When we move beyond our role as witness and become participants in the events, that's where a dangerous line is drawn."

When news organizations found out that a man had shot several people in the mall, the media raced to get information.

UPDATE: gun restrictions clearly didn't work in this case.

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  • Wow. It's been 22 minutes and no liberal has denied Air America's broke yet.

    Where ARE you people?

    By Blogger Elnish Arundel, at 22 November, 2005 08:23  

  • OK - first, I'm not a liberal, I'm just curious where Brian gets his info.

    Brian - on what facts are you basing your statement that AAR's Associates program is "failing?"

    I've googled it, I've looked all over the AAR site. I don't see any information either way.

    Note: Since I lack the relevant info, I'm not making a statement arguing or supporting what he said, I'm asking Brian to clarify what appears to be a bold statement regarding AAR's financial health.

    Re: Rush, "Adopt a troop" really does appear to be nothing more than a shameless marketing ploy to promote himself. If he's really interested in helping, why not offer it at a discount or for free to people in uniform?

    By Blogger Lyin' Baloney, at 22 November, 2005 09:52  

  • Brian' just read Michelle's post on the black X - seems she (and most everyone following the story) now believes it was a technical glitch.

    Were you going to update or retract your alarmist and conspiratorial "X Marks Their Hate" story?

    By Blogger Lyin' Baloney, at 22 November, 2005 10:10  

  • Okay, who is who? Just a housewife blogging in her spare time? Retired machinist?

    Or liberal paid political shill blogger.

    They are recruiting law students, professors, etc. to politically shill blog and attack conservatives on blogs.

    Proof positive HERE

    "On the internet, no one knows you're a dog"

    Phantom_Driver, USN, Ret.
    Proud father of an American Soldier

    By Blogger Phantom_Driver, USNR, Ret., at 22 November, 2005 10:15  

  • Well, Phantom, that explains Phil M.

    By Blogger Sailor Republica, at 22 November, 2005 14:14  

  • So... offering to match every subscription, that is, you buy one, he buys one, isn't offering a discount?
    I could buy one for my cousin in the Corps and give the other to my cousin in the Army. Or some random GI. Or buy one for each of my cousins (OK, that could add up, with 5 abroad and 4 stateside) and let them decide how to hand out the other.
    Sounds like a discount to me.

    And now I'm curious... how would you describe your politics, l'b?

    By Blogger SCSIwuzzy, at 22 November, 2005 16:45  

  • sailor girl said: Well, Phantom, that explains Phil M.

    Hey sailor girl... it's very touching that you missed me so...

    Actually, I believe your wingnut ass-buddy may have found a solution to Maloney's unemployment problem. I mean Maloney will shill for anyone - left or right - if it means getting out of that dire financial hole he's in and being able to finally move out of home. He's already hit up Sam Seder from AAR a number of times looking for work. But understandably, Seder is a little reluctant given Maloney's padded bio. And Maloney has proved that he isn't much good shilling for the right anyway if he's forced to scrape by on Amazon clicks. So I don't suppose he has much chance of landing a job on the left anyhoo. Good suggestion though guys.

    By Blogger HeadHunter, at 23 November, 2005 10:12  

  • I'm lost as to what would be wrong with Rush making a profit. The soldier benefits, the benefactor makes the purchase willingly, and Rush gets another listener and possibly a few dollars. Everybody comes out ahead thanks to capitalism. Isn't this one of the things our soldiers are fighting for in the first place?

    I gifted three subscriptions. That Rush will be matching with three more is icing on the cake, but I wouldn't have been put off if he went on the air laughing and cheering that I'd bought him a good cigar with my subscriptions. I won't accept the premise that there's anything wrong with nobody sacrificing here.

    By Blogger McGroarty, at 23 November, 2005 11:05  

  • McGroaty,
    Capitalism and economics in general are not things many libs have good handles on.
    However, I always chuckle when I hear folks like Mike Moore and Babs Streisand held up as caring wonderful people making a difference, but if a conservative makes a buck, they are terriblem nay evil, people.
    Now, how long before one of the regular trolls defends Moore, or claims that nothing I wrote matters, because I ended a sentence with a preposistion?

    By Blogger SCSIwuzzy, at 23 November, 2005 14:23  

  • Typical Phil Magnay. Can't handle the criticism, so he calls me a girl.

    Good think I walk all over people like that.

    By Blogger Sailor Republica, at 23 November, 2005 17:34  

  • This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    By Blogger Phantom_Driver, USNR, Ret., at 23 November, 2005 17:45  

  • Notice that Mr. Phil does not say that shills do not exist. I prove that they do, and that they're Liberal financed. Instead, he tries to pass the argument off subject.

    I've found that when shills are exposed, they exhibit exactly the same response as Mr. Phil.

    So, Phil ole pal, how much are they paying you, buddy? Still in law school, are you?

    Methinks I hit a nerve there.

    Note that Philm has no profile or blogpage. A SURE SIGN of shilldom.

    At least he could have made up a fake one to look legit, but nooooo
    he has little experience blogging, it appears. Phil: Come on over to my page so I can log your ISP.

    Betcha it's DC.

    By Blogger Phantom_Driver, USNR, Ret., at 23 November, 2005 17:48  

  • Sailor girl, all this time and you still haven't woken up to how pathetic you and Maloney are. He's 37, unemployed and living at home with his mother. You're 25 and still at school. Yes...very impressive.

    And Phantom, I would give you a break since you're retired military but your bumbling shots in the dark obviously show that you're incapable of applying even a modicum of the discipline that you learned in the navy to your thinking.

    I checked out your blog... nice impersonation of Timothy McVeigh. So what sort of humble pie are you going to eat now when you realize I'm not from DC? But no doubt you will do the "wingnut dance" that all you cowards do when you're proved to be wrong, and cop out and declare wherever I live to somehow be just the same as DC.

    You can only guess where and how I run my blog and yet you seem to believe that you have some voodoo power to be able "know" these details from your backwoods shack. There are doctors that specialize in such pathologies.

    And on the subject of shills, I don't do it. I don't know how much it pays but it can't be very much... and my obsession with golf is expensive. You won't believe me but then you're just a retarded wingnut who has to be told what to think anyway so who cares. But at least you're finally catching up with the rest of the planet and discovering that there are shills from every corner of politics working in the blogosphere. Good for you.

    By Blogger HeadHunter, at 24 November, 2005 12:21  

  • When you start namecalling, Phil,
    you show your true colors and concede the debate.

    Thank you for your concession.

    It's almost too easy to force the weevils from the woodwork.


    By Blogger Phantom_Driver, USNR, Ret., at 25 November, 2005 00:24  

    The gun-toting redneck doesn't realize how dumb and pathetic he really is. He starts out calling me a shill without a shred of evidence, then he cries and bleats about name-calling. What a hypocrite!
    HA HA HA HA.

    He was wrong about my blog, he was wrong about shilling, he was wrong about me being in DC (where's the humble pie, redneck) and yet he somehow declares victory to some vague incoherent argument.

    Yet another example of wingnut hypocrisy and the weakness of their argument. I almost fell over backwards laughing the other day when Maloney and Malkin were getting all whiney about some of the slings that have been thrown their way. Yet these two are a perfect example of shills for the right who stoop the lowest forms of smear and namecalling. But the redneck gives these particular shills a pass.

    Yes, it's very easy flushing out these liars and hypocrites from their slimey holes.

    By Blogger HeadHunter, at 26 November, 2005 12:06  

  • "really does appear to be nothing more than a shameless marketing ploy to promote himself."

    Are you just completely insane? As if Rush need to promote himself.

    And as if he needs the money. His radio contract earns him 10 million per year. Get a grip.

    By Blogger Tom, at 06 December, 2005 22:44  

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