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30 January 2006

Sean Hannity, Jerry Springer, Mike Malloy, Boston, Texas


Is Jerry Worth The Time Of Day? Plus: Other Updates

As Sean Hannity is proving to Jerry Springer, a career boost can sometimes come from the most unlikely of circumstances.

After all, why should the nation's number two-ranked talk host (by audience size, with Rush Limbaugh in first place) give one of Air America Radio's weakest performers the time of day?

Because of Jerry's television fame?

Even the liberal network's most diehard apologists seem lukewarm when it comes to supporting the syndicated television trashmeister. And we might add that Hannity has roughly 10 stations running his show for every one still saddled with the dreadful "Springer On The Radio".

And yet there they'll be, together in Cincinnati, in what's billed as a "battle of the talk show hosts". From the Cincy Enquirer:

Conservative Sean Hannity vs. liberal Jerry Springer ? Wouldn't you love to see them go at each other? (Verbally, of course.)

You can, at Clear Channel's "Battle of the Talk Show Hosts" 8 p.m. Feb. 25 at Grand Victoria Casino and Resort in Rising Sun.

The Fox News host, whose national radio show airs 3-6 p.m. weekdays on WKRC-AM (500), will go head-to-head with Springer, the Democrat and ex-Cincinnati mayor whose national Air America radio show airs 9 a.m.-noon on WCKY-AM (1530).

Tickets ($30) are available by calling (800) 472-6311. For $100, you can attend a reception and buffet before the main event.

"The evening will be entertaining, thought provoking and an all-out brawl," predicts WKRC'S Tony Bender.

Should Hannity have a few heavies tag along, just in case Springer shows up with some of his television "guests"? Perhaps, if he cares to return the favor, Jerry can help Sean get his own "opera".

Speaking of Hannity, after a series of programming moves, it's getting harder to figure out where to hear him in New England.

After recently settling into early evenings on WPRO/Providence, he'll finally be heard live in Boston, on Salem's WTTT-AM.

What in the world is WTTT, you might ask? Long one of Salem Radio Network's most-neglected stations, it generates no Boston-area Arbitron ratings, has failed to invest in local programming and has this tacky website.

With Hannity now leaving the late-night hours at WTKK-FM for 3-6pm on WTTT, Salem finally has an opportunity to build a real radio station.

Will they take it?

In the form of praise from moonbat websites, liberal talker Mike Malloy's recent hate-filled tirade against Republicans who dared to invite him to an upcoming convention seems to be paying dividends.

The latest fawn-fest from Democratic Underground:

Malloy has worked for WSB in Atlanta, WLS in Chicago and the now defunct I.E. America Radio Network. So, some may ask -- if Malloy's so damn good, why did WSB, WLS -- let him go? Why is Air America Radio afraid to stick him in prime time so more people can hear the truth?

Because he is so damn good, that's why. Because the truth Malloy tells is raw, straightforward, stripped of all spin -- every word shoved right in the faces of those who have seized power to destroy the democratic safeguards of the U.S. Constitution, to steal elections, to abandon society's most vulnerable, and to slaughter their own citizens as a pretext for war.

But even Air America knows that not everybody can handle the truth, especially in prime time.

Each night, Malloy exposes the Bush administration for what it is -- a murderous, evil, lying, fascist regime.

Hey DU, why is it okay to abandon "society's most vulnerable", as long as they live in the Bronx? Also, why no mention of Malloy being replaced by paid programming on Air America's New York flagship WLIB-AM?

I.E. America, by the way, was a previous liberal talk radio network attempt that failed to generate the publicity its shaky successor has enjoyed. Of that earlier effort, Malloy was a key part.

Something else: why are a number of lefty websites using downright ancient photos of Malloy? Compare the above images to this recent one used in the Washington Post. What gives?

An ugly Air America (and Texas Democrats) dig by Bud Kennedy in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram:

That's what's wrong with Texas Democrats.

You don't win Texas elections going after the vegetarian vote.

The vegetarians might be the only voters Democrats have left this year. Their candidates are running either third or fourth in the governor's race, behind a lackluster incumbent, a displaced Republican runner-up and a funny country singer.

"It is difficult for the Democrats to understand that they are not just noncompetitive, but they are absolutely out of the picture," said Jim Riddlesperger, a political science professor at Texas Christian University.

I don't think that the crowd in Carrabba's would look up if either Chris Bell or Bob Gammage walked into the dining room.

Riddlesperger summed up Texans' response in one word: "Who?"

Bell and Gammage are scheduled to stage their first face-to-face forum tonight at 7:15 at a union hall on West Hurst Boulevard. The momentous occasion will be covered by Air America Radio, which reaches about as many listeners as the average Sonic Drive-In menu board.

No doubt: when Democrats confuse Texas with Berkeley, elections are lost.

Shot In The Dark says there's been recent turmoil at Air America's Minneapolis outlet. Oddly, mold is at the center of the controversy. See the update.

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Top Springer photo: Cincy Enquirer library picture, origin of earlier Malloy photos: who knows? Recent Malloy snap: Washington Post


  • That Mitch Hedberg over at Shot in the Dark is a raving lunatic. He has a radio show that one person named Phil listens to on Saturday afternoons.

    By Blogger WHT, at 30 January, 2006 02:13  

  • Oh I meant to say Mitch Berg, not the funny, albeit dead, comedian.

    By Blogger WHT, at 30 January, 2006 02:14  

  • springer's show just isn't good. there's no question there. even though we have similar political beliefs, that doesn't mean that his show is worth a damn. i wish AAR would cancel him.

    By Blogger liberal outlaw, at 30 January, 2006 09:36  

  • Tacky website for WTTT? Maybe what they used to have but the new one isn't bad. True, they don't show up in ratings and we don't know if Hannity's addition will help or not, but the signal isn't the best, esp. at night,
    and there's some competition from
    WRKO, WBZ, and WTKK, all of whom have some local hosts.

    At 3 pm I'm likely to switch back and forth between Carr on WRKO and Hannity on WTTT. not quite into
    'TKK's Graham.

    By Blogger raccoonradio, at 30 January, 2006 13:36  

  • This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    By Blogger frankenlies, at 30 January, 2006 19:11  

  • When I last visited the Boston area, I tried to tune into WTTT. The signal was very weak - barely listenable.

    I hope that changes. Boston could use a lineup like the one WTTT has!

    By Blogger frankenlies, at 30 January, 2006 19:15  

  • More ratings are in and AAR continues to improve:

    Spokane, WA: 1.0 -> 2.0
    Albuquerque, NM: 1.6 -> 2.2
    Madison, WI: 2.3 -> 3.8

    WXXM-FM is the 7th highest rated station in Madison.

    By Blogger Mr. Kite, at 30 January, 2006 19:22  

  • yeah, it's too bad Salem can't put the lineup on its other stations in town:
    WROL 950 and WEZE 590.

    By Blogger raccoonradio, at 31 January, 2006 03:25  

  • Jerry Springer has a popular show. Die hards on both sides may not care for his soft spoken style. But listen to his callers. They're the beer and pretzel guys and the stay at home housewives. He's hitting an untapped talk radio audience.

    By Blogger Dick Tuck, at 31 January, 2006 04:54  

  • Dick head, you must mean his TV show--which TV Guide called THE WORST SHOW ON TELEVISION!

    raccoonradio, I think both those Boston stations, WROL and WEZE, are meant for more religious programming in the realm of New York's WMCA

    By the way, in mentioning WKRC, the AM spectrum doesn't start at 500, rather 530--WKRC's dial spot is 550. It ID's itself as "55 KRC."

    By Blogger The Real Bob Anthony, at 31 January, 2006 06:34  

  • A REALITY CHECK for Mr. Tuck:

    SPOKANE, WA (market #92): 2.1 (Fall '04) DOWN to 2.0 now

    ALBUQUERQUE (market #70): 2.4 (Spring '05) DOWN to 2.2 now

    MADISON, WI (market #96): 4.4 (Winter '05) DOWN to 3.8

    How about an actual LARGE MARKET like ATLANTA (market #10): Last four books: 0.0 -> 0.7 -> 0.0 -> 0.4 : LAST PLACE!

    See? I can cherrypick numbers and markets also!

    By Blogger frankenlies, at 31 January, 2006 11:50  

  • springer was brought in to AAR because they thought that another big name would boost ratings. they wanted to have "2 Frankens." it didn't work. springer's ratings are lower than unfiltered, who he replaced. if something isn't working then they need to get rid of it, which is my problem with the entire democratic party. we hold onto these people/ideas that just don't work, and refuse to move on.

    By Blogger liberal outlaw, at 31 January, 2006 12:13  

  • BTW:

    Air America has NO measurable rating in DALLAS / FT WORTH (market #5) and SAN ANTONIO (market #30).

    In PITTSBURGH, PA (market #23), AAR lost more than half of their audience in one book! They went from a 1.5 over the summer to a 0.7 now!

    By Blogger frankenlies, at 31 January, 2006 12:16  

  • Heard Stephanie Miller is replacing Springer up in Howie Dean-land
    (WVAA). Perhaps more stations will
    prefer her show to Springer's, and if
    Franken does indeed run for Senate in
    Minn, thus giving up his show (Thom
    Hartmann replacing him?) there would be even more turnover at AAR. Not that doing that would make them much more of a threat to conservatalk, though.

    By Blogger raccoonradio, at 31 January, 2006 16:10  

  • frankenlies: First, I think you were responding to me rather than Mr. Tuck. I wasn't cherry picking. Those 3 markets cae out on the day I posted them. I was just giving the latest AAR ratings.

    1. The Spokane station wasn't an AAR affiliate in Fall04.
    1, 2, & 3: You're picking random quarters to fit your agenda. I could do the same with Rush Limbaughs numbers. He hasn't increased every ratings period that he's been on the air, has he? No one expects, or should expect, AAR to grow every single quarter. What's important is the recent ratings. And in the recent ratings, those 3 markets went up. It really is pretty hilarious that you had to pick a different starting point for each example to make your specious point.

    Atlanta, I'll admit, is a problem for AAR. There's no reason that rating should be that low at this point. May be Atlanta just isn't into liberal talk?

    The Dallas station on reaches half the market, and the San Antonio staion doesn't reach that market at all.

    Pittsburgh? Are you for real? Do some research please.
    1. AAR doesn't really have anyone on in Pittsburgh. They have a syndication deal with Thom Hartmann. That's all. He was on that station before any deal with AAR. They syndicated him to their stations so since he was already on that station (WPTT), AAR decided to add it to their line-up. The relationshop between AAR and WPTT is by proxy only.
    2. Laura Ingraham is also on that station. Any loss in the ratings could easily be blamed on her.

    By Blogger Mr. Kite, at 31 January, 2006 17:47  

  • Man if this page isnt bias I dont know what is. It's bad enough your discrediting Springer throughout the whole write up, but for who, Hannity?

    Hannity is a talk show personality. An entertainer, like Rush Limbaugh both being paid to do the same things, entertain and tell half truths. Springer has at least served the people he still defends daily on the radio instead of just reaping profits by entertaining and bashing people that are trying to do the right thing.

    This is obviously just entertainment for you as well as your readers who approve of its content. Im supporting as always the underdog.

    By Blogger T_MCP, at 24 February, 2006 19:33  

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