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29 March 2007

Rush Limbaugh, Talk Radio, Skidmore College


Highlighted By Rush, Incident Causes School Resignation

Once again, the power of talk radio is revealed:

Skidmore administrator resigns after talk radio flap

SARATOGA SPRINGS, N.Y. (AP) - An administrator at an upstate college has resigned after her complaints about a patriotic display at a Florida tourist attraction hit the talk radio airwaves.

Hilal Isler, who's a Turkish-American Muslim, says the series of events that led to her resignation began when she and her husband visited SeaWorld in Orlando earlier this month.

Isler says the driver of a tourist attraction bus made insulting comments about Muslims, then ridiculed the couple when they complained.

Isler sent an e-mail detailing the encounter to the Orlando Sentinel, which published a story on the incident on March 16th. The newspaper article contained quotes from Isler complaining about a patriotic display staged during their visit to SeaWorld.

The story caught the attention of syndicated radio host Rush Limbaugh. Since then, officials at Skidmore say Isler has received upsetting e-mails and other messages from around the country.

She resigned last week after just three months in her position as director of Skidmore's student diversity programs.

The bus driver has since been fired.

As indicated by Limbaugh on Thursday's program, the "patriotic display" involved American flags!

Does she blame Rush for her circumstances? Our guess: you bet.

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  • They made her look at a patriotic display of American flags? That is just too far to be tolerated. I am sure the ACLU and CAIR will be along shortly to help her file in court to air her grievance.


    By Blogger Seriouslyunserious, at 29 March, 2007 17:23  

  • franken tie-in here...

    must be one of those times when maloney spends 12 hours on the can and comes up with another anti-Al Franken Brain Fart.

    C'mon, Brian - you're boring us.

    Even the people who come here just to fight with one-another (certainly not because you post anything of substance - that's less than 1% of your posts) can't be bothered...

    By Blogger TJ, at 29 March, 2007 18:34  

  • As much as a wild right wing conservative as I am, if the bus driver was talking trash then he is just a jack@@@. But when someone is taking a lot of American green backs in a job women can't do in most Muslim dominated countries, then it really makes no sense to complain about a "patriot display" such as the flag. Love it or leave it, is not just a bumper sticker, it is a measure of integrity to one's own beliefs.

    By Blogger Lonewatchman, at 30 March, 2007 03:29  

  • Ah, all this could have been avoided if, instead of going to Seaworld to watch intelligent sea-mammals abused, she had visited my cruelty free "Cirque des Puces" ("Flea Circus" for those too crude to read French).

    There, we burn spit-soaked American flags and endlessly crack jokes about Christians (making Christian jokes is like shooting fish in a barrel!)

    À bientôt! I'm off to buy a bageutte!

    By Blogger John, at 30 March, 2007 12:15  

  • Crack jokes! crack! Burn flags! I'm there, bein a visual sort. Roll on tide! yeah!

    Freeeeeeeee Luuuuunch!

    By Blogger half, at 31 March, 2007 10:40  

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