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19 January 2005

Boxer Again a National Disgrace

Is there anything more disgusting that having Barbara Boxer questioning the integrity of Condi Rice?

Beyond that, are there two people that better represent the directions their respective parties are taking?

While Rice demonstrates intelligence, confidence, leadership, strength, new ideas and a sense of justice, Barbara Boxer represents all of the failures of 1960's California liberalism. Boxer is increasingly part of the left wing kook conspiracy crowd and Californians should be embarrassed.

There couldn't be a starker contrast between hope for tomorrow and flaky Marin County politics.

As for John Kerry, who said he might not support Rice, he's fooling nobody: it's all about sour grapes. Massachusetts and California come out looking very bad here.


Rice seemed headed for easy confirmation by the Senate as President Bush's choice to be the country's top diplomat. She did have a tense exchange with Sen. Barbara Boxer, D-Calif. - Rice repeatedly asked the senator not to question her truthfulness - but former presidential nominee John Kerry, D-Mass., was the only member of the Foreign Relations Committee who told her she might not win his vote.

"This was never going to be easy," Rice said of the war and its aftermath during a confirmation hearing in which she painted an optimistic picture of the future in Iraq - and for resolution of the long conflict between Israel and the Palestinians as well.

(AP) Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., shakes hands with Secretary of State-designate Condoleezza Rice at the...


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