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03 June 2011

Randi Rhodes: Palin's Wrong To Wear Star Of David


Libtalker: Palin's Now Pretending To Be Jewish

If the purpose of Sarah Palin's north-eastern bus tour is simply to drive her enemies crazy, it's succeeding brilliantly.

Combine impromptu stops deep in (forbidden) blue country with (truly forbidden) symbolism and the result is "progressive" derangement.

Here's a Pavlovian response from libtalker Randi Rhodes, who views Palin's visible Star of David as a grievous offense, without bothering (of course) to check whether the former Alaskan governor had a reason for wearing it (she did, to honor Jerusalem Day):

RANDI RHODES (Thursday 02 June 2011- 24:16): Sarah Palin is one of those people that does not want to talk to the media, period! She does not want to talk to the media because she can't answer a question about anything that people need to hear a solution for. She has no solutions for anything.

Asking Sarah Palin to come up with a foreign policy that makes sense for the United States or asking Sarah Palin to come up with a budget that would bring us into balance or asking Sarah Palin what she would do to create jobs is such a joke! I mean, the woman can't answer those really tough 'gotcha' questions like, what do you read?

Why are we going to ask her difficult questions and she knows she doesn't ever have to talk to the media, and if she wins the primary and gets the party's nomination, then the next time we'll see Sarah Palin we'll be in a debate. And that is the only time that Sarah Palin will answer any questions.

She's going to go through this entire thing without answering any of the 'lame stream' media's questions - that's just a tactic! But you know what you really should have noticed? The day before she goes to New York, she's a biker chick dressed in black leather from head to toe with a helmet! Then she goes to New York City -suddenly, she's a Jew! Did you see she was wearing a giant diamond Star of David around her neck?

Of course, this is far from the first time Randi's gone unhinged over Sarah: who can forget this blast from the past?

All we can say is Sarah, keep on truckin', you're driving them right over the edge.


  • My guess is Palin is showing her support for Israel. Unlike most of those in the Obama White House, who do not support Israel, & many of those who shaped Obama over the yearsdo not either. That might be something for liberal/progressive Jews might want to look into...

    By Anonymous danybhoy, at 04 June, 2011 08:21  

  • Sarah Palin is a strong woman...a great speaker with conservative ideals. This combination is extremely powerful and the Left knows it.

    By Anonymous Ken Tatman, at 04 June, 2011 18:58  

  • It's laughable as well as sad that one person can be so blinded by hate (Rhodes) that even she cannot decern an act of support from one individual to a group of people. And Rhodes and her ilk are supposed to be the tolerant party. Chortle, chortle.....

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 05 June, 2011 19:55  

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