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12 November 2006

Bill Press, 2006 Elections


Press Says LibTalk Swung Elections

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Without a shred of evidence to make his case, "progressive" talker and former CNN host Bill Press has credited liberal radio, including his own program, with swinging last week's elections!

Despite the fact that no one else has yet dared to make that dubious case, in addition to the fact that three libtalk stations have since announced plans to drop this kind of programming, Press truly feels that Franken & Company made the difference:

All I gotta say is: Wow! What a week!

As progressives, we began the week out of power.

At the end of the week, we rule the world.

Well, almost. But taking back the House and Senate is one hell of a great victory.

And let me tell you -

It wouldn't have happened if George Bush hadn't screwed up so badly.

It wouldn't have happened without good, strong candidates.

But it also wouldn't have happened - without progressive talk radio.

Think about it.

Two years, there was no progressive talk - It was all right-wing - and we lost our ass.

This year, there is progressive talk - and we won big time.

So shows like this really can make a difference. Not just me, of course. But Ed Schultz and Stephanie Miller, Al Franken and Randi Rhodes, Alex Bennett and all the rest.

And you, the listeners.

By speaking truth to power, every day - we helped get American back on track.

Be proud of what we accomplished in 2006.

And now - On to 2008!

Sure, Bill, your tiny ratings and small number of affiliates made all the difference in the world! It couldn't have simply been that the Republican Party blew it, right?

You can say one thing for the Huffington Post, it sure does allow media and political elites to expose themselves for what they truly are: egomaniacs.

So, just for the sake of the argument, let's assume Press is correct that libtalk is a key reason why the Dems won last week's election. Did the ends justify the means? What did it take to get "progressive" talk radio on the air?

At Air America Radio, for example, a children's charity was raided to provide initial start-up money for the network, while Press himself assembled a dubious group of investors that included creepy former Yugoslavian Prime Minister Milan Panic.

And we should also point out that dozens of people have lost every penny they've invested in liberal talk radio over the past three years.

As a result, Mr Press, even if you were the reason behind the Dem's victory last Tuesday, at what cost did it occur? What about your own credibility?

UPDATE: here's another site giving progtalk credit for the elections.

ELSEWHERE: sure enough, the Dems couldn't contain their moonbat wing for even a week! Already, they're pushing for an almost immediate withdrawl from Iraq, while in Massachusetts, incoming Governor- elect Deval Patrick is already cooking up crazy new spending schemes. You're making it too easy for us!

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  • A little while back, Ed Schultz replied to a listeners question about whether he had seen the Gay Cowboy movie "Bareback Mountain"
    Ed replied that he doesn't go to movies and that he waits til they come out on DVD.
    Does anybody know why Ed is patently a Homophobe? Or why doesn't he just be honest and say he doesn't like Gay Cowboy movies? Just be honest and say you don't like gay cowboy movies.. What kills me is that a couple of weeks later, Ed said he was first in line to see Flight 93.. So is Ed a liar?

    By Blogger dennis_kookinich, at 12 November, 2006 19:22  

  • It's "Brokeback", kook.

    I believe the blessed Keith Olbermann had more of an effect on the deletion of the neocon myth then anyone in radio.

    And I do believe Ruth pushed many women in particular over the edge.

    By Blogger hashfanatic, at 13 November, 2006 00:05  

  • OBVIOUSLY "LIB TALK" has played a serious impact, after all look at Maloney, he has a career in "lib talk bashing"!! If lib-talk had no impact, if radical right wingers (who don't even have an ideology other than "we hate liberals"), were not scared of "lib talk" having an impact and making people think about the issues, Brian would not exist.
    Just what exactly do Brian and other wing nuts belive in?? I can not figure out their political agenda, other than "kill muslims", they really have no opinion, beliefs, or ideas. It is not "liberals" who have no ideas, it is right wing followers, who honestly have ZERO ideas. After 5 years of debating and reading what the right has to say I learned 2 main ideas from them:
    A. Liberals and Democrats have no ideas
    B. Muslims bad, kill them!

    That is it in a nut shell
    Prove me wrong.
    Don't give me the Barry Goldwater ideology, none of you clowns believe in Goldwater, Goldwater would be considered a liberal today, by the radical rights wacked out system of ideas.

    Evil Liberal Propaganda Network
    Monday and Thursday Night 10PM-Mid (EST) on, up and running after a serious system wide server crash!!! Right wing conspiracy??? Maybe!!

    By Blogger Minister of Propaganda, at 13 November, 2006 00:41  

  • As for Lib talk radio having an impact, I see far left listeners who do not need to be talked in to voting. I could be wrong, but I do not see undecided voter listening to AAR. I have do not have data to back that up just an educated guess.

    I think the main reason they lost is the Republicans moved towards the center with programs like the Prescription Drug Program. All they did was create another give away program that will be there forever. The bad thing is now the Liberals will improve it (Make it even bigger) and put even more money towards it. I do not blame the Lib’s for this I blame the Republicans for creating it.

    The Republicans do no how to create more revenue in the treasury. They use to no how to spend. They screw up trying to make Liberals like them. If they would stick to Conservative beliefs: Smaller Gov, Lower taxes, and a strong military they would have been reelected. That is my Radical right system of ideas. Crazy isn’t it.

    By Blogger PF1, at 13 November, 2006 02:01  

  • Prog-talk loses another station to a format that actually makes money.
    Scott Fybush's NorthEast Radio Watch
    reports that WYOS AM 1360 in
    Binghamton NY switches from the
    format to ESPN today.

    By Blogger raccoonradio, at 13 November, 2006 11:43  

  • Pf1
    The GOPS's perscription drug plan is EXACTLY what AMERICA WANTS, you simply do not get it, America wants progressive policies, the problem with the GOP'S plan is that it cost BILLIONS upon BILLIONS, and failed to create any discont for the elderly. This concept is not hard, THEY FAILED on this policy. The Dems will spend less on a program, and make it WORK. The Republican perscription drug plan, was simply a billion dollar handout to big pharm. America did not vote out Republicans because they are "too progressive", they voted them out because the GOP plans like "clear skies", "perscription drug benefit", sound good on paper, while in reality are nothing but billion dollar handouts to their respective industries.
    Progressive leaders understand how to make a social policy work, make it work for the people, not the corperation, the cost is less, and the benefits are more. This is why Republicans LOST.
    Republican social policies are big business handouts disguised as populist social programs. America woke up and figured it out.
    America wants "liberal policies", health care, better enviornment, better education etc. These ideas are radical in the mind of a right winger, not radical to most of America. America is tired of government for the corperation. The Iraqi war is an example of government for the corperation, as we will soon see when the Halluburton/KBR hearings start. America has rejected "trickle down". This is a failed policy, it failed in the 80's, it failed now. America is tired of receiving a "trickle" of the wealth, while the top recieve a tsaumi of the wealth.
    Now it up for Democrats to actually be progressive for the people and not for the corperation

    By Blogger Minister of Propaganda, at 13 November, 2006 12:02  

  • Mop

    Programs like social security cost Americans a fortune. It might not be as bad if they would raise the age limit for when one can collect, but nether party has the balls to do that because they would lose votes. The cost of a national health care program will be even bigger than social security. Health care will cover all Americans where social security only covers a small part of America. How much more will health care cost be compared to Social security cost Five Ten or Twenty times more. Who is going to pay for that big business more likely all businesses?

    Raising taxes to pay for all these programs will hurt all Americans. It does not matter who the government raises taxes on. The consumers will pay the tax. For example if you tax a company 10 cents for every item it sells, the company will raise the price for that item 10 cents. If consumers refuse to pay the higher price the company will lay off workers or make the product cheaper. The consumers will pay for the tax increase one way or another. The only way the government can stop this would be to tell the company how much money it can make everything else goes to the government. That is to close to socialism for me.

    I agree that a lot of Americans want the government to take care of them. Americans need to learn to take care of themselves, which would leave more resources for ones who need help. All Americans do not need or want the governments help.

    As for receiving a trickle of wealth, I do not receive money I work for it. I make my company money in return they pay me well. When a company has not paid me what I think I am worth, I move to a company who will. I take care of my family by not being in debt and saving for a rainy day a concept that does not exist as much today. I buy disability insurance for me incase something happens and I can not work. I save for retirement by saving twenty percent of my salary. I have bought and paid for my house. The only bills I pay is insurance, utilities and taxes. I do not make a lot of money, but I do spend it wisely.

    Mop you appear to be a smart guy can’t you provide your own retirement and insurance with out the help of the government. We should provide for our selves and let the government help those how need help not want help.

    By Blogger PF1, at 14 November, 2006 01:29  

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