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18 January 2005

Tyrants Prefer Their Own Kind

Isn't it interesting to see how dictators, thugs and tyrants seek out other dictators, thugs and tyrants for mutual evil-empire building?


Iran's ambassador to Cuba said his country will increase ties to the Communist dictatorship 90 miles from Florida by extending some 20 million in euro credit.

United by anti-Americanism, the two countries have grown closer in recent years – a concern to some in Washington because of Iran's sponsorship of terrorism and desire to develop weapons of mass destruction.

Cuba has an extensive biological and chemical weapons development program.

Plans for more scientific collaboration were announced by Ahmad Edrian, Iran's ambassador to Cuba. They include plans by Cuba to help build a plant in Iran to produce vaccines and medicines.

"There is no doubt that Iran is determined to strengthen its economic relations with Cuba, and there are many interesting areas in which to cooperate," Edrisan told the official Cuban newspaper Granma.

He confirmed that economic cooperation between the two nations is to be diversified and extended starting this year.


  • "Iran's AMBASSADOR to Cuba?" Why does that make me chuckle?
    Anyway, "Birds of a feather stick together," as the old saying goes.
    "Like two peas in a pod."
    "The apple doesn't fall far from the tree," etc.
    Makes sense to me!

    By Blogger The Rebecca, at 18 January, 2005 14:23  

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