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21 January 2005

What's Behind Cosby Allegations?

What a strange turn of events for Bill Cosby today:

(AP) LOS ANGELES --A female acquaintance of comedian Bill Cosby has made an allegation against him that has prompted a police investigation in Pennsylvania, the entertainer's attorney said Thursday.

Attorney Walter Phillips said he spoke Thursday with authorities in Pennsylvania who told him they have begun an investigation. He would not discuss the specifics of the allegation -- which he called "utterly preposterous" -- but said it amounts to, at the most, "inappropriate touching."

No charges have been brought against Cosby. Phillips said the accuser, who lives in Canada, knows Cosby and the alleged incident in question happened about a year ago.

His upcoming events have apparently been cancelled but it isn't clear if there's a link.

What's going on here? The timing seems suspect.

Will Cosby's detractors use this as an opportunity to attack his character after his recent blunt statements regarding African Americans? No doubt they've already begun.


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