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14 June 2007

Rush Limbaugh, WIOD, Broward County Commissioners


Broward's Anti-Rush Stunt Fuels Net Firestorm

*** Update Below ***

When it's all over, conservatives may actually feel the need to thank their Broward County arch- enemies.

Why? By threatening to yank hurricane and other emergency updates from Miami's WIOD- AM simply because it airs Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity, the ultra- liberal Florida county has galvanized talk radio fans across the nation.

To stir up the opposition, there's nothing like a boneheaded, overtly partisan move by elected officials.

Within hours of the first reports yesterday, bloggers, Internet news sites and talk hosts were all over it, denouncing the proposal by some of the very same folks who went chad- hunting for Al Gore back in 2000. This morning, there is every indication the cyber- firestorm will only grow larger from here.

As for Rush himself, the story proved downright invigourating, almost playing right into his hands:

RUSH: Folks, try this story. This is from the front page of the local section of today's South Florida Sun-Sentinel, published in Ft. Lauderdale. That's in Broward County. "Rush Limbaugh has long been a thorn in the side of liberals, but now, because of him, some Democratic politicians don't even want to join with a local radio station to broadcast hurricane information.

Radio station WIOD, AM 610," in Miami "has been the official channel for emergency information from Broward County government for the past year. The County Commission, all Democrats, balked at renewing the deal Tuesday, unable to stomach the station also being home to Limbaugh's talk show. Commissioner Stacy Ritter said she did not want to support a station that's out of step with area politics.

"Ritter, a Democratic stalwart in the state Legislature before being elected to county office, cited talk shows hosted by Limbaugh and Sean Hannity and WIOD's partnership with Fox News. 'They have every right to speak, but we don't have to do business with them,' she said. Limbaugh has long been a fixture on WIOD, but no county official raised an issue about him or the other shows when the deal was approved for the first time a year ago." Here's what happens here. "The deal with WIOD would ensure that news conferences are broadcast start to finish live from the county Emergency Operations Center in Plantation," during hurricanes or weather disasters. "Emergency managers became concerned during hurricanes in 2004 and 2005 that radio and television stations preempted their announcements in favor of news out of Miami," which is in Dade County. "Limbaugh, who lives in Palm Beach, could not be reached for comment," and I wouldn't have, had they been able to reach me. I'm unreachable to these people all the time.

"Ken Charles, WIOD's director of AM programming, said the station's talk show lineup has no relationship with its news coverage..." These Democrats -- and one of them, by the way, is Suzanne Gunzburger. I don't know if you remember Suzanne Gunzburger. I will never forget Suzanne Gunzburger. During the Florida aftermath, the recount, she was examining every ballot for a chad. She's all (interruption). No, she didn't... I think she was using a magnifying glass, but there was another guy sitting next to her using a magnifying glass. The point is she's a huge, huge, huge Democrat partisan. Which is fine.

These people are now saying the reason they chose WIOD is because it's the strongest signal in south Florida. It reaches the most people. So you got a hurricane coming in; these people from Broward want to get their press conferences covered front-to-back, beginning-to-end, so that they get this information -- rescue information, preparation information, whatever -- to the largest number of people live in Broward County, and they want to pull it off WIOD and go to some station with no signal whatsoever simply because conservatives are on it. They are politicizing the delivering of emergency news, which is nonpartisan. I guess these people are now making the weather a partisan issue. Hurricanes are a partisan issue.

I talked to Bob Novak after the program yesterday. I interviewed him. He's got a great new book out, and he really opens up about the Plame affair. He's been in Washington 50 years as a journalist. He's seen it all, and he's seen the changes, and he talked a little bit about partisanship and how, yeah, we've had silly politicians all throughout the nation's history, and we've had bumbling fools running around as leaders and so forth, but the partisanship, he said, is as bad as he's ever seen it in his 50 years.

I said, "What about during Reagan and Nixon?"

He said, "Well, a little bit, but I mean the country wasn't divided. Reagan was winning in landslides. The Democrats were pretty united and the country was united getting rid of Nixon or forcing him to resign, but the partisanship."

I said, "You mean like a poll that shows 35% of Democrats believe Bush knew about 9/11?"

"Yeah," he said. "The Internet's increasing the credibility of all these conspiracy theories, which have always been around."

So I was thinking about that when I was reading the story: Partisanship Comes to the Weather. Don't these people understand that because of the deal WIOD has made, all of these shows would be preempted whenever they schedule a news conference. All these idiots in the Broward County commission have to do is schedule their press conference from noon to three (laughing), or if they want to preempt Hannity, do it after that. It's just amazing to watch liberals in action. They can't stand competition.

They don't think that there is an alternative to their ideology. There's nothing worth debating. They say this is not trying to shut Limbaugh down, but they're trying to exert some pressure on WIOD to make some changes here in their programming in order to get these dull, boring press conferences from this county commission, which would be necessary. Broward is all upset because they get short-changed. Most of the news comes out of Miami during hurricanes, and they feel like they're being left out of the dissemination of emergency information and so forth. Front page! The guys at WIOD are going to hang tough on this. We know that, because I just said they will. (Ahem.) It's a great lesson, a great eye-opening thing.

Rush is exactly right: during a major emergency, Rush and Hannity would be pre- empted, possibly for days, or even weeks. It's actually to the left's advantage to keep the deal with WIOD, since it gives them the power to cut off both hosts at will during major events.

This isn't the first instance where a station airing both Rush and the Emergency Alert System has become an issue, on the Left Coast, it has also been raised by griping "progressives" in elective office.

But Broward County's proposal does mark the first time serious consideration has been given to yanking emergency coverage on the basis of partisan politics alone. From here, finding another suitable station will prove more trouble than it's worth. In the meantime, do they realize just how stupid they look?

UPDATE: after such a huge backlash, looks like Broward County is reversing course.

MORE major Boston talk radio developments, see them here.

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  • folks who went chad-hunting for Al Gore back in 2000.

    That's a good one. Chad hunting.

    I remember the hanging chad, the dimpled chad, and the pregnant chad.

    Politics can be amusing sometimes.

    By Blogger The Benson Report, at 14 June, 2007 04:29  

  • Being a Liberal Democrat is proof of mental illness. Look at how sick these FL Democrats are. They'd rather die in a hurricane rhan have a station that brodcasts "Equal Time" warn them of the Hurricane's coming. Sick!!!

    By Blogger PCD, at 14 June, 2007 09:15  

  • PCD, only mental illness is the one who continues to cling on to a failed ideology, that has destroyed the American laboror, destroyed labor unions, destroyed our international standing, destroyed Social Security, destroyed FEMA, destroyed democracy.

    When something is a failure, you move on. When you do the same thing over and over agian, that is the definition of mental illness.

    So yeah, cons aee mentally ill

    I would take a guess that after the riots in Floridia, and the stifiling of democracy by the radical right, there are people who hold a grudge. I do not blame them. The right squashed democracy, so their view is screw these idiots who continue to vote against their best interest, and actually rioted to get the Anti American candidate into office, let them die. These same idiots who stopped the recount, in the minds of PATRIOTS deserve to be swept away from a hurricane.
    I would not go that far, we need you useful idiots to kick around.

    Good job, keep voting against your own best interest.

    Even worse that CONS are Reagan Democrats, each and every Reagan democrat deserves to be swept away from a hurricane. Cons can't help it, they are mentally sick

    PCD, your mentally sick.

    A. You support a failed ideology that hates the American worker

    B. you do it over and over


    note less than 30% of America is with you

    and you think the 70% is "sick"

    that would be you, jerk off

    Now the challange to the filthy, Anti-worker, Anti-working class GOP ass kissers;

    Name a single policy the right has done for labor that benefits the working class?

    One answer is excluded: Tax cuts, the tax cuts have not benefited the working class

    I challange all of the filthy anti-American wack job, mental patients to show me one GOP policy that has helped the American worker

    By Blogger Minister of Propaganda, at 14 June, 2007 10:03  

  • I asked the big question as in: What has the GOP done for the working class and the laboror? I will show you what the "dreaded liberal" has done

    1.Social Security; 2.Medicare-Medicaid;
    3. unemployment insurance; welfare (for the poor and
    4.civil rights;
    5...student grant and loan programs; laws (OSHA);
    7.environmental laws
    8.prevailing wagelaws
    9.right to collective bargaining (which brought about
    paid medical insurance, paid vacations, pensions, etc.);
    10.workers' compensation;
    11.Marshall Plan;
    12.flood-disaster insurance;
    13. Fair Labor Standards Act, which
    established a minimum wage, 14.instituted child labor laws,
    15. time-and-a-half pay for over a 40-hour week.
    16.FHA-HUD with its public housing, urbanrenewal and 44 million residential homes (before WWII
    almost 70 percent of our nation were renters; by the 1970s
    this had been reversed).
    subsidies -- USDA programs, Farmers Home Administration (the
    bankers didn't want to make rural loans),
    18.The GI Bill was passed, which the Republicans at the
    time bitterly opposed. They were salivating over millions
    of returning veterans to hire as cheap labor. More than 8
    million have used college benefits, creating millions of
    entrepreneurs; most of us had never dreamed of college. For
    the unemployed GI, there was $20 a week for 52 weeks to
    help get started (a lot of money in those days).
    19.The Veterans Administration provided more than 2 million home
    20. FDIC and FSLIC, insuring deposits, and
    saved Wall Street with the establishment of the Securities
    Exchange Commission.

    So conservative/ Republicans



    I just showed you 20 examples of "liberal" policies

    By Blogger Minister of Propaganda, at 14 June, 2007 10:26  

  • right wings have to keep this in mind, you created the hatred. 25 years of vile hate towards the majority of Americans who are indeed "liberals" does not sit well with Americans, if you disgusting propagandists never blamed "libs" for all the failures of GOP policy, and blamed "libs' for everything wehich the GOP obviously casused, nobody would hate Limbaugh and we would just dismiss him as a high school drop out, who had a father that owned a radio station and got his son on the air (ohhhhh i just revealed a right wing secret)

    You had to blame your failed policies on "libs" for 25 years, turning us into the enemy, while we have promoted traditional populist American policies, as I proved ion my earlier posts. So yeah, there is deep hatred towards cons, maybe you should not have called us "traitors" , "enemies of the military" , "lazy and on welfare", and turned us into the enemies.

    You wuill reap what you started, if there was to be a civil war in this country, we outnumber you 50 to 1
    Bush's election victory in 2004 does not make you the majority, as the majority NEVER VOTE, as only appx. 35% of America voted in 2004.

    Every action has a reaction, and your hatred towards the average American is comming back to bite.

    By Blogger Minister of Propaganda, at 14 June, 2007 12:00  

  • MOP: "your hatred towards the average American is comming back to bite"

    That is your major error:

    Conservatives respect their fellow citizens and expect that people who do hard work will be rewarded for that hard work. Conservatives generally do not feel that their fellow citizens would be better off if people (supposedly) more intelligent, concerned, feeling, tolerant, wise, sophisticated (et cetera) made decisions for them: Conservatives respect their fellow citizens and feel that these fellow citizens should, where possible, make their own choices.

    Walmart is decidedly non-union. Some other groceries have higher paid union employees. Conservatives generally feel the free and open marketplace will provide the best result for the "regular people". Walmart's low prices benefit all "regular people". Liberals, though well intentioned, endorse policies that result in lower levels of employment and higher prices.

    I want to mention one particularly grand liberal policy failure: Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standards. The intent was to make cars more efficient, and the liberal politicians made sure that those tricky auto companies would not include sport vehicles like dune buggies and utility vehicles like Cushmans in their fleet calculations. The liberals were so concentrated on not having dune buggies and golf carts count as cars that they overlooked the major event that actually happened: Full-sized station wagons (cars) were discontinued and replaced by (wink, wink) "off road" sport utility vehicles, which were legally not included in the car fleet calculations. The result is that SUVs are now not niche but plentiful gas guzzlers, completely the opposite of the fuel economy intentions.

    By the way Obama plans to close the CAFE "loopholes", mechanism of this yet to be revealed.

    By Blogger Missouri Show Me, at 14 June, 2007 14:13  

  • I thought WIOD had to get rid of the hurricane notifications because they already had too much hot air ... 1 ... 2 ... 3 ... pun!

    By Blogger Drew, at 14 June, 2007 14:24  

  • MoPoop, you're the one who not only clings to his own mantal illness, but points out that he is mentally ill by clinging on to failed policies and promotes them as the panacea to the ills those very policies created.

    By Blogger PCD, at 14 June, 2007 14:57  

  • Nobody answered by question, I showed you some of the "liberal" policies which have benefited the majority of America. Nobody showed me a conservative policy which has benefited The average American worker.
    Missouri babbled on about Wallmart, which has done nothing but provide low paying jobs to Americans and cheap crap.

    you did not answer the question.

    I guess in the warped mind of the CON, the GI bill was bad, labor protection wasd bad, FDIC was bad, Wallmart and cheap labort good?????

    Again which policy from the CONS has benefited the Average worker

    With 7% union membership in America currently, LOWEST EVER, compared to the 50's (which cons love to talk about) we had 6 out of 10 people in labor unions, this made the American FAMILY STRONGER.

    Again what policy have the CONS created that helped the Average american family??????????????????????

    you cant find one

    Why do "cons" value cheap crap over strong families and strong protected labor?

    You are destroying the future.
    Destroying it.

    Labor unions are the key to a powerfull and strong economy for EVERYONE, not just ownership.


    This is FACT.

    note: family life has deteroriated in American since Ronald Reagan values took over.


    By Blogger Minister of Propaganda, at 14 June, 2007 15:16  

  • MOP,

    Yeah, when Harry Reid gets his favorables up to President Bush's;

    When the Congress gets up to a 34/66 split of positive/negative like the President;

    When Nancy Pelosi actually DELIVERS on her "most ethical Congress";

    Then you might have something to crow about... As far as I can see, people may not approve of the President, but they damn well prefer him to the DEMOCRAT CONTROLLED CONGRESS, and by a wide margin.

    Must suck to have Mr. Nineteen Percent as your leader!

    Oh, and your "list"? Ever heard of a little agency called the Environmental Protection Agency, created by that "Evil Rethuglican" Nixon?

    Civil Rights: which party pushed through the National Voting Rights Act? Hint: it's not the party with the ex-Grand Kleagle of the KKK as a sitting member of Congress.

    VA: which President has increased VA funding faster than any President in history? He's still in office...

    SEC/securities fraud (Enron, etc): prosecuted by the current administration for fraud done under the watch of the previous administration.

    And the list goes on and on...

    I can understand you wanting to claim all those good things since so little has come from the Left...

    By Blogger Da, at 14 June, 2007 17:03  

  • I liked the long list of Democratic accomplishments. There are two more that need to be added to the list:

    Won World War I

    Won World War II

    Seems the dems are actually pretty good on defense after all.

    By Blogger gatordem, at 14 June, 2007 21:18  

  • Then do we get to talk about Truman and Kennedy/Johnson starting the Korean and Vietnam wars?

    And as far as WWII goes, there's precious little in common between FDR's approach to war and that of the current Pelosi/Reid gang. FDR interned hundreds of thousands of Japanese and German citizens. Pelosi/Reid demand we don't even look askance at extremist imams calling for the destruction of the US....

    By Blogger Da, at 14 June, 2007 21:29  

  • Perhaps WIOD needs to change the type of programming it is broadcasting.

    By Blogger hashfanatic, at 14 June, 2007 23:20  

  • No, it does not.

    It makes sense that when you need to get information out to people, especially with a hurricane, that you take the largest watted frequency and get the info on there. WIOD is high-wattage, which means a larger distance.

    When Hurricane info comes on, they're generally going to stop playing talk radio and go news/info. The point is moot, and concrete idiots like MOP and hashfanatic have no case on which station should get it.

    Does anyone, by perchance, know what "clear channel" actually meant at one time? WIOD was a "clear channel" station, if my memory serves me correctly...which means it was supposed to be THE station with defense, military, and emergency information on it. It still applies today.

    So, to all the leftists on here, if you want to play with people's lives, go ahead. But be forewarned...if a hurricane hits Broward, and people die, it is going to be on your heads. Just like Katrina is on Ray Nagin's head.

    By Blogger Yomi Mizuhara, at 15 June, 2007 03:35  

  • "Just like Katrina is on Ray Nagin's head."

    Yes, like the Cookie Monster is responsible for pouring antifreeze into counterfeit Colgate toothpaste tubes....

    As mentioned, perhaps such a high-wattage station's reach is wasted on such government-sponsored propaganda, and the frequency should be reassigned to mainstream programming that is more commensurate with the AMERICAN public's interest, as opposed that of the oligarchs, neocon special-interest groups, and the morons who love them.

    It is OBSCENE to ask normal Americans to trust any station dominated by subversives that actually oppose the government's involvement in the first place, to then participate in potentially life-saving first alert programming and expect them to a) get it right, and b) be a credible source of official news and information.

    Besides, isn't Florida Bush Crime Family territory?

    Hurricane?? OH, WELL....

    By Blogger hashfanatic, at 15 June, 2007 09:17  

  • Da: nice try but I prevail big time in the debate, don't even try to claim civli rights was a "conservative movement", laughable. Nixon reacted to the people, that is all, deep down do you think Nixon cared about Civil rights? I almost choked on my breakfast reading that one. Hysterical.

    Da makes one good point though:
    FDR interned hundreds of thousands of Japanese and German citizens

    I can not argue with that point, the interment camps were wrong and America omits the interment camps from our history. Somehow the schools just don't teach that part of our history.

    But, overall I believe i proved my point, "liberal" policies are traditional American policies, labor unions, fair labor laws, social programs, all forms of empowerment for the American family. Cons love to talk about the 1950's and the strong family values of the 1950's. The 50's were strong as a result of "liberal" programs...... America was broken after the great depression, liberal empowerment programs fixed a broken country.

    now for Yomi

    Hack with no credibility, Negin was responsible for the disaster of a rescue effort in New Orleans, you and the 2%ers buy that one. Don't make me laugh. Don't think Katrina was part of the GOP smackdown in November 06? Keep blamiung Negin. Out of touch with reality you are.

    Quite Frankly if cons are so drugged out in the middle of the afternoon, collecting their goverment assistance, while cursing out the same programs they benefit from, and so oblivious to reality, so wrapped up in the pig man, to not realize there is a hurricane, too bad.

    Remember how cons blamed the victims of New orleans? Too bad they were stuck there, right?? too bad, the drug addled ditto head was too ripped to change the radio station. too bad
    Pull yourself up by the bootstraps dittoheads, do you need the "socialist" govermnent to tell you there is a hurricane??

    When you use their own ideology on them, it is quite amusing. I used con logic on them.... If the dittohead dies from a hurricane, TOO BAD, freedom isn't free... Why are you dittoheads counting on the govermnet emergency system to help you? That is communism!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    By Blogger Minister of Propaganda, at 15 June, 2007 10:09  

  • MOP posted:
    Da: nice try but I prevail big time in the debate, don't even try to claim civli rights was a "conservative movement", laughable. Nixon reacted to the people, that is all, deep down do you think Nixon cared about Civil rights? I almost choked on my breakfast reading that one. Hysterical.

    Well well, I think you just conceded game, set, and match...

    For you see, if you were so good! at the debate, you would know that the Civil Rights Act and the Voting Rights Act - both of them passed only because the vast majority of Republicans in Congress pushed the bills through - passed in 1964 and 195, respectively.

    About 3-4 years BEFORE Nixon was in office. And passed against the objection of a majority of the Democrats in Congress (including that lovable Grand Kleagle, Senator Byrd).

    So, if you're SUCH the master at debate, how come you get BASIC FACTS wrong?

    And for the record, Richard Millhouse Nixon pulled us out of the Democrat-started Vietnam War, and created the Environmental Protection Agency.

    Yes, master of debate. Against a mirror, perhaps...

    By Blogger Da, at 15 June, 2007 11:30  

  • DA:

    Why did the Republicans fight against the GI bill?????????????

    Why did Republicans fight against prevailing wage laws?

    why did Republicans fight against collective bargining?

    History shows the GOP has fought against any program that has benefited labor, benefited families and benefitied veterans.

    The votes speak for themselves

    Now as far as Byrd, ohhhh i see you whipped out the heavy GOP talknig point!!!
    ohhhh got me !!!

    pleasee, when you lay out every major issue over the last 70 years, the GOP has vorted against the working family, against the worker and against the common man

    so which labor law has the GOP ever fought for???? which GOP bill has empowered thew working class?

    You can't find a single bill, not a single law

    Keep trying, the civil rights argument is weak, all those againt the civil rights (with the exception of Byrd) are Republicans today........ Dixiecrats are today's Republicans

    now find me that labor law, that social program, that empowerment bill that the GOP promoted??

    By Blogger Minister of Propaganda, at 15 June, 2007 11:43  

  • MOP,

    I guess you concede your error about the Civil Rights and Voting Rights Acts? Both timeline and who voted for it? Willing to admit ONE error - factually documented, or are you going to just ignore it and run on... I mean, if you got such basic ones wrong, could you POSSIBLY be wrong about other things?

    Now about the bills you asked for details on...

    GI Bill: Bad bill, and I think we've seen the result of the basics of the bill expanded to all people. Predominant opposition was because of the zero-down mortgage offer, and the GI Bill extending to peacetime volunteers (even President Eisenhower - a career soldier - opposed it on these grounds). Zero-down mortgages are the primary reason the motgage industry is in such a mess right now. Rational reasons, I think...

    Prevailing wage laws: Bad policy. For example, here in the State of Washington, cost of living in Seattle is about 3X that of living in Colville. Why should the same wage be paid for both people? It doesn't happen for private industry. Just serves to spend extra taxes without extra service.

    Much like minimum wage jobs. In Washington, minimum wage is around $7.92 (highest in the nation); yet you won't find even McDonald's hiring for that amount - they all pay more, because it's a tight job market. However, when a recession hits (and they always do - imagine what will happen if the tax cuts expire like the Democrats want) you'll see lots of businesses cut back on staff because they cannot cut back on wages. Reduced income, but fixed expenses because of minimum wage means layoffs, so you exacerbate the unemployment issue.

    Collective Bargaining: Bad economics. Fundamentally cuts across the concept of a free market, and I think we see the results of collective bargaining gone wild... Look at Detroit. Ford has more cars in the top 10 in quality than ANY other manufacturer, yet is hemmoraging money and customers because prices are too high to be competitive. Because of concessions forced via collective bargaining.

    You want to argue bad bills, how about the War on Poverty? How's that one going? How about the AMT? How about the push for carbon taxes? And on and on...

    Here's one for you: the ADA. Signed into law by REPUBLICAN PRESIDENT GEORGE HERBERT WALKER BUSH. Note it's not about guaranteeing you a position - it's about guaranteeing you the OPPORTUNITY to fill a job or position.

    See, Democrats want the government to give you everything - a guaranteed income, a guaranteed standard of living, cradle-to-grave entitlements. Republicans want the government to give you the opportunity - the right to start a business, the right to pursue an education, the right to buy the health insurance you want.

    You have the right to life, liberty, and the PURSUIT of happiness. You're not guaranteed an education, a happy life, a house. You have to earn those.

    Fundamentally, Republicans do not pass the "social programs" you demand because FUNDAMENTALLY it goes against the very nature of conservatism. Laws and rules are set up to make the playing field fair; they should NOT be used to make the playing field equal! Not all will earn the same, not all will succeed. You win-and-lose based upon your own merits and abilities. Not everyone is equal in ability nor merit; thus not everyone wins or loses the same.

    Fundamentally, liberals want equal results. Fundamentally, conservatives want equal oppportunities. Big difference. And the reason most Republicans oppose the kinds of failed bills you want to crow about.

    Look at the stance of the Libertarian party - government should do what it was constitutionally set up to do, and that's it. Make sure the rules are fair and fairly applied. No help for ANY side, you live-or-die on your own.

    Why are the "modern, enlightened social states" of France, Germany, and much of Scandinavia electing more and more conservative governments and leaders? Because they dabbled with the socialist State you want, and learned it DOESN'T WORK. 3 times the unemployment, and half the economic growth that we have. Non-competitive businesses that lose out in the global market. Rapidly diminishing influence and stature in the world.

    Capitalism works. And works REALLY well. Why do you think the greatest periods of industrial/economic growth this country have seen happened with businesses were allowed to thrive? Why is it when the government reduces taxation rates EVERYONE benefits - the economy greatly expands? Want to know why India and China are exploding economically? Hint: it's not because they clamped down on their markets and citizens!

    The world - including the US - is becoming more and more conservative. Free markets, individual liberty, personal responsibility are all expanding around the world. You rail on about how the Republicans are so hated and aren't the real America. Yet Congress - controlled by the Democrats - has a lower approval rating than the President. And the nominal leader of the Republican Party - the President of these United States - has favorables in the 30+ percent range.

    Must really hurt having Mr. Nineteen Percent lead the Democrats...:)

    By Blogger Da, at 15 June, 2007 13:08  

  • The congress you keep forgetting still has many Republicans in it as does the Senate, so the approval rating of the congress is inclusive of the Republicans as well

    you dismiss all the American principals as "bad policy". The GI bill lifted millions out of poverty and into the "ownership society"

    Conservatism is seriously an anti-american ideology.

    Don't even start on the constitution, this administration has fought against the basics in the constitution
    3 separate but equal branches of Govt, the cons wish to dismantle the "equal part" and create a unitary executive. So how can COns shriek about "strict constructionalist" supreme court to rule by the constitution when the GOP ignores the constitution? Makes no sense

    You said

    'Capitalism work'
    no sh*t
    I'm advocating American capitalism, not the free market zoo you and the wacked out Libertarians desire. What we had worked, the NEW DEAL WORKED, people were lifted out of poverty, your way has failed. The laizze faire system has failed. Every fault conservatives have with society is the result of the dog eat dog economic system you replaced the American way with. Cons love the 50's, the 1950's were Liberal policies at work at their best.

    Cons cry about the "family" being destroyed. This is the result of the destruction of unions, and fair labor laws, resulting in broken families working 80 hour weeks, with their children running wild. No more can you work a 40 hour week and feed your family unless you are a carrier of a Masters Degree or happen to be in one of those pesky unions (rapidly declining to record lows)

    You posted: Democrats want the government to give you everything - a guaranteed income, a guaranteed standard of living, cradle-to-grave entitlements. Republicans want the government to give you the opportunity - the right to start a business, the right to pursue an education, the right to buy the health insurance you want.

    I respond:

    democrats want the government to oversee fair labor practices, fair wage practices and worker protection. Healthcare in MOST civilized nations is a RIGHT, not a privilige for those who can afford it. You are out of step with American values. you value big business over the "family"

    Conservatism is a big contridiction. They bemoan the destruction of the familty as their own laize fair practices have DESTROYED the family.

    Again all the 'liberal" policies have made the family and the worker stronger, your policies create an immobile caste system, broken families, poverty and a tiny elite upper crust.

    I don't advocarte socialism, I advocate the American way of life, hard work and rewards for the hard work guaranteed by LABOR LAWS, collective bargining, and protecton of the worker.

    Your way is work harder and harder and harder, as the worker has no protection and no guarante to be fairly rewarded. You advocate an strong immobile caste system. I advocate the American dream which was obtainable via tried and true liberal policies, and destroyed by yourt radical anti-american laizze fair policy.

    By Blogger Minister of Propaganda, at 15 June, 2007 14:41  

  • more on your eloquent but completly fictional accont of the world.....

    Da:I Bill: Bad bill, and I think we've seen the result of the basics of the bill expanded to all people. Predominant opposition was because of the zero-down mortgage offer, and the GI Bill extending to peacetime volunteers (even President Eisenhower - a career soldier - opposed it on these grounds). Zero-down mortgages are the primary reason the motgage industry is in such a mess right now. Rational reasons, I think

    I said
    Crap, the Gi was a success, the recent trend of lending to folks without jobs, otherwise known as predatory lending resulted inthe mortgage problems and bankruptcy, not the GI bill

    You than talked about "conservative" governments in France and Germany, those governments would be considered "radical communists" by your standards, so do not even try that one. "conservative" in any other democracy is "liberal" by your business over people standards....

    Da posted:Fundamentally, liberals want equal results. Fundamentally, conservatives want equal oppportunities. Big difference. And the reason most Republicans oppose the kinds of failed bills you want to crow about.

    opposite, conservatives want results for big business and the upper crust, liberals want equal opportunities, you are twisting reality. You desire one thing, an immobile caste system, and a dog eat dog immoral profits over people society. The result has been all the things Cons cry about, single mothers, lots of divorce, less educated children. All the policies I crow about are the policies that 90% of american agree WORK.

    Again you subscribe to a failed, fringe libertarian policy of profits first, individuals LAST.
    and to compare a 'conservative' governemtn in France to the "cons' of America is down right CRAP.

    Your version of capitalism leaves NO ROOM for DEMOCRACY. My version, the tried and true American way allows room for profits and democracy.
    Simple as that
    American capitalism is a fine balance of business and individuals, with a checks and balances kept in balance by the government, Your version is "free market" solves all problems. IT IS CRAP.

    By Blogger Minister of Propaganda, at 15 June, 2007 14:57  

  • MOP,

    I look back and see when America succeeds, it's because individuals take responsibility for what they do, they actively work to better themselves and their families.

    They didn't wait around for the government to do it for them. Opportunities were taken, hard work used to get ahead.

    Now if you can't get ahead you sue, you get the government to pass laws FORCING you to "get ahead" vis-a-vis minimum wage laws (why have a national minimum wage? What's a living income in Fargo, ND is radically different than LA or NYC). Vis-a-vis forcing employers to

    What I believe built this country is individualism, and free markets. When the markets are unfettered, when individuals are allowed to carry on their life with minimum government intrusion, things flourish. When markets are controlled, when taxation and "benefits" are rationed by the government, everything stalls and sours.

    Would you rather live in the US or Russia? Kenya or Zimbabwe? Chile or Venezuela? South or North Korea? China or Cambodia?

    In each case, the freer, less intrusive government results in a higher standard of living, more freedom, and more personal successes.

    Deny it if you want, but history bears this out. What built the US - what built all modern societies - is personal freedom AND personal responsibility. Government babysitters - the social programs you so extol - are the antithesis of personal responsibility and lead to the fall of nations.

    Fundamentally, this country, and most of the first and second world countries, are becoming more and more conservative. Conservatism and open-market capitalism are being adopted and pursued by more and more countries, every day. The economic revolutions of India, China, Chile, Ireland and on and on are direct results of this. Standards of living are greatly increasing worldwide where the fundamental principle of convservatism - you're responsible for yourself - reigns supreme.

    Nanny-state approaches like you champion are regressive, class-creating (which locks a person in to poverty: food stamps and welfare, or an open and easy-to-enter business market?), power-grab by the elites. Society is stratified, the masses are mollified with bread and circuses, and those in power continue their reign, using the lethargy of their Colesseum approach combined with confiscatory and prohibatory tax and laws to keep people from trying to climb to the upper eschelons.

    Socialism is exactly this. "From each according their abilities, to each according to their needs". Inherently a built-in disincentive to better oneself, since needs are taken care of independent of ability or accomplishment. Socialism is what the Democrat party dangles, breaking people into special interest groups to play them off of each other, and to toss baubles as rewards to quell any potential unrest.

    Conservatism inherently is democratic; you have an equal voice with everyone else, but if your message resonates you will succeed. It's not about all succeeding; some will fail. It is about all having the opportunity to succeed. Not everyone will have the same starting point! Some are smarter, stronger, healthier than others. Some come from wealth, some come from poverty. But all will have the same hurdles placed in front of them by society and the government, and conservatism seeks to make those shared hurdles as short as possible.

    Free markets and government focusing strictly on equality of opportunity, NOT equality of results, is the only way to allow individuals to climb the ladder and reach their ultimate potential. And ultimately what betters this nation and all nations.

    By Blogger Da, at 15 June, 2007 15:49  

  • This comment has been removed by the author.

    By Blogger Da, at 15 June, 2007 16:35  

  • Oh, and MOP? I'd suggest reading the two following articles with heavy citations:

    The New Deal Debunked

    Fresh Debate About FDR's New Deal

    An impartial, fact-based look at the policies of FDR show that his fiscal and labor-relation approach you espouse actually worsened AND lengthened the Great Depression.

    Far from a savior of the economy, FDR was one of the main culprits in the elongation and strengthening of the depression, and it was the total commitment to war by FDR and his cabinet - and the resulting breaking of many of the economic and labor-relation rules he established - that brought the country back from economic ruin.

    FDR was a brilliant statesman, and his focus and tenacity on dealing with global Socialism and Fascism (in the form of the Axis powers) is to be lauded.

    He economic policies, however, should be a mark of shame for they extended the pain and suffering of that era by years.

    NOTE: Deleted this post previously to fix the links

    By Blogger Da, at 15 June, 2007 16:39  

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