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05 August 2007

Dr Laura Schlessinger Honored By DOD, Operation Family Fund


What Lefty Critics Won't Say About Dr Laura's Public Service

When Dr Laura Schlessinger was under fire two months ago over her son's supposed MySpace page, lefty bloggers and talk hosts had a great time skewering the syndicated advice talker.

Meanwhile, perhaps because they've foolishly come to believe some of the left's relentlessly unhinged, anti- Laura hate, conservative bloggers failed to defend the author / host, wrongly leaving her hanging out to dry.

Two months later, instead of the crumbling of Dr Laura's advice empire, as "progressives" had hoped to see, she's being honored for her fundraising work on behalf of injured soldiers through Operation Family Fund.

From an official US Department Of Defense news release:

America Supports You: Department Honors Radio’s ‘Dr. Laura’

By Samantha L. Quigley

Radio talk-show host Laura Schlessinger is used to millions of people listening to her. Today, however, it was her turn to listen, as Defense Department officials acknowledged her support of America’s servicemembers.

Deputy Defense Secretary Gordon England thanked “Dr. Laura” as he presented Schlessinger with the Office of the Secretary of Defense Medal for Exceptional Public Service in a brief ceremony at the Pentagon. The award cited her work to raise awareness of and financial support for a California-based nonprofit group, “Operation Family Fund.”

“On behalf of the Department of Defense and everybody who serves in the Department of Defense and the American people, I just want to say, ‘thank you for your great work,’” England said.

England also thanked Operation Family Fund’s founder, Mike Cash, for his work supporting military families. “Thank you also for your great work directly benefiting these great men and women who need help, deserve help and appreciate (what you do),” he said.

Operation Family Fund provides financial assistance to families of military personnel severely injured or killed in Iraq and Afghanistan. The group also is a supporter of America Supports You, a Defense Department program connecting citizens and corporations with military personnel and their families serving at home and abroad.

Schlessinger said she was touched to receive the honor, but that her actions were simply to offer “support, morally and physically, … to these people with this extraordinary attitude.”

“But it’s nice to get some recognition, … and hopefully it motivates other people when they see how involved I am,” she added. “Normally, you do what you need to do, and you don’t’ give a lot of thought to, ‘Gee, I’m going to get a ribbon for it.’”

Schlessinger has another reason to support the troops that’s even nearer to her heart.

“My kidlet’s in Afghanistan,” she said of her son, who is deployed with the 82nd Airborne Division. “I wouldn’t have understood as much as I do now (if it weren’t for him). So I’ve taken it as my personal responsibility to get everybody up to speed.”

The radio personality’s troop-support efforts include ensuring her nearly 8 million listeners know about Operation Family Fund. She also has raised more than a half million dollars for the organization.

So, to the lefties who have been so quick to bash Dr Laura at every turn, here's a question: what are you doing to help fallen soldiers? Beyond using them for your own propaganda purposes, do you share her concern for their long term well- being?

AT NEWSBUSTERS: Boston Globe columnist takes America- bashing to a whole new level.

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  • Wow!

    The DOD gave an award to a neocon!

    Will miracles never cease?

    By Blogger Dave Carroll, at 05 August, 2007 21:40  

  • Props to Dr. Laura.

    This shouldn't be a partisan issue. They are OUR troops.
    Everyone should want them to be well equipped and well taken care of. They deserve it and we should expect nothing less.

    It's great when private citizens and organizations pick up when the government fails to properly equip it's troops. Body armor, helmet liners, etc. People from all sides of the political spectrum pitch in. Here is a link to the founder of Operation Helmet , describing some of the work they have done, and the help they have received from people on the left and right. (Cher, Al Franken, Glenn Beck...)

    By Blogger Ezsuds, at 06 August, 2007 02:27  

  • I don't believe for a moment that slut actually is donating any of her own money for this dubious cause...there's absolutely no way to check, and it is probably just part of the simplest of money-laundering schemes, so she can hedge her bets on the war and claim a tax deduction to boot.

    Besides, Brian, there has been absolutely NOTHING published that would suggest darling Deryk DIDN'T splash his perverted little fantasies over the internet.

    And, as I've mentioned previously, the old hag probably got off on his whole escapade.

    By Blogger hashfanatic, at 06 August, 2007 12:46  

  • Brian,

    Thank you for pointing these things out.

    If Deryk was vindicated YOU WOULD HEAR IT FROM THE ARMY.

    His mother throws her birthday party at Disneyland and they combine it with fundraising. She shows up for events and works hard. Many donations from her fans. There are pictures on the internet of all having a grand time. The new daughter-in-law is there, very pretty and having fun. No one said it is about out of pocket money from Schlessinger. She loans her name and some time.

    It was said she gave out of pocket a $2 MILLION speedboat to join a prestigious list of donors at a school. She cried when she lost this baby. She didn't need it and it may have helped her tax load. In the reports I've read she is notorious for working charities and building up an image. No word that she is hands on with charity or a charitable person.

    I am glad the injured are helped. The people who supported the WMD fallacy have alot of responsibiliy towards the dead and injured. Schlessinger earns what? $15 to 50 MILLION in a year (only the radio)? 10% wouldn't hurt her to give to the survivors of those harmed after the WMD's convinced so many that fight was needed.

    If you read the hilarious: America Supports You: Department Honors Radio’s ‘Dr. Laura’ (physiologist Ph.D.) by Samantha L. Quigley, American Forces Press Service
    2007-07-31 it states, "Cash, who represented Operation Family Fund at the ceremony...." Someone named Cash goes on to praise Schlessinger. This Cash would know more about how Operation Family Fund works. The Pentagon, DoD event is apparently alot of hype. Prehaps to distract from her son, WHO IS NOT VINDICATED AT ALL. If anything the Army silently chimes in with others silence to confirm that is his MySpace they destroyed (at the same time they claimed it could be terrorists). Very suspect behavior and destroying evidence does not look good.

    I know and support fallen soldiers from Vietnam War on. All soldiers, past to present, don't support Schlessinger's war acts. Everyone I know supports the troops and more help for all that's been damaged or destroyed. We hope Schlessinger gives ALOT MORE MONEY. Not interested in glory seeking or those distracting from crimes and mental disorders.

    By Blogger lolita, at 06 August, 2007 15:24  

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