The Radio Equalizer: Brian Maloney

06 April 2011

Glenn Beck's Future Debated


Where Does Glenn Beck Go From Here?

Just how troubled is Glenn Beck?

With his cable talk show soon to be on ice, there is growing alarm inside broadcasting as to his current state of mind. Behind the scenes, concern mounts over the future of his multimedia mini-empire.

Is Glenn Beck healthy? Does he know how to get help if needed? Is he a danger to himself? Is he nuts, self-destructive, or both? Many of these questions are being asked today.

They're all reasonable.

Long an eccentric, Beck's on-air antics have recently crossed the line from silly and irreverent to worrisome. Is he chatting with cupcakes to be funny, or because he believes they can talk back?

Your Radio Equalizer has often asked those who've encountered him in the halls what he's like off the air, but even those with personal familiarity aren't exactly sure where the act ends and the real Glenn begins.

That's why today's announcement is troubling: it suggests strongly that Beck is the same both on and off the air.

In the past, we'd been especially tough on Glenn, but that changed last year during a period of productive career focus that became impressive. In particular, his Restoring Honor rally in Washington was a major success and he deserved credit for both the strong turnout and positive themes.

In addition, his launch of The Blaze (from where above-right image was taken) proved instantly popular, generating substantial influence and readership.

But 2010 may have proven the exception, rather than rule in Beck's career. All the spin in the world isn't going to convince the public that things are going well.

What's left for Glenn? Radio, never particularly strong for Beck, remains in place for now. The Blaze may continue to grow. Unless MSNBC undergoes a sex-change operation, however, it's unclear where in cable talk he could land.

In the meantime, let's hope he can hold it together.


  • I get the feeling that Beck wants out of New York more then wanting out of FoxNews. He has said he wants out of NYC, & he will probably follow the lead of El-Rushbo & Drudge to a no-tax state like Florida or Texas. I also think he'll be a bigger pain in the ass to the left away from FoxNews, because he will have more of a free hand to do as he wishes. This will be interesting to watch.

    By Anonymous danybhoy, at 12 April, 2011 12:58  

  • Considering Glenn Becks family
    history of extreme mental illiness
    I wonder when to expect a psychotic
    break. It is possible we are seeing
    it now and simply accept it as his normal mental state.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 28 June, 2011 21:53  

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