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10 August 2006

Al Franken, Air America Radio, Tom Oliphant


While Others Focus On Terrorism, AAR Lives On Mars

While conservative hosts across the nation worked feverishly to bring listeners the latest news on a massive terror plot to blow up as many as ten planes that was thankfully foiled by the British government, on liberal radio, it was another story entirely.

Other than a sick joke about not bringing an increasingly- expensive gallon of gas onboard as a carry- on item, Al Franken spent much of his time focused on other issues, such as the minimum wage.

Does the "progressive" talker live on Mars?

And rather than deal directly with the obvious danger that these terrorist schemes carry for Americans, Stuart Smalley instead highlighted the secret nature of Bush Administration- backed anti- terror legislation.

What timing!

In a sign of even further detachment from reality, Franken asked political cartoonist and columnist Tom Oliphant about "increasingly tough times for conservatives". Oliphant and Franken also talked about the policy failures of "neo- cons" and their "outdated" strategies, both in Iraq and with the public education system at home.

How about "tough times" for "progressives" in denial about massive terrorist plots unfolding all around us?

Despite the huge news, Franken mostly stuck with this planned guest schedule:

It's Boston Globe day here at The Al Franken Show. 66% of Thursday's guests work, or have worked for the Boston Globe, 100% have appeared in the Boston Globe, and 100% read the Boston Globe.

(1:00) Susan Milligan, a reporter for The Boston Globe. She'll discuss how classified intelligence bills make their way through Congress, often without Congresspeople knowing anything about them.

(1:30) Steve Clemons, a Senior Fellow at the New America Foundation and proprietor of the blog He'll talk about what the UN is doing with Lebanon-Israel.

and (2:00) Tom Oliphant, our Thursday regular. He's the author of Praying for Gil Hodges, and a former columnist for the Boston Globe.

Only near the end of the interview did Oliphant even mention the terrorist scheme in passing, blaming the Bush Admin- istration's policies for ongoing terrorism. Instead of encouraging it, Franken steered him toward a discussion of sectarian violence in Iraq.

When they largely ignore a plot to bring down ten jumbo jets over the Atlantic, Franken, Oliphant and his pals make the case that their Sheehan / Dean / Lamont wing of the Democrat Party certainly isn't up to the task of keeping the world safe.

UPDATE: Randi Rhodes is largely doing the same thing during her program today, ducking the issue and focusing on her showdown with Neal Boortz on CNN's Larry King Show. When she did address it, Rhodes wass quick to blame Blair and Bush for taking "vacations" that "seem to trigger plots".

Later, Rhodes compared "right-wing talk hosts" to Osama bin Laden, but following her train of thought is often nearly impossible. She mocked Rush Limbaugh's "love for Jews" while living in West Palm Beach.

More "nutroots" updates at Orbusmax.

Welcome RealClearPolitics readers!

Further news updates: RTE - Ireland, NYT: Lieberman attacks Lamont over terrorism story, CNN: how an undercover British agent may have saved thousands of lives! Daily Telegraph: American carriers targeted.

From Radio Equalizer reader Mike:

While all this was going on this morning, (Air America morning host) Rachel Maddow interviewed Jane Hamsher, recently of the Lieberman black-face picture. Regarding rumors of Rove calling to support Joe, Rachel said, to paraphrase:

"Rove goes after his enemies using personal attacks - homophopic and RACIST

Jane agreed and they both laughed. ha ha ha

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  • So you report that Franken's show discussed: (A) Pending minimum wage legislation, (B) U.S. anti-terrorism policy and (C) Violence in Iraq. And it also certainly contained news breaks that led with the terror plot.
    Yeah, he didn't cover any issues of importance (sarcasm intended).

    By Blogger Justin, at 10 August, 2006 15:36  

  • The AAR peace-at-any-price demotard, fricking idiots need to take heed and pull their heads out of the sand and then their asses. We HAVE been, ARE, and always WILL be under threat from Islamofascists until we annhilate these asshole sub-humans from the face of this goddamned planet!

    Don't they get it? What is their fricking problem, Kos Kids, Franken and nutties? What will HuffPo post tomorrow? Or will she? Will these bed-wetting "can’t we all just get along" liberals whining about American Imperialism or "diplomacy" be hiding in bunkers waiting for our Armed Forces to protect their sorry asses?

    By God, I want our military men & women to arrange those meetings with Allah and their 72 Virgins A.S.A.P.! They want to go? Then let our military men and women make the accommodations - and NOW - not LATER!

    So Franken, Murtha, Kerrry, Kennedy, Sheehan, Sarandon, Moore, and the rest of you candy-asses, get the HELL OUT OF THIS COUNTRY IF YOU DON’T LIKE IT! As Herman Cain says, “get on the wagon, or GET - OUT - OF - THE - WAY,” because Americans who give a damn and have some backbone are sick of this crap.

    The time for appeasement and negotations is OVER! GET IT???? BECAUSE IF YOU DON’T, AHMADINEJAD AND NASRALLAH SURE THE HELL DO! SO SUCK IT UP!

    By Blogger The Benson Report, at 10 August, 2006 15:38  

  • Hey Benson. I thought we were fighting the terrorists in Iraq so we wouldn't have to fight them at home. How the hell did they get to London?
    The time for negotiations is over? When did it begin?

    By Blogger Justin, at 10 August, 2006 16:35  

  • Benson,

    A little unhinged today?

    Can you explain to me how our military could have prevented this attack? Invade England? This terrorist attack was thwarted by good old intelligence and police work - what a concept!

    When you fight terrorism INCOMPETENTLY like Bush has, you just create more Terrorists, not less.

    By Blogger Robert, at 10 August, 2006 16:37  

  • no Benny the neo-clown:
    60% of Amerrica is against the neo-con adventure in IRAQ, 60%
    NOW EVEN MORE INTERESTING IN a recent FOX NEWS POLL, 47% of those polls find the Democratic party favorable, Republicans 38% favorable unfavorable 37% Dems, 51% Republicans, FOX POLL I stress.
    In a poll of Lamont voters and Lieberman voters, 43% voted for Lamont based on opposition to the Iraq war, 24% to oppose Bush
    on the other hand those who voted Lieberman voted 48% on his experience (as I predicted said yesterday although I said based on his record on Ct.)
    and only 6% for his Iraqi support
    and 3% for him working well with Bush!!!!

    America has woken up, Benson, the progressive wing of the Democratic party is obviously striking a chord with Americans, the radical wing of the GOP is NOT.

    spin it any way you want neo-clown
    and you will still fail. For the last week the right wing media, has called anyone opposed to the Iraqi war "moonbats" "kooks" etycx etc. They have called anyone who voted Lamont "anti-semetic", called a vote for Lamont a "vote for Terrorism", NONE OF IT IS WORKING !! NONE OF IT!!!
    All your silly name-calling and "get out of the country" talk, is NOT WORKING. You are the "kook" NOW.
    See a pattern yet?
    I see a desperate rightwing cable news and AM talk radio media, spinning OUT OF CONTROL.

    As far as Maloney's observation
    A.A morning show talked about the British terrorism threat, all morning.
    I'm going to do a show tonight , and I do not plan on talking for 2 straight hours about "muslims looking to kill us all". You want to hear fear and hate. Good for you you are the MINORITY. AMERICA understands the THREAT, and UNDERSTANDS the radical right has increased this THREAT. No need to pound fear down our throats. We all read the news.

    Poor benny the neo-clown, the fear game no longer works to the radical rights advantage, we see the terrorism, we understand the GOP increased the TERRORISM, due to the wreckless international policy.

    Have a good day buddy!
    AMERICA IS SPEAKING, and there is nothing the radical right wing media can do about it

    By Blogger Minister of Propaganda, at 10 August, 2006 16:43  

  • Benson,

    Why not post your unhinged rants for your blog instead of the comments section of a radio blog.

    Maybe it is because nobody reads your piece of crap waste of bandwidth.

    By Blogger Elmonica, at 10 August, 2006 16:50  

  • "Minister", I didn't hear the morning drive programming, but have been monitoring Franken and Rhodes closely.

    Franken ducked the issue, while Rhodes has spent far more time talking about her CNN appearance last night than anything else.

    Why are these two afraid of a real discussion on global terror threats?

    By Blogger Brian Maloney, at 10 August, 2006 17:16  

  • Justin's looney question about how the terrorists got to London is a perfect example of how the peace nuts are keeping their head in the sands. Since he opened the door and asked about London, let me offer some examples of how the spineless left are pandering to the radical British Islamists.

    This "Bend-over" movement to appease Muslims' sensibilities has reached an extreme in Europe, and especially in London. The issue of Political Correctness on the left has gone way too far.

    There are hundreds of examples - here are just a few: - rebuilding British prison bathrooms so the Muslim criminals do not have to face toward Mecca when they take a crap
    - to actually banning piggy banks and Winnie the Pooh Calendars with Piglet in the British benefits department of West Midlands, becase it might offend the Muslims who were getting their welfare checks,
    - to cancellation of the 5 million pound National Lottery funding of the restoration of the Derby Arboretum Park because of the rebuilding of the historic Florentine Boar statue built in 1840 and destroyed during WWII. The Muslim community demanded the plans be scrapped amid sinister warnings of future sabotage due to the "unclean" statue.
    - to the removal from British schools of the following anti-Muslim children books: Animal Farm, The Three Little Pigs, Babe - the Sheep Pig, Olivia Saves The Circus, and even Charlotte's Web! All because they are associated with pigs.
    - to the Muslim Council of Britain and the British government forcing Burger King to spend thousands of pounds to redesign the "spinning ice cream cone" logo on the lids of their swirly cone wrappers because if it was tilted 90 degrees, it supposedly resembled the Arabic inscription for Allah. One Muslim called the paper swirly cone cover sacrilegious, and called on Muslims to boycott Burger King as well as threatening a “jihad”.

    The problem is not Religion in general. The problem is with a violent minority sect of Islam. Even if only 5% of Muslims sympathize with or act upon this ideology, it means that some 50 million Islamists around the world believe in the use of violence and murder to further their religious goals.

    That hardly sounds like the Salvation Army or local old ladies bingo night at church to me.

    A rhyme for the "can't we just get along" liberals:

    This little pig goes to market,
    This little pig stays home,
    This little pig has roast beef,
    This little pig has none,
    And this little English pig on a London bus gets blown to smithereens by Islamist terrorists.

    By Blogger The Benson Report, at 10 August, 2006 17:20  

  • I think the appropriate analogy for Franken and Rhodes failure to react to reality is

    "Busy rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic"

    It's almost time to start placing bets.

    They definitely survive (in the technical sense of still broadcasting) until after the November elections; that's a given.

    However, do they survive until the 2008 elections?

    There will be other demands for Soro's money for the 2008 elections. Can a radio network with less and less listeners compete for those funds?

    Brian - Is there any word on how long AAR's lease is at their new, New York (sorry for this, but who can resist)

    flagging ship station

    If it's a one-year lease, that's instructive, I think.

    By Blogger Lokki, at 10 August, 2006 17:38  

  • Boston Globe
    New investigations by the Saudi Arabian government and an Israeli think tank -- both of which painstakingly analyzed the backgrounds and motivations of hundreds of foreigners entering Iraq to fight the United States -- have found that the vast majority of these foreign fighters are not former terrorists and became radicalized by the war itself.

    Washington Post
    Iraq has replaced Afghanistan as the training ground for the next generation of "professionalized" terrorists, according to a report released yesterday by the National Intelligence Council, the CIA director's think tank.

    By Blogger qw3rty, at 10 August, 2006 18:30  

  • As John Dean points out in his newest best seller, Conservative Without Conscience, the Right-Wing Authoritarians (RWA) use fear mongering as a standard ploy. So its no surprise at all that the regressive talk stations would dwell on the subject.

    Here is some information about Right Wing Authoritarianism.

    By Blogger pbrauer, at 10 August, 2006 19:03  

  • pbrauer - When you go into the discussion of that article, the first sentence reads as follows: "Explicity referring to a group as "homophobic" and "racist" with "profound character flaws" and "prejudiced beliefs" is a clear violation of the NPOV policy." It goes downhill from there. IOW, your little wikipedia reference is just so much trash meant to muddy the water, or maybe to settle a score. In any event, it has no bearing on the subject matter at hand.

    As to Frankenfluff and Rhodes, there really was very little new material that they could bring to the subject, so they were probably wise in avoiding it.

    When looking for information regarding terrorist threats, AAR generally is not the best place to go looking for the five W's, yaknowhattimean?

    By Blogger JD, at 10 August, 2006 20:53  

  • Minister,

    Be sure to explain on your radio show tonight how the war in IRAQ is helping us prevent British born citizens of Pakistani descent from commiting terrorism.

    Couldn't 280 million dollars a day paid by future generations(not fat senile old fools) be better used in other ways in fighting terrorism?

    By Blogger Elmonica, at 10 August, 2006 21:22  

  • Franken's show is so scripted that any deviation would completely derail him. He constantly screws up by referring to previous show segments as "the last act". I used to think that he pre-recorded some of his shows because he would not mention significant events that would occur before he went on the air. For example, on the day Zarquawi was killed, he did not mention it at all on his show, nor did any of his guests. I still suspect that this show was pre-recorded because next day, he immediately mentioned Zarquawi's death in his intro. It was like he was saying "What? I knew all about this. I just didn't mention it yesterday because David Brock had too much killer O'reilly material." Franken calls himself the hardest working man in showbiz politics. I can believe it if he has to write out a complete script for every show. Mediocrity is not easy to put into words on a daily basis.

    By Blogger amarklevinfan, at 10 August, 2006 21:57  

  • Neal Boortz is so vacuous that when he railed against Muslims he accidentally used the term "ragpicker" instead of "raghead".

    By Blogger WHT, at 10 August, 2006 23:01  

  • This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    By Blogger Mark, at 11 August, 2006 00:10  

  • Saddam Hussain sheltered the Iraqi terrorist who mixed the chemicals in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. It seems that Lefties are saying that for brutal dictators who uses WMD against one's own people and against other nations, shelters people who commit terrorist acts against the US, our policy should be "Leave him in power, in control of all those oil reserves so he can continue doing what he has been doing."

    And the Lefties think that we should believe that they are serious about the war on terror?

    By Blogger Mark, at 11 August, 2006 00:12  

  • Lokki, it's a multi-year lease, but I think that really means very little. If they run out of money, WWRL's owner will be just another creditor in the queue.

    By Blogger Brian Maloney, at 11 August, 2006 00:31  

  • Poor Justin ("poster"). Looks like he joined Stuey on the Mar's trip.I suppose if he went back to 9-11 and relived the day, he'd be bitching about too much coverage of the buildings coming down. Justin doesn't like coverage like the foiled plot because it takes away the focus from his anti American activities and he and his WHACKO libs don't like that. That last thing he (and Cindy SheYuck) wants is for people to remember there are Islamic whack jobs trolling the planet trying to control the planet so they can kill and/or rape their woman. Pick the order on which they do first. America is a power in 200 years. Muslem whacko's still live in caves and sand. I wonder why they are mad, hmm. Memo to Justin and the sand people. You wont find virgins in the desert. Who believes virgins are waiting for you after you bomb something? That's right, Muslem's.

    "Normal" Muslem's are pissed off because Bush called the whackjob's Islamic fascists. Boo hoo! Lets go with Islamic fascists terrorist's then.

    Justin could tell his friends this, but they're being interogated at the moment. What a loser.

    By Blogger Owen, at 11 August, 2006 00:47  

  • Brian, I don't listen to AAR at all around these parts (fortunately none of the radio stations around here air any of it) but reading your descriptions of Franken's and Rhodes I wonder if either of their programs you listened to were pre-recorded? Especially Franken's. It sounds like he recorded it yesterday before the terrorism arrests happened. Of course I didn't listen to the show, but I wouldn't put it past Franken and Rhodes to pre-record their show and try to pass it off as "live."

    Anyway, just my two-cents' worth.

    I expect my change. :-)

    By Blogger Carl, at 11 August, 2006 00:49  

  • Owen,

    I didn't say there was too much coverage, and your attacks against me are baseless. Believe me when I tell you that I remember 9/11, since I was among those running down Church St. in NYC.
    I believe we need to fight Islamic terrorists, but also believe we've been going about it the wrong way. It's simply a difference in strategic thinking, not in the desired goal. Too bad your apparent hatred of liberals blinds you from that common truth.

    By Blogger Justin, at 11 August, 2006 06:20  

  • Have you noticed how the libs love to throw out the following statement:

    "I believe we need to fight Islamic terrorists, but also believe we've been going about it the wrong way."

    This is so very typical. They love to complain but do you ever hear a specific course of action? The only response they can offer is that we have to "negotiate".

    To accommodate, arbitrate, consult, dicker, haggle, or mediate is no longer the solution....

    all that does is allow the enemy to regroup and bring in more weapons.

    By Blogger The Benson Report, at 11 August, 2006 10:22  

  • Lokki: I do not think you understand the radio medium. Air America, first off has gained listeners,not lost, small gains over 3 years. With the changing medium, and marginalization of traditional over-the-air radio, as evidenced by the younger audience tuning out of of radio for music, and looking to pod casts and internet streams (arbitron now runs surveys for internet radio) for music, it is logical for a upstart like A.A to build their future on these technologies. I see A.A using the rimshot stations, such as 1600 (lower cost to lease) as a method to push listeners over to the internet and podcasts. A.A now is doing the smart thing in allowing affiliates to carry as many or as few programs from the network, again even if a station only carries 1 show, people will head to the webstie for more programming. This seems to be their goal at this point. It is the right move, over-the-air radio is having one of it's worst years financially, do the homework. Understand the big picture before spewing.

    Brian: For all you experience in radio, it is shocking to see you do not see where A.A is heading as I mentioned above. If you follow the business you would know this. By 2007 they are saying 70% of new cars will be i-pod equipt, I think Air America sees this trend. ON the British terrorist plot, it was covered on the morning show, that's where I first heard it. I would suspect A.A did not want to cover the same exact topic that all of conservative radio, news radio and NPR was covering all day. I can not stand your attitude, but appreciate your passion for radio. Good forum, although your views are clouded by bias.
    Elmonica: Thanks for listening , I got your suggestion however after the show, blogspot was down for a short time last evening.
    MARK: Talking about harboring terrorists, 19 of the 9-11 hijackers were from Saudi Arabia, should we have invaded them? They were obviously 'harbored' there. Should we bomb Michigan, since the state "harbored" 2 terrorist suspects, who were arrested yesterday? Come on, it's not working.

    By Blogger Minister of Propaganda, at 11 August, 2006 10:40  

  • Justin
    America is using Isreal for a greater goal laid out by a far right wing think tank. Former Bush Sr. cabinet members understand, that the PNAC cabal, is trying at every end to stife diplomacy. America is endangering Isreal, the far right, are not fightinga war on terror. I think this piece, sums it up best

    We better wake up and realize their is an agenda behiend this all. The radical sect of the GOP is marginalizing Rice because she is attempting to do her job. They do not want a solution. they want a World War.

    By Blogger Minister of Propaganda, at 11 August, 2006 11:01  

  • Good Article Minister,
    Necons are licking their chops waiting for or planning an incident to start a war with Syria and Iran.

    The practical and fiscally responsable Republicans of Bush I are shaking their heads in disgust and embarrassment.

    By Blogger Elmonica, at 11 August, 2006 12:11  

  • "With the changing medium, and marginalization of traditional over-the-air radio, as evidenced by the younger audience tuning out of of radio for music, and looking to pod casts and internet streams (arbitron now runs surveys for internet radio) for music, it is logical for a upstart like A.A to build their future on these technologies. I see A.A using the rimshot stations, such as 1600 (lower cost to lease) as a method to push listeners over to the internet and podcasts.

    Minister of Propaganda -

    You're correct that I don't know the radio industry and I'm too old to fit into the young demographic.

    If I understand your comment correctly, you're saying that actual broadcast radio will simply become an advertisement for the web based (and web-radio) content. A very interesting glimpse into the future....and a likely one

    Here's another question though.... how do radio stations make money on the net or podcasting?

    I don't think anyone is making much money with Net content, but I'm not that familiar with the web industry either.

    By Blogger Lokki, at 11 August, 2006 13:14  

  • Anyone who uses an article by Sid Vicious to sum up their viewpoint in the middle east is, quite frankly, too stupid to grab his ass with either hand.

    RWW comes on here and accuses everyone who disagrees with him of being "PARTY LINE HACKS" - and then turns around to Sid Blumenthal (the ultimate "PARTY LINE HACK" of The Ultimate Answer's administration) to back up his assertions.

    But okay, let's take the article at face value. We should be more diplomatic with our adversaries in the ME, according to the old bones of Bush-41 and The Ultimate Answer. Here's Hamas' thoughts on diplomacy, from excerpted from their Charter: "Israel will exist and will continue to exist until Islam will obliterate it, just as it obliterated others before it."

    Later: "There is no solution for the Palestinian question except through Jihad. Initiatives, proposals and international conferences are all a waste of time and vain endeavors."

    Those aren't PNAC talking points. Hamas has yet to recognize the right of Israel to exist. However, Baker and the other purveyors of realpolitik, including most of the drones at Foggy Bottom, would have us talk and talk and deal and compromise with these individuals, even knowing that it will come to no good, by the words of Hamas itself. So: Who indeed is the enemy of Israel?

    Official palestinian maps do not reflect the existence of Israel - the entirety of Israel is represented as "Palestine." Source

    But Israel should continue to keep faith with the Oslo accords (even though the pallies have broken with it), and we should continue to treat with the palestinians as if they are really there to negotiate and to settle in peace? I would encourage anyone who says 'yes' to the above question to consider the concept of "hudna."

    The bottom line: Israel is fighting for her very life. Her foes explicitly state they want Israel wiped from the face of the earth (Crazy Mahmoud). The leader of HZB is glad there are so many joooooos in Israel as it will spare HZB the trouble of hunting them down worldwide.

    But woe unto Eretz Israel for punching back. Can't have that, can we? Gets in the way of diplomacy, you see...

    IMHO, if Lebanon and Syria and Gaza and the West Bank and Iran need to be burned down into the sand in order to achieve the safety of Israel, then praise God and pass the ammunition. When you are dealing with a foe that only knows killing and death, then sometimes you need to employ killing and death in such a fashion as to make them either stop of their own accord, or prevent them from keeping it up. That's what we were forced to do in WW-II against Germany and Japan. I don't think I have to wonder what James Baker would have suggested the UK do in May of 1941 after the fall of fwance and Belgium.

    Islam delenda est.

    By Blogger JD, at 11 August, 2006 13:28  

  • If it is the will of the American people to start a war with Syria and Iran that could leave to world war III and even nuclear war so that Isreal won't have hostile neighbors so be it. I can accept that.

    All I ask is that it is not neocon pussies who dodged the draft during the Vietnam war, or armageddon prophecists waiting for salvation be the ones making that decision.

    By Blogger Elmonica, at 11 August, 2006 13:50  

  • Elmonica said ...
    "If it is the will of the American people to start a war with Syria and Iran that could leave to world war III and even nuclear war so that Isreal won't have hostile neighbors so be it. I can accept that."

    I don't think conservatives are craving a war with Iran, although the Iranians have gotten away with way too many terrorist acts since President Peanut naively thought he could talk his way out of the hostage crisis. (In the words of Dr. Phil, "How'd that work out for ya, Jimmy?")

    At any rate, the idea is not to START a nuclear war ... the idea is to PREVENT a nuclear war by removing Iran's capability before it happens. Or do you seriously believe the same Islamic wack jobs who supply Hezbollah with tens of thousands of missiles are people you could trust to use nuclear power responsibly?

    Elmonica said ...
    "All I ask is that it is not neocon pussies who dodged the draft during the Vietnam war, or armageddon prophecists waiting for salvation be the ones making that decision."

    And all I ask is that whoever's in the Oval Office when the time comes to confront Iran will have a greater connection with reality than John "The U.N. is the Answer to Everything!" Kerry or Jimmy "Can We Sit Down and Discuss Your Obsessive Hatred of the Great Satan, Mr. Ayatollah, Sir?" Carter.

    Not everyone or every nation on earth can be negotiated with (for more information, see "Chamberlain, Neville").

    And it'd be really, really refreshing to hear a modern-day Democrat -- who isn't named Miller or Lieberman -- come to the same conclusion all by himself/herself.

    You know, for all his mistakes in the Cold War, even JFK knew when to say when.

    By Blogger The4thEstate, at 11 August, 2006 14:38  

  • How accurate is Air America's affiliate list?

    >>Montpelier/Barre/St Johnsbury, VT - WDEV-AM 550

    WDEV's website indicates it does not carry one single Air America program

    By Blogger raccoonradio, at 11 August, 2006 23:52  

  • Lokki asked:
    "Here's another question though.... how do radio stations make money on the net or podcasting? I don't think anyone is making much money with Net content, but I'm not that familiar with the web industry either."

    It comes down to the quality of the content. If there is an audience, the podcast can generate revenue. Some sites use a PayPal link to ask for one-time or recurring monthly donations. Example: the podcasts from This Week in Tech

    Others will sell a library of their past commentaries for a lump sum - example: Common Sense with Dan Carlin.

    Some will hype their line of clothing and accessories - Bill O'Reilly does this.

    The higher quality content broadcasts can rely on annual subscriptions. Rush Limbaugh is making a very handsome living off his daily podcast. (He flew off to Hawaii for a round of golf this weekend)

    The radio talk show has to walk a fine line and not offend their existing radio advertisers by siphoning off too many listeners.

    AAR and Franken, for instance, do not have to worry about offending their advertisers (mainly PSA's), so they can sell their broadcasts as a podcast to recover the lost revenue from the lack of advertisers. But since the quality of the content is vital, AAR is not able to charge for their podcasts.

    By Blogger The Benson Report, at 12 August, 2006 00:27  

  • AAR has a shopping mall to generate some income.

    By Blogger The Benson Report, at 12 August, 2006 06:55  

  • Raccoonradio said:
    "How accurate is Air America's affiliate list?"

    Good question. In fact, if you were to check the format of every station that's supposed to be an AAR affiliate, you'd likely discover that some of them don't carry the Air America format all day. From what I've observed -- and granted, this isn't at all scientific or comprehensive -- AAR counts as an affiliate ANY station that broadcasts even one of its network shows.

    Here's what I find particularly interesting: Remember when the Air America Web site used to contain a banner headline that read something to the effect of: "72 stations and growing"? (Or whatever the current total was.)

    I don't see that now -- just a blank spot where it used to be. Gee, wonder why ...

    By Blogger The4thEstate, at 12 August, 2006 12:19  

  • Mars? I thought you wingnuts love Mars. It's where your Dear Leader wants to go.

    By Blogger Dovish, at 16 August, 2006 13:43  

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