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01 August 2007

John Edwards, Liberal Talk Radio, Censorship


In Interview, Edwards Surprised Libtalk Hasn't Been Silenced

Why has John Edwards suddenly become so paranoid?

First, at an Iowa campaign stop, the Democrat presidential contender railed against people "who want to shut me up." Here's the clip from that event:

Now, in a Tuesday interview with liberal talk show host Ed Schultz, Edwards has expressed surprise that these dark, yet still unnamed, forces have so far failed to shut down "progressive" talk radio:

EDWARDS: “We have to fight back against these people. We can’t let them do this kind of stuff to us. And they’re always going to be very powerful forces that don’t want us to hear my voice, and the voices of those like not just me, the voices of those like us.

They want to shut all of us up, Ed. That’s what this is all about. I’m amazed you’re still able to talk on the radio.

They don’t want to hear this stuff. And what we have to make clear is we’re gonna stand up and fight and we together, all of us, we will not be silenced.”

Hey Johnny:
who exactly are these people? Care to name them? And how do they plan to shut down liberal talk show hosts such as Ed Schultz?

That's quite a contention, some evidence to back it up would be grand.

Amazingly, after sounding just as paranoid during the Iowa stop, Edwards has decided this is part of a winning strategy.

Remember when Ross Perot claimed federal agents had tried to disrupt his daughter's wedding? Edwards is clearly taking a Wayback Machine trip straight to 1992. When you get there, do ask Perot how this kind of talk helped his campaign, would you?

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  • "Hey Johnny: who exactly are these people?"

    Now, Brian, don't you play coy, now!

    Mr. Edwards' comments are 100% spot on.

    By Blogger hashfanatic, at 01 August, 2007 02:21  

  • "Trying to shut you down" is not the same thing as "Paying no attention to you because you're spouting vacuous twaddle."

    Some people apparently have trouble with that distinction.

    By Blogger TrespassersW , at 01 August, 2007 08:56  

  • Roy:

    I listened to shortwave radio in the 70's, and Radio Moscow seemed to be the strongest signal on every band, 14 frequencies at the same time by my count. Of course, they broadcast continuous propoganda, usually highlighting the Soviet constitution versus other forms of government. One funny example: The Soviet Union constitution guarantees religious freedom, but the United Kingdom (England) has a STATE RELIGION!!!

    Surveys were taken of US listeners, and Radio Moscow had few. They formally protested that their signals were being illegally jammed by the US government to stop US citizens from listening. Why else would there be so few listeners?

    Fastforward to 2007, and while the Cold War is long gone, we still have people complaining about others trying to shut them down.

    By Blogger Chromium, at 01 August, 2007 09:16  

  • Hey, "minister of propoganda"...

    Here's an idea. 1) Start your OWN newspaper or blog. 2) If people read it... your message gets out!

    Wow. Glad I thought of that for you.

    By Blogger Richard's Secret, at 01 August, 2007 09:57  

  • Hey Richard

    here's an idea

    go visit my blog, it exists already as does a radio show with my ideas heard on it as well

    By Blogger Minister of Propaganda, at 01 August, 2007 10:10  

  • And they’re always going to be very powerful forces that don’t want us to hear my voice,

    Damn market forces and their lack of interest in prattling ninnies!

    By Blogger Sean O'Hara, at 01 August, 2007 10:35  

  • Minister of propaganda, are you sure your site exists?

    If a tree falls in the forest, and nobody is the least bit interested, does it make a noise?

    Media plays what sells, and what you're selling, people aren't buying. If the world is trying to shut Silky up, why can't I turn on a TV or go on the internet without hearing his latest and greatest babble?

    Why is this post here?

    By Blogger Pablo, at 01 August, 2007 10:51  

  • Hey, wasn't Edwards the first to declare he would go to a debate held on Fox?

    Because they were trying to shut him up by putting him on TV.

    By Blogger Pablo, at 01 August, 2007 11:09  

  • My site is alive and well, points to


    and the podcasts get 1000 downloads a week, people are listening, and the show has ZERO publicity, ZERO exposure, people seek it out and listen.

    By Blogger Minister of Propaganda, at 01 August, 2007 11:10  

  • Just a reminder that comments with obscene language will be removed.

    By Blogger Brian Maloney, at 01 August, 2007 12:15  

  • Hey, lay of MoPee.

    He can't help it if, according to Technorati, his website seemingly exists solely in his bathroom mirror.

    And he keeps wheeling that "1000 downloads" out but for the life of me, I can't figure out where that number means anything, since his "show" doesn't seem to chart anywhere (kinda like Air Idiot).

    By Blogger Unknown, at 01 August, 2007 13:06  

  • Nothing but the screenshot at Alexa, also:

    By Blogger Chromium, at 01 August, 2007 13:50  

  • eff U straight to hell with your comments reminder Maloney you sanctimonious piece of sheet.

    By Blogger elmonica, at 01 August, 2007 15:38  

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