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21 January 2005

Terrorism Plot Really a Drug Deal Gone Awry?

The Boston-area media this morning was quick to dismiss the terrorism plot tip as nothing but the work of an angry drug dealer, mad about a deal that went awry.

Have you noticed how quick the left is to automatically discount the validity of any possible terrorist plot? There always has to be a quick excuse.

Sure, this could prove to be the real story, but think about it for more than a moment and you'll realize this theory doesn't hold water. What drug dealer would alert law enforcement to his dealing and smuggling just to get revenge?

He's now being subjected to an intense amount of grilling by FBI and other agencies and could very well end up in prison. Don't drug dealers have better ways of dealing with double-crossers than calling the police? This just doesn't make sense.

Governor Mitt Romney has been handling the situation superbly, skipping the inaugural to take care of business at home, while Boston Mayor Tom Menino has been vocal in discounting the seriousness of the threat. Menino's more worried these days about snow alerts and parking spaces in Beacon Hill than dirty bomb threats.


U.S. Attorney Michael Sullivan of Boston said earlier Thursday that authorities had learned more background about the original four Chinese, but "it makes us no more alarmed this morning, this afternoon, than we were yesterday."

"They're not wanted at this point in time for any crimes because there's no evidence at this point in time that they've committed any crimes," Sullivan said. "We're not certain exactly where they are. We can't even say for certain that they're in the country."

(AP) Massachusettts Gov. Mitt Romney talks with reporters about a report four Chinese nationals...
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The four Chinese previously named by the FBI were identified as Zengrong Lin, Wen Quin Zheng, Xiujin Chen and Guozhi Lin. Authorities said none of the names had appeared on previous watch lists of terror suspects. The bureau also released pictures of those four but not of the others being sought.

One woman was among the nine new Chinese names added: Yu Xian Weng, a woman either 40 or 41 years old. The others were all men: Quinquan or Quiquan Lin, 21; Liqiang Liang, 28; Min Xiu Xie, 27; Xiang or Xing Wei Liu, 22; Mei Xia Dong, 21; Xiuming Chen; Cheng Yin Liu; and Zao Yun Wang.

The final name on the new FBI list was Jose Ernesto Beltran Quinones, of unknown age or national origin.

In Boston, there were visible signs of stepped-up security, including some underground parking garages searching vehicles as they entered and pictures of the Chinese suspects posted inside the booths where subway tokens are sold by transit employees.


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