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26 January 2011

Libtalkers Claim Fox, Murdoch Responsible For Olbermann's Termination


Libtalk Spreads Absolutely Kooky Conspiracy Theory

Thanks to a hilarious conspiracy theory making the rounds on liberal talk radio programs this week, we now know that Rupert Murdoch has secret control over MSNBC via the Comcast takeover. Murdoch has used his new "power" to terminate Keith Olbermann, part of a sinister plan to destroy NBC's liberal talk network for good.

Yes, Murdoch apparently fired Olbermann years ago, but do they really think he oversees MSNBC's programming schedule?

Especially funny here: libtalker Stephanie Miller challenged by one of her own producers for spreading this silliness. From Tuesday's show:

STEPHANIE MILLER (30:05): Charles in Los Angeles, you’re on the Stephanie Miller Show, hey Charles.

CHARLES: Hey, well here’s the deal with Keith Olbermann. Go back to Rupert Murdoch, he wanted editorial control over MSNBC and so he was going to buy it himself, but then he knew there would be a lot of backlash him being Australian, already owning (Miller interrupts)

MILLER: Oh, Comcast right?

CHARLES: That’s it, though he had one of his former executives broker the deal with Comcast.

MILLER: You know what Charles, I heard this yesterday. No, I heard this yesterday Jim (Ward) this is part of the, like you said it’s not a conspiracy if it’s right out there that I think I heard this on Randi Rhodes, actually she was talking about how you know Comcast obviously there in business with Fox so he’s right, it’s not that obviously Rupert Murdoch now directly owns MSNBC, but he supplies a lot of the Fox supplies a lot of the programming, right, Chris (Lavoie) through Comcast?

MILLER: And makes a lot of money and so it is there is a thought are they trying to pull the tent pole out of msnbc because obviously they don’t want something that competes with Fox.

CHRIS LAVOIE (PRODUCER): What do you mean, supplies a lot of the programming on different channels like FX?

MILLER: On Comcast systems, there’s obviously a lot of Fox programming, right?

LAVOIE: Well yeah, but there’s also a lot of you know NBC Universal programming. I mean that’s Bravo and stations like that.

MILLER: I don’t know, I’m just saying I’m watching you, Rupert Murdoch.

LAVOIE: They (Fox) provide no more content than NBC Universal does.


As "jumping the shark" has become overused, can anyone help us come up with a better way to describe this kind of complete credibility meltdown?


  • In a way, Rupert Muchdoch, Roger Ailes, & FoxNews do run MSNBC. The hosts on MSNBC always react to what is on FNC, & it won't stop without BathTubBoy(Olbermann). Special Ed, Madcow, & the rest will still feel the need to react to all things Fox, & all things Rush. The fact of the matter is that MSNBC needs Fox in order to exist, & because of that, they are as high as they will ever be in it's current form. Parting ways with Olby is a start, but there really needs to be a wholesale clearout there. It will take time for ComCast to make the changes needed to make MSNBC respectable again, & that would be the begining of they road to being a viable news operation, instead of a halfway house for leftist loons.

    By Anonymous danybhoy, at 26 January, 2011 17:23  

  • The slide in WXKS-AM "Rush Radio" 1200's rating and cume continues unabated. They've gone from just about enough listeners who could fit into the stadium where the Patriots play, to enough listeners who could fit into the stadium where Boston College plays! Could Nickerson field at BU be next? Hey...WNSH-AM has suddenly appeared. Could it be that Costa-Eagle installed a PPM identifier? Did they have one when WNSH was all right-wing talk?

    By Anonymous Laurence Glavin, at 26 January, 2011 17:30  

  • Good grief, you know that Stephanie Miller hosts a comedy show, right? And they're responding extemporaneously to a phone caller? In no way was this a fleshed-out, to-be-taken-seriously conspiracy theory.

    By Blogger James L. Greenlee, at 10 February, 2011 00:05  

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