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17 April 2006

Sean Hannity, AP, President George W Bush


Hannity Supports President Bush!

Joining the unresolved question of where the Easter Bunny lives (anybody know?), this year's holiday provided a second great mystery: why did the Associated Press seem surprised Sean Hannity still supports President Bush?

Forget that, the AP appeared shocked.

In other news, water is wet, kids eat too much candy on Easter Sunday and Al Franken still thinks Rush is fat. Conservative bloggers are fat too, as is pretty much anybody else we lefties don't like.

Apparently, from the mainstream media's perspective, falling poll ratings should mean an automatic abandonment by Bush's key media allies.

From an in-depth wire profile so far appearing on the websites of over 75 newspapers, Hannity spells out why:

(Via CTV-Canada) NEW YORK -- Sean Hannity will not abandon ship. President Bush's approval ratings have sunk into the 30s, but Fox News Channel's tenacious conservative isn't wavering in his support, even while parting ways with the president over immigration and the Dubai ports deal.

"Let me be straight with you -- I like George Bush," Hannity said. "I think he's a man of principle, a man of faith. I think he's got a backbone of steel and he's a real, genuine, big-time leader ... He's a consequential figure for his time. We don't see it right now."

History will vindicate Bush as a strong leader the same way it did Harry Truman, another unpopular president of his time, Hannity said.

Beyond clear criticism directed at Sean for his Bush loyalty, it's actually not a bad piece, especially coming from a liberal media organization like the AP.


"I think the guy's political views are off-the-wall, but he is an undeniably brilliant television talent," said Ellis Henican, a Newsday columnist and frequent on-air foil.

"He exudes authenticity. You can disagree with him, as I do, about almost every thought he has but recognize that Sean is truly somebody who believes in something."

Henican was part of a particularly electric "Hannity & Colmes" on March 29. In a rare moment where Hannity was double-teamed, Henican and Alan Colmes pummeled him about Hannity's frequent criticism of those who attack Bush while "he's leading troops into harm's way."

Bush's sagging popularity and the dwindling public support for the Iraq war has definitely made things tougher for Hannity, Henican said.

Hannity and his peers are "in this double tug, being squeezed in different ways," he said. "Do I stick with the guy I love or do I back the policies that fit into my world view? And I guess he's done the only thing he could do, which is uncomfortably express his opposition in those areas in which Bush has disappointed him."

In the end, this piece accidently trashes liberals.


It proves they're unable to figure out why, even as Bush's popularity sags, conservatives like Hannity stick to their guns.

Depending on poll results, isn't political life all about flipping and flopping? If Republicans do manage to hang on in November, this may be the reason why: by the party opposite, a true lack of core principles.

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  • It's obvious why the author of this article was so dismayed at Hannity's stick-to-itiveness: the small but crucial note that the article originates from CANADA, that sickening, left-wing socialist dictatorship that has the GALL to provide health care to all its citizens, even those who CAN'T PAY FOR IT. Why, those pathetic snow-eaters from their Frozen Cuba can't be expected to BEGIN to understand the dignity of someone like the great Sean Hannity, now CAN THEY???? Why, just look at his head! Anyone with a head that huge must do A TON OF DEEP THINKING!!

    By Blogger Scott, at 17 April, 2006 03:47  

  • By misusing the American military to steal Iraqi oil you have placed us on the bad side of our LORD and Savior, Jesus Christ.

    By Blogger DEANBERRY, at 17 April, 2006 07:01  

  • Wow...your comments consist of crackpots on both sides of the aisle. Good work. :)

    BTW, Scooter, sometimes I wish we were stealing Iraqi oil...maybe I'd be paying less than $2.70 a gallon if we were.

    By Blogger Darin, at 17 April, 2006 10:51  

  • Asked any Canadians what they think of their free healthcare system, lately?

    "Let's hope Hillary Clinton and Ted Kennedy were sitting down when they heard the news of the latest bombshell Supreme Court ruling. From the Supreme Court of Canada, that is. That high court issued an opinion last Thursday saying, in effect, that Canada's vaunted public health-care system produces intolerable inequality."

    By Blogger Lokki, at 18 April, 2006 11:09  

  • RRRAMONE give brian maloney aids!

    By Blogger brihall215, at 23 April, 2006 18:24  

  • RRRRAMONE, Brian Maloney is a shit dick.

    By Blogger brihall215, at 23 April, 2006 18:26  

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