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14 September 2009

State-Run Media Sidestep Limbaugh Ratings Victory


In Ratings Coverage, Number One Host Nearly Left Out


When talk radio stations turn in record ratings, how does it occur? Is there some kind of magical force behind the results?

While the state-run media seems unable to solve this grand mystery, your Radio Equalizer can offer a hint, utilizing these two initials: "R" and "L".

Still stumped?

That could be a sign your publication is beyond hope. But we already knew that, didn't we?

Yes, the release of
Arbitron radio ratings for August 2009 created quite a stir in Los Angeles last week when it was revealed that AM news-talk giant KFI had moved into first place.

But judging by the coverage in the Los Angeles Times, Orange County Register and Los Angeles Business Journal, this feat was somehow accomplished without the help of the medium's star performer, Rush Limbaugh.

In covering the achievement, the latter two publications didn't even mention Rush, while the Times noted Limbaugh only in passing deep into one story and left him out of another entirely.

Is it really that hard to admit Rush could be so popular in their own backyard?

Here's what we know about Limbaugh's contribution to KFI's feat, along with some new details on his performance elsewhere during August:

In Los Angeles, The Rush Limbaugh Show gained a full share point overall, from 5.9 to 6.9 to take first place with a weekly cume of 635,700 listeners. With men 35-64, the jump was from 4.7 to 5.6. In the 11am hour, Rush pulled in a mammoth 6.3.

In San Francisco, it was another big gain on KSFO, from 4.9 to 5.6 and a second-place ranking overall and 332,400 total listeners. In Nancy Pelosi's backyard, that's quite an achievement.

In New York City, Limbaugh's audience share grew from 4.7 to 5.4, ranking fourth overall and with 653,500 listeners.

Taking second overall in Chicago on WLS, the program moves from 5.0 to 5.3 to rank second with 319,700 tuning in. With men 35-64, it's a 5.7 to 6.0 gain.

Houston delivers huge numbers for Limbaugh, with a 7.2 to 7.4 share gain and 337,300 listeners. With men 35-64, it's a staggering 9.8, up from 9.4 in July.

In St Louis, it's an even bigger victory, with first place and a 10.8 share, up from 9.1 last month, logging 204,400 weekly listeners.

Once again, Rush is number one in Detroit with 7.1 share overall, up from 6.2, 245,600 is the head count.

In Seattle, Rush is number one in his time slot with a whopping 10.1 share on KTTH versus 9.3 in July. Audience is 159,500 in the Puget Sound Area.

Phoenix outdoes even Seattle's tally with an 11.0 share, up from 10.5, good for first place. Head count: 245,600.

San Diego provides another first place finish with a 7.7 share and 134,000 total audience.

As frustration with Obama's policies reached a boiling point during August, Americans clearly turned to Rush for help. Apparently, the state-run media has yet to take notice.

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  • Anyone who depends on the dying media to tell us what is going on is deluding themselves. The old media is falling apart and I think its primarily their content bias doing it to them.

    The same thing seems to be happening to network television. I can't wait for there to be 1,000 channels online to choose from, many of them conservative and libertarian.

    Maybe its just me.

    By Blogger United Citizens Council, at 15 September, 2009 04:24  

  • I'd like to see where these numbers are coming from, could you post a link please?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 15 September, 2009 08:30  

  • The Radio Reporter at the "Santa Ana" Register is Gary Lycan. I've had dealings with Lycan. You don't have to talk to Lycan long before he shoves his homosexuality in your face. Shortly after that come his personal hate for Rush Limbaugh.

    I'm surprised Lycan hasn't been named Obama's Talk Radio Czar. Maybe Gary's been paying his taxes which would disqualify him from a post with Obama.

    Rush isn't the only Conservative Lycan has a problem being truthful and matter of fact about. Lycan also has it in for Zig Zigler.

    By Blogger PCD, at 15 September, 2009 08:53  

  • Rush wins the radio wards for the same reasons you can't look away from a train wreck.

    By Anonymous Tony, at 15 September, 2009 10:51  

  • Gosh, no one's posted yet to remind us all of Rush's past problem with Oxycontin. Or maybe the past prescription drug use of a radio talk host means less now that we have a president who used to cope with reality with pot, booze, and a little blow when he could afford it.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 15 September, 2009 11:09  

  • The State run media is having a convention in Dubuque this week to figure out how to remain relevant and to survive. They aren't talking to the customers, so they are doing a Kervorkian manoever.

    By Blogger PCD, at 15 September, 2009 13:51  

  • America turns to Rush?

    Youfreaks of nature are not America, you are the fringe and do not represent this country

    get it into your little head Brian
    America turnsto Rush?

    try, this
    When wing nuts realize they will be powerless for decades, they turn to Rush
    when America's enemies are terrified of democracy, they turn to Rush

    got it? You terrorist scum

    for decades you will be turinng to Rush, America will never go backwards, you are history, con scum

    don't like it?
    dubai awaits

    By Anonymous conservativeEconomicTerrorism, at 15 September, 2009 15:09  

  • You're the past

    conservatism=failed ideology

    live with it

    America rejects you and your traitororous heros

    By Anonymous BUYUNION, at 15 September, 2009 15:11  

  • I see MoPoop has slid out from his Brooklyn rock.

    Hey, Poopy-boy, you get filmed taking part in the ACORN mess?

    By Blogger PCD, at 15 September, 2009 15:34  

  • Love the quality comments here. So many deep thinkers!

    Must be the public education they all received. Certainly didn't learn how to be that classy and smart at home.

    Keep it up y'all. You are doing a great service to our country without even knowing it.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 15 September, 2009 18:59  

  • Nice picture of Rush! I'm a gal who has been listening to Rush for 17+ years. He is informative and has a great sense of humor, which is why libs don't get him. They tend to be nasty and have no sense of humor. :)

    Now watch the venom spew!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 15 September, 2009 19:03  

  • Rush continues to set the standard with a playbook that drives the Left nuts. God bless him.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 15 September, 2009 20:21  

  • Limbaugh Soars in August Radio Ratings, But When Will MSM Catch On?

    By Anonymous StewartIII, at 15 September, 2009 21:38  


    piss off a conservative traitor

    support labor
    support union shops

    support American and union made products

    it drives conservatives nuts

    cons hate workers, cons hate the working class

    Rush is the leader of the Anti-American terrorists, who have kileld labor, killed wages, killed unions, killed the American dream

    Rush is the puppet for the rich
    rush is a puppet for wealth redistribution

    one day cons, you will have to take a side, US or THEM

    the 95% of us who work for a living
    or the 5% who own all the wealth

    it is a matter of time, before workers take America back,

    where will you stand cons? With the banks, Wall Street,the billionaire, or the working class American?

    We all know whre Rush stands

    It is coming cons, it is wise you support your fellow workers

    By Anonymous BUYUNION, BUY AMERICAN, at 16 September, 2009 10:30  

  • Many newspapers never include News/Talk/Sport radio numbers in their columns on radio. Why. Sydicated shows hurt the local economy (as they raise ad rates and drive out local advertisers), have little interest outside of their own small percentage of radio listeners, and they are direct competition to newspapers. Why support the competition?

    I don't hate Rush, but I do hate syndicated programming as it takes jobs from the community.

    Anonymous former radio host.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 16 September, 2009 15:33  

  • I wonder if Charlie Gibson has ever heard of Rush or Talk Radio...

    By Blogger rich glasgow, at 16 September, 2009 16:16  

  • The Dems are a total failure. The Repubs are, as usual, mostly incompetent and scared to say ANYTHING, except for Joe Wlson. Thank GOD for RUSH, for SEAN, for GLENN, for NEAL BOORTZ that tell it like it is!!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 16 September, 2009 18:17  

  • in these dark times we all need a laugh and who better to laugh at then the largest, loudest, clown of them all.

    By Blogger david, at 16 September, 2009 18:24  

  • Not only did the Drive By Media, as Rush says fail to report on his sucess. They fail to report on a more important issue, Michael Savage being banned from England for what they call "Hate Speech".First of all, Savage's program isn't even broadcast in England. I think this way done by the British Government, with Obama's help. Obama doesn't like what Savage is saying and they came up with this Banned plan.
    This is the Obama Administration back door attempt to stop free speech in this country.There is no such thing as Hate Speech" in this country. You may not like what a person says or writes, but that's what the 1st Admin. is for.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 16 September, 2009 21:17  

  • David,

    While MoPoop is the biggest clown commenting here, Obama is the clown hurting the country the most.

    By Blogger PCD, at 17 September, 2009 09:16  


    Have you read ANYTHING about the Workers at Boeing's Charleston plant voting OUT the union?


    There's a REASON for that, and it has NOTHING to do with Rush Limbaugh or Conservatism (per se).

    WORKERS are coming to the realization that UNIONS are the hemorrhoids of the working man (woman).

    Back, a long time ago, Unions had a valuable purpose. NOW, however, they are mostly just corrupt Liberal (Democrat) money laundering organizations.

    Labor Union membership (in the U.S.) is BELOW 1940's levels (and has been dropping steadily since the 1950's).

    It is not Conservatism which is "old" and "tired", it is the Liberal Union (and other Liberal policies) which are out of favor with REAL Americans.

    By Anonymous M. Ward, at 17 September, 2009 12:19  

  • "Rush is the puppet for the rich
    rush is a puppet for wealth redistribution..."

    Really... Does that even make sense? Dont you have a Town Meeting to go to and shove around some elderly person who opposes Health Reform? You dont have to drink the Union Kool Aid you know. Give Rush a chance and open your eyes.

    By Blogger rturley, at 17 September, 2009 14:40  

  • It is interesting and noteworthy that the venomous liberal vitriol posted here and on most other blogs is typically written by people who are so blinded by rage they cannot even begin to construct a cognizant argument for their ideology. Instead, they rant on and on using broken sentences, misspelled words (come on guys, spell checker actually works! That little red line beneath your poorly spelled word means something...) incorrect word usage and, their favorite ploy when they have no valid proof for their liberal tirade, name calling. Ouch, THAT hurts...

    One thing is certain; whether or not you will ever agree with Limbaugh, he is very successful on several levels. And the reason he is so successful is that he knows how to communicate.

    So pile on, jealous liberal twits; continue to show the weakness and impracticality of your liberal mythology with your foolish, childish, spitting tirades. And Rush will continue to gain listeners... and converts to conservatism.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 17 September, 2009 15:14  

  • This constant homage to limblobs never ceases to amaze. Let me make it perfectly clear, the extra point or so of rating increase is not, repeat not, another 600,00o teabaggers jumping on board the rightwing bandwagon it's more like another 1/2 million moderates that tune in to hear the car wreck that is talk radio. the worse thing the extreme left could do is enforce the fairness doctrine. it's becoming more apparent that rush and hannity know they have a winning formula,regardless of their true beliefs. Becks the true nutcase though, If i was Pelosi, i'd be begging my constituents to listen to all 3 blowhards

    By Anonymous jeff, at 19 September, 2009 00:34  

  • Limbaugh has made some hateful and insulting remarks in the past quickly forgotten by his faithful disciples. To quote a few.
    "The British are subserviant and
    mealymouthed"."Arabs soil their underwear" The Clinton's daughter was compared to a dog.
    Well if he has a sense of humor as some say I figure its pretty sick.
    Democrat since they saved my ass in 1940.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 28 September, 2009 17:10  

  • About the pro-labor, and those nasty rich people: What would we all do if tomorrow all those nasty mean rich business owners got together (Steel industry, oil, trains, automobile, etc. etc.) and decided that they had had enough, and just closed up shop? What would we do a week later?
    After all, since they are the "We got ours" crowd, why should they care?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 05 October, 2009 03:37  

  • What is state run media? That sounds like something levin would say always going on about "the stateists". Or maybe it's drive by media? Fly over land? These radio clowns are nothing more than loud mouthed malcontents that appeal to the basest human instincts.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 20 December, 2009 22:25  

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