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24 May 2011

Neal Boortz Warns Republicans Over Abortion Issue


Boortz: Social Issues Could Derail GOP In 2012

Hey Republicans: want to blow it next year? It can be done easily by veering away from top-priority fiscal issues (taxes, national debt, personal finances, job outlook) and onto divisive social causes.

That's the view of longtime libertarian talk host Neal Boortz, who used a special roundtable program yesterday to warn the GOP that highlighting abortion restrictions will only serve to scare away fence-sitting moderates, especially women.

Joining Boortz for the broadcast were Jamie Dupree and Editor Erick Erickson.

As a funny aside, Boortz noted that two of his former fill-ins are now presidential candidates (Newt Gingrich and Herman Cain): “I’m the only host with two former guest hosts running for President. Clearly, I’m a kingmaker.”

From the program:

Is Boortz correct that Republicans could destroy their chances of defeating Obama next year by emphasizing abortion? Given that 61% of Americans now favor restrictions (according to decidedly non-conservative Gallup), it might actually be a winning issue.

That said, Obama's mishandling of the economy via Keynesian money-printing schemes and other madness is likely to top any other concern depending on terrorism / war developments between now and election day. The GOP nominee would do well to pound away on that with little time for anything else.

Beyond that, however, we really haven't heard much about abortion recently, unless Boortz is referring to Governor Rick Perry of Texas and a new law that would require sonograms before any procedure could take place.

Hasn't Perry ruled out running? Or does Boortz know something we don't?


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