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25 November 2005

Trees, Turkeys and Muslim Brotherly Love


Moonbats Had A Busy Day

There's something about Thanksgiving that truly brings out the hate in America's most miserable extremists. Some of the most notorious fresh examples:

From Bill Schechner at San Francisco's KPIX

Arab-Owned Liquor Stores Attacked In Oakland

OAKLAND Security tapes from the San Pablo Liquor Market on 23rd and San Pablo Ave. in Oakland show 11 men dressed in the manner of members of the Nation of Islam walking into the market at about 11:30 Wednesday night.

After confronting the clerk behind the counter they push him aside, topple some groceries, open the wine, soda and alcohol coolers and throw the goods on the floor. Working in the store at the time, the owner's son, 17-year-old Khalid Saleh, who said one of the men was armed.

“So I was standing there keeping my hands up watching them break all these windows, glass bottles and stuff,“ said Saleh. “They said ‘We're Muslims,’ and selling liquor to the community, that we ain't supposed to be doing that.”

About the same time, police said about 10 blocks away another Arab-owned store was hit by a second group of men similarly dressed uttering the same words. Workers at the store declined to comment. A third Arab-owned store in the area was not entered, it was closed for the night.

The crime is curious, given obvious security cameras and monitors that make images that police say they hope will help them identify suspects. In the neighborhood, talk included the need to assert power, tension between Arab shopkeepers and African-American residents, attempts to embarrass the Nation of Islam.

Oakland Police were unavailable to say whether they'd pursue a hate crime investigation as well as a burglary.

Is this the start of a larger, violent muslim movement in the increasingly dangerous East Bay?

Next example, still in the Moonbat-rich Bay Area:

Native Americans mourn loss of land with "Unthanksgiving" rite

ALCATRAZ ISLAND, United States (AFP) - A tribal chant rose from a thousands-strong prayer circle on Alcatraz Island in San Francisco Bay as Native Americans held a sunrise "Unthanksgiving Day" ceremony.

"What we call it is Unthanksgiving," Bear Lincoln of the Wailikie Tribe told AFP as he waved burning sage to purify the area and ward off evil spirits.

"It was the saddest day for us. It was a big mistake for us to help the Pilgrims survive that first winter. They betrayed us once they got their strength."

An estimated 3,000 people packed onto ferries that set out from Fisherman's Wharf for Alcatraz in the pre-dawn darkness Thursday, according to organizers.

A bonfire blazed at the center of a prayer circle set up on a bluff beneath the Alcatraz lighthouse. And at the base of the rock wall leading up to the ruins of the former federal prison were a pair of Indian teepees.

"Ultimately, this is their land," said Irma Pinedo, a Mexico City native who was among the Aztec dancers taking part in the ceremony. "For us, no turkey today."

"I take my children to this every year because I want them to understand there is another side to the story," said 41-year-old Erin Alexander, who added that the event has grown significantly since she began attending 12 years ago.

Groups representing Palestinian, Aztec and African indigenous people joined Native Americans in dancing, chanting and prayers.

Yes, it really was a shame Palestinians, Aztecs and Africans helped the Pilgrims that winter in Plymouth, isn't it?

In Boston,
the Nova Scotia man who donated this year's Christmas tree is hopping mad, according to the Boston Herald:

The fuming Nova Scotia lumberjack who donated the spruce to be lighted on Boston Common has a message for the Hub: Feed that “holiday tree” to a woodchipper.

“My family donated a Christmas tree. If Boston wants to call it something else, maybe they should just send it back,” said Donnie Hatt, the logger who donated the 48-foot-tall white spruce that grew in his front yard for 36 years. “If I’d known there would be this much craziness, I would have ground it up myself.”

Hatt was referring to the flurry of media calls he’s received since yesterday’s Herald reported Christian fundamentalist preacher Jerry Falwell’s army of conservative lawyers was targeting Boston’s “holiday tree” in its campaign against cities and school districts that attempt to “secularize” Christmas.

Yesterday, Mayor Thomas M. Menino insisted the tree he’ll light at a 6:30 p.m. ceremonyon the Common Dec. 1 “is a Christmas tree, and is going to stay a Christmas tree as long as I’m mayor.”

Asked why the city’s Web site still referred to the event as “Boston’s Official Holiday Tree Lighting,” Menino said, “I didn’t write the Web site. If I had, it would have said Christmas tree.”

The mayor added, “If Jerry Falwell wants to do his thing, that’s up to him.”

Maybe it's also time to change the name of the Christmas Tree Shops chain to the Unoffensive Holiday Tree. Or maybe we'd better not give the bats any new ideas.

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Christmas tree photo by Patrick Whittemore, Boston Herald


  • WOW! Ego/ethnocentrism on that scale is truly breathtaking,Bri!

    If only you had studied history...

    After all, busting up liquor stores is as American as Carry Nation or christianity... Fine christian, Carry was... Of course her love child, Prohibition, came to a bad end...

    And why should the Amerinds feel thankful? Europeans did destroy their people, even if it was mostly unintentional...

    And as for Mr. tree, it is rude to complain about how a gift is used.

    I guess he's what we used to call an "Indian giver!"

    I'll have to blog you!

    Roadkill Journal; the view from the middle of the road: Politics dedicated to the most endangered species of all, the moderate.

    By Blogger Instructor, at 26 November, 2005 12:58  

  • You are rebutted... :-)

    "A little baloney from Maloney"

    By Blogger Instructor, at 26 November, 2005 15:04  

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