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06 January 2012

Al Sharpton Defends Ed Schultz Over Seeming Praise For Santorum


Schultz Lashes Out At Critics, Al Lends Hand

Memo to Ed Schultz: why fight your own battles when The Reverend is ready for action? While the infamously hot-headed MSNBC talker was taking to YouTube in a bizarre, rambling attempt to defend himself from "progressive" criticism, Al Sharpton used his own radio program to un-dig the giant hole.

The issue: Schultz's seeming praise for Republican Rick Santorum, a major no-no in lefty circles. Ed tried to focus on the former Pennsylvania senator's "effective", "retail" campaign style, but fellow liberals considered it actual support for the GOP presidential candidate.

That has callers phoning Sharpton's radio show in protest, given that both work in the same building.

In the first clip, watch as Schultz defends his commentary, telling critics to "shut up!" Next, our own follow-up with Sharpton attempting to clarify Schultz's position:

CAROL IN MILWAUKEE (43:54): I was just quite upset with the way Ed Schultz you know glorified this Rick Santorum. I mean Rev. Al I heard him say about blacks and the fact that they have to stop giving African Americans handouts, I was done with him. He’s a racist and it’s evident and I can’t understand how someone like Ed Schultz would be saying that this guy is a good guy. I could not understand that and, like I said I watch you guys every night, but I’m wondering now if I should continue to watch Ed Schultz if that’s his stand on this racist Rick Santorum. I just don’t know. I love watching you.

AL SHARPTON: Well Carol, let me say this and thank you for your call. I think what Schultz tried to say was that he felt the guy was effective, that he was not supporting him. But a lot of people did think he overly kept saying how the guy had all of the full packaging and the qualities of a good candidate. I don’t think he meant he was supporting him.

But he (Schultz) did the guy was going to do well and he was right. He did do very well. But I certainly, I think that the guy (Rick Santorum) is scary, the guy being Rick Santorum. I think he’s dangerous. I think he’s a better connector has more charisma than Willard [meaning Mitt Romney] which is why he’s even more dangerous.

Note the derisive use of "Willard" to denote Mitt Romney, from the same person that didn't want Obama's middle name mentioned in any public setting! Sharpton's doing this repeatedly.

Is Sharpton now in position to become a regular defender of Schultz? If so he'd better carve out a lot of time, it's nearly a full-time job.


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