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30 July 2007

Talk Radio Ratings, Cape Cod And The Islands


In Ted Kennedy's Backyard, Talk Radio Dominates

In the land of Kennedys, ultra- liberal Hollywood celebs and lobster huts, would anyone expect conservative talk to dominate local radio broadcasting?

Sure enough, it does.

Bucking the outside world's perception of the area, newly- released ratings for the Cape Cod market have once again solidified conservative talker WXTK- FM's position as the number one station of any kind, with a huge 10.8 share of the 12 and older audience. No music station even comes close to matching its numbers.

Featuring Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Howie Carr and Neal Boortz (seen in photo below), WXTK also benefits from carrying Red Sox baseball and remains in first place almost every time new ratings are released.

A fairly small market of just over 200,000 year- round adult residents (rank is #189), the area swells in the summertime as seasonal tourists arrive.

In fact, if distant stations from Boston are added to talk's overall market share, the total is a staggering 15.9% share of the audience.

Does Ted Kennedy know about this?

Though the Hyannisport compound has helped to give the area a liberal reputation, the truth is that only a few Cape Cod towns could be considered liberal, while a number of others provide rare pockets of GOP support in the Bay State. Overall, it provides one of the nation's best markets for conservative talk radio.

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  • Brian, 6 years ago, I went to Falmouth on the upper Cape, where my Aunt and Uncle live. They are VERY MUCH conservatives so I think WXTK is a grand fit for them, but they may tune into other stations.

    Though not blood related, they've been longtime friends of my mother and a part of my life. By the way, I loved it there. First day we went was a downpour driving though. After that, clear cool days for late July.

    For the record, WXTK, is owned by Qantam Broadcasting. At one point they were owned by Boch Broadcasting--as in Car Dealer Ernie Boch, who died a few years ago.

    WXTK, is the #1 station on the Cape and the only one to post double digit ratings, usually reserved for Music stations like WXTK sisters WCOD (Hot AC 106.1), WRZE (Top 40 96.3) and WCIB (Classic Hits 101.9).

    The next two are both AC stations owned by Sandab, Mainstream AC WQRC 99.9 with an 8.4 and 104.7 WOCN (a former standards station, now a more lighter AC ala Plymouth's WPLM) with 7.0.

    Matter of fact, only three AM station listed on the Cape Cod ratings--Boston powerhouse 1030 WBZ, Sports Radio 850 WEEI and struggling talker 680 WRKO, both serving as co-flagships of Red Sox Nation.

    And as a Yankees fan I will concede that this season has been a banner one for them--whether it leads to a banner like in 2004--it's anyone's guess. But to those in Red Sox Nation, keep your eyes on the rear view mirrors!

    By the way, in Falmouth, I picked up Boston, Providence and Cape Cod Radio--no slim pickings there. And at night, of course the NYC AM and clear channel stations come in like WTIC, although one day while driving around with my relatives, I was able to tune into some of the NYC blowtorches.

    Local AM radio on the cape--NON-EXISTENT--Unless you like NPR coming from WBUR in Boston! If I want Cape Cod news, WXTK is the way to go.

    By Blogger The Real Bob Anthony, at 30 July, 2007 19:49  

  • Bob,
    I always enjoy your posts. Have you considered starting your own blog?

    By Blogger elmonica, at 30 July, 2007 20:31  

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