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02 February 2007

Boston Cartoon Network Flap, Peter Berdovsky, Talk Radio, Turner Broadcasting


Cartoon Caper Suspects Make Fools Of Themselves

If you were under the impression Boston's crazy cartoon caper would fade from the news cycle a mere 24 hours later, that possibility was blown to bits by a series of new developments that kept talk radio phone lines hopping yesterday.

First, the two arrested suspects gave a dismal performance during a press conference, which in turn fueled a new level of local rage.

Any sympathy that might have existed for Peter Berdovsky and Sean Stevens on Wednesday instantly disintegrated after this truly asinine display:

Thanks to this already- infamous press conference, Boston- area talk hosts were treated to full phone lines, as area residents simply couldn't wait to fire away at both of these astoundingly- obnoxious suspects.

While many focused on Burdovsky's hippie- like characteristics and slacker lifestyle, others pointed out the foolishness of turning their plight into a political crusade at a time when there are far greater injustices in the world.

Next, at least for now, the story has reconfigured local political alliances in a way that didn't seem possible just two days earlier. While older Democrats and Republicans seemed to stand firmly together in support of tough penalties in this case, those under 30 were far more likely to view it as little more than a publicity stunt.

When Howie Carr, Boston Mayor Tom Menino and Governor Deval Patrick are all united on an issue, you know we're living in the Twilight Zone. Has this incident exposed an emerging generational divide in politics?

For those over 30, it's hard to understand why young people might see Berdovsky and Stevens as martyrs, but it is rapidly turning into a political crusade.

From here, what's sure to keep the story fresh are revelations by ABC News that some behind the campaign attempted to cover up their involvement when their honesty could have saved everyone a lot of time and trouble.

According to the Boston Herald, Turner Broadcasting has hired a PR firm specializing in crisis management. In addition, late word from the Boston Globe is that the company is now taking full responsibility for the matter. What took so long?

With fresh developments continuing to emerge at a rapid pace, expect talk radio and the news media to further benefit from this story as long as the public's interest can be maintained.

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  • I'd love to see these two pricks do jail time -- just for being pricks. While not as vital as my campaign to have sociopaths kill themselves as a public service, I do chortle at the idea of "artists" taking it up the wazoo by a parade of strangers in an extended performance piece that illustrates that all races, creeds and colors can get along in the common goal of breaking in some new ass.

    By Blogger Emerson, at 02 February, 2007 10:09  

  • if you've ever seen an episode of Aqua Teen, then that behavior wouldn't surprise you at all.

    from a legal perspective, the kids just set up ads. they didn't claim they were bombs, they were not labeled as bombs, there was no reason why someone should think it was a bomb or any other terrorist device. the public did that on their own because of their paranoia and ignorance.

    the other day, i saw a billboard for Grey's Anatomy - i've never seen the show and i don't recognize the characters, but did i think it was a bomb?? no, because i'm not a complete moron.

    By Blogger hardcore conservative genious, at 02 February, 2007 10:33  

  • Brilliant.

    As if anyone would have even KNOWN of this Aqua Teen nonsense before SOME people made a big commotion of it.

    Don't they have a movie coming out in a few months?

    Marvellous publicity...Dick Morris couldn't have done it better.


    By Blogger hashfanatic, at 02 February, 2007 13:16  

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