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12 June 2007

Michael Savage, Freedom Of Speech Award


Savage Skips Own Award Ceremony

*** First In A Series Of Reports From The New Media Seminar In New York City ***

*** There Is An Updated Post On This Subject ***

What would it
take to get Michael Savage to come out of his shell?

Again underscoring his ultra- reclusive nature, the "Savage Nation" host unexpectedly failed to appear at a ceremony where he was to pick up an industry honor.

Selected to receive this year's Freedom Of Speech Award at the New Media Seminar held over the weekend in New York City, Savage instead substituted a hastily- made YouTube- style home video.

Overseen by Talkers Magazine, the event provides an annual gathering place for talk show hosts, programmers and syndicators. While Sean Hannity, Alan Colmes, Laura Ingraham, Mark Levin, Lars Larson, Ed Schultz, Stephanie Miller, Rusty Humphries, Michael Medved, G Gordon Liddy, Jerry Doyle and many others made the trip, Savage's failure to appear was not announced ahead of the ceremony.

His non- appearance must have been a disappointment for Talkers publisher Michael Harrison, who generally uses the award presentation to generate publicity for his magazine and seminar.

As for the video (which your Radio Equalizer is praying will soon reach YouTube), it was so bad that it was actually good. While a few obvious non- fans in the audience snickered, Savage actually came across in a friendly, conversational style rarely heard on his radio show these days.

Filmed from his boat Patriot in an undisclosed Marin County location, Savage rattled off a number of points in rapid- fire style. Occasionally during the crudely- edited production, he appeared in front of his own "Mike's Bar", which appeared to be elsewhere on his property.

The syndicated radio host railed against Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, calling them "failed radio hosts" and "frauds", while asserting that liberals have almost- universal control over the world's ideas and images, with talk radio as one of the rare exceptions.

Also warning against a possible reinstatement of the Fairness Doctrine, which would regulate the content of talk radio, Savage said that it merely represents "censorship with a fancy name and has no place in America."

Comparing Fairness Doctrine proposals by Democrats to Venezuelan thug Hugo Chavez's recent shutdown of an opposition television network, Savage said he considers radio broadcasting here to exist in a "perilous state" that may not be that much more free than in the South American state.

While it's not clear what kept Savage away from the event, his video presentation certainly kept the audience entertained, whether they were fans or not.

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  • Dangerous and entertaining, in the wrong ears the words of Savage can inspire a random killing of a homosexual.

    His vile hate against gays is indeed HATE SPEECH. He should not be honored, but rather removed from his paid radio job, he belongs on public access.

    One has to wonder if he is the Ted Haggart of radio, a homosexual who hates himself so much he practically advocates the murder of gays and trangendered. Not far fetched, google michael Savage and Allen Ginsburg. Savage indeed has a gay past. He is hiding something. I hope somebody outs the closet case hate mongering freak of nature.

    never forget his response to the murder of a Transexual

    "I have no sympathy for the freak", the exact words of Michael Savage. He condoned the murder of a Trang gendered person, because that person was different.

    He is the lowest filth on the radio, yet he is entertaining.

    I have repestedly defended free speech, including idiots like Opie and Anthony, but Savage is dangerous and no commercial network should advocate the murderous speech he puts forth. He belongs on public access T.V

    I do not think I could even work in a field that pays a murderous scum bag like him millins of dollars. This is the state of radio today.
    I could not be in thge same room with this man, without tasking my fist and breaking his nose. This is why I cant be in commercial radio, I would indeed, humiliate this degenerate and drive the little coward to tears. He deserves it, hid homosexual past deserves to be exposed just like Rev. Haggard, haters deserve to be humiliated.

    By Blogger Jared, at 12 June, 2007 17:05  

  • Savage isn't reclusive, he's a coward. He will not appear anywhere his opinions and "facts" can be challenged if he does not control the mic.

    Savage is cleverly disguising the fact that he did not attend the event while bashing C-SPAN for not taping the playing of his video. He claims he's being blacklisted. He's playing snippets of the audio on his program, while enticing listeners to shell out $20 for the DVD version of it.

    Savage is the epitome of the bully. Always willing to call people out and call them names as long as he is hiding behind something.

    By Blogger Bill Bowman, at 12 June, 2007 22:17  

  • Have to agree with what MS was apparently saying about Fairness
    Doctrine but if he skipped the
    appearance (substituting a video)
    then went on air yelling at C-SPAN
    for not showing it...AND, re: the comment above, asking people to pay
    $20 for a DVD of it, well, that's
    not very nice, Mikey...

    By Blogger raccoonradio, at 13 June, 2007 10:07  

  • Savage is the epitome of the bully.

    and this is why his gay past with Allan Ginsburg needs to be exposed, the tough guy is really a bi-sexual former beatnik, he deserfes the Haggart treatment, outed in the public arena, humiliate the freak.

    nothing makes me sicker than a hatefull freak becmmming rich off of selling hate. I would love to personally destroy this man's career, if I had the forum and power, my goal would be to drive the closet case right off the radio from embarassment.

    By Blogger Jared, at 13 June, 2007 10:45  

  • Savage is the very definition of hate, but listen carefully to his program....I sense an "epiphany" around the corner.

    Would it be the first time he reinvented himself?

    By Blogger hashfanatic, at 13 June, 2007 15:15  

  • MOP You need to find you another woman your on the edge.

    By Blogger pf1, at 14 June, 2007 00:39  

  • PF1; i found a new woman already, funny I don't recall disussing my love life on here, do you listen to the podcasts? I did break up with my 2nd Lt. for the US Army ex-girlfiend, and have a new lady, hahahaha. Glad your concerned about me hahahaha.

    Hash: Can Savage at this point re-invent himself?

    By Blogger Minister of Propaganda, at 14 June, 2007 11:14  

  • "Hash: Can Savage at this point re-invent himself?"

    Yes. He is unhappy with himself. He is also teachable, and he hasn't boxed himself into the same corner that Boortz, Limbaugh, etc.

    If he was to refocus on his original "borders, language, culture" message he started off on....which he actually does far better than any other wingnut host, he could pull himself together and start running the kind of show that listeners will believe and tune in to listen to.

    By Blogger hashfanatic, at 14 June, 2007 23:17  

  • ok, help me out here. according to Weiner (savage), "he is agaist the reinstatement of the Fairness Doctrine while at the same time asserting that liberals have almost universal control over the world's ideas and images, with talk radio as one of the rare exceptions."

    If the liberal media conspiracy actually exists, wouldn't the conservative viewpoint be benefitting from the Fairness Doctrine, increasing their viewpoints coverage in all media outlets but talk radio?

    while i can see it being bad for Weiner's career, this seems like something the conservatives who subscribe to the liberal media conspiracy would be welcoming.

    or i am reading this wrong?

    By Blogger m, at 19 June, 2007 13:54  

  • I'm a 17 year old hispanic girl and I love michael savage, I support his show and ask all of my friends to listen.
    I truly believe that this country can go be strong again, and it's start with my generation, and people like me listening to michael savage on the savage nation.

    By Blogger *shooting*stars*, at 17 August, 2007 00:33  

  • This comment has been removed by the author.

    By Blogger *shooting*stars*, at 17 August, 2007 01:10  

  • AND
    no, I don't take offense to anything he says. I may not agree with it everything he says, but I don't think he should be stripped of his position and taken out of his job either. There are plenty of things plenty of people say that I don't personaly agree with, and I don't go around suing them, calling them racist, and basicly whining about it.
    I'm 17, and I have more sense than all these over reative, trying-to-get-attention liberals. To the libs: Face it. America has spoken as savage currently boasts 12-10 million daily listeners,- and counting- the 3rd most listend to radio talk show in the country, A Ph.D in Epidemiology, and 19 great books including 4 best sellers. (My favorite is Liberalism is a Mental disorder.)
    He bashes bush, he bashes murtha, he bashes hilary, he bashes edwards, he created the term islamofascist, and red diper doper baby, he is the voice of a Conscious generation.
    I and kids like me, and there are many, don't like you liberals, they don't trust you and they want you gone.
    Leave savage alone and learn from this quote
    "I do not agree with what you say but I will fight to the death, to defend your right to say it..."

    p.s. about savage calling the "trang gendered" (whatever that is) a freak: it's his opinion. The end. You can't take away free speech or thought as long as red blooded americans like me, and as young as me are still around. I and Michael and his millions of listeners will laugh watching you try.

    By Blogger *shooting*stars*, at 17 August, 2007 01:21  

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