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28 May 2011

KFI Host's Inexplicable Take On Ed Schultz 'Slut' Flap


SoCal Talker: Any Proof She's NOT A Slut?

While reactions to the now-infamous Ed Schultz "slut" flap have ranged from outright revulsion to qualified quasi-support, a deranged rant by KFI-Los Angeles libtalker Bill Handel absolutely tops all comers.

Taking a machine gun to the boundaries of human decency and good taste, Handel used his morning show to rail against Schultz not for calling Laura Ingraham a slut, but because of the apology, which he saw as "caving in".

Repeating the insult, the longtime lawyer rhetorically added "what proof is there she's NOT a slut?" Saying Ed's tirade was "just fine", the KFI talker compared it to conservative hosts who label Obama a traitor.

Handel sees the controversy only in political terms since Schultz framed "slut" with "right-wing" and "talk".

When confronted and challenged by others in his morning team, Handel confirmed he felt Ed's vulgarity was "just fine". "There's NOTHING inappropriate" about using the term on the radio, he asserted.

Whether Handel's off his meds or merely doing a fairly decent impersonation of CNBC's wacko Jim Cramer isn't clear. You be the judge:

At one time, Handel was considered by some to be moderately conservative, but in recent years he's marched steadily leftward. In particular, he's known for slamming Rush Limbaugh at every opportunity.

He also has a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame.

We've previously covered his program here and here.


  • Handel got attention, mission accomplished. I actually heard the show, thanks to Iheart radio. I believe he was pointing out the different limits of acceptable speech between radio and TV, even on a cable TV station. The only reason people know the name Ed Shultz is him saying unacceptable things to get attention, again mission accomplished. He certainly isn't known for reasoned opinions.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 28 May, 2011 21:29  

  • I've always thought of and described Special Ed Schultz as having all the charm of a Mafia hit man without any of the unnecessary intellectual baggage to get in the way of his drive by character assassinations.

    Apparently Handel is a Schultz sycophant and follows his liberal lead of attacking individuals rather than their ideas and/or position pronouncements. This is liberal SOP.

    By Blogger Robert Janicki, at 30 May, 2011 00:57  

  • Bill likes to defend necrophilia on legal grounds every once in a while just to jerk people's chains. It's hard to tell sometimes if he's ever being serious.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 02 June, 2011 16:49  

  • If you actually think Handel's rant was anything but sarcastic, then you're completely stupid. Plus, if you actually LISTEN to the show on a regular basis (as I have for 18 years), you know that putting him in the 'liberal' category is laughable. He's moderate at best, he's already thrown his support behind Romney in 2012, he wants to rid the country of all social programs for the poor, deport all illegal aliens and reduce taxes. The last few months he's classified Obama as "moron", "idiot" and 'incredibly stupid'. That doesn't sound 'liberal to me at all. Other than his stand on abortion and gay marriage, you have, as he says on Handel on the Law...'no case' for him being labeled a liberal. His political stand has not moved left or right in the last 18 know what you speak of before you post stupid statements.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 03 June, 2011 22:09  

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