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02 October 2009

Liberal Bloggers Use Fraud To Attack Conservative Talk Radio


Mass Libs Impersonate Car Dealer To Launch Talk Boycott

*** BREAKING: Boch Tells Carr Impersonator Is Beacon Hill-Based State Employee, Will Hire Private Investigator To Identify Him ***

*** Boston Herald: $2000 Reward To Unmask Phony Blogger ***

In one of the left-wing blogosphere's sleaziest moves to date, a prominent liberal site has apparently impersonated a well-known car dealer in order to launch a boycott campaign against conservative talk radio. And now that they've been caught red-handed by a newspaper, little has been done to mitigate the damage.

New England-based Blue Mass Group has been outed by the Boston Herald for its attempt to use the identity of Ernie Boch Jr, a well-known regional businessman, in a campaign to pressure advertisers of regionally-syndicated talker Howie Carr (shown right in Herald image) into pulling their spots.

In Boston, Boch is also known for his involvement in the music industry and until recently owned WXTK-FM, the highly-rated talk radio station on Cape Cod that carries Carr, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and others.

According to the Herald's Inside Track column, the resulting confusion led to angry calls from Carr's advertisers to the real Boch:

“I thought the mob was calling me on my cell phone,” EBJ told the Track after fielding a nasty call from SBLI biggie Bob Sheridan . “This guy, Sheridan, was ranting and raving about my boycott, and finally it hit me.”

Of course, there is no Ernie Boch III. But the fake son of the Automile King has been blogging for more than a year on left-leaning . And apparently some readers believed he was the real Ernie.

But the you-know-what really hit the fan after a Tuesday post that read: “Howie Carr sponsors should be boycotted, not because of Howie’s politics, but because of his over-the-top personal attacks and meanness towards those he disagrees with or stand in his way.”

Well, needless to say, the Savings Bank Life Insurance biggie wasn’t too happy about those sentiments, especially after a few clients called to ask the insurer to pull his ads off Howie’s show. Hence his call to the real Boch.

“Bob Sheridan was upset because his has the utmost respect for Ernie, which is why he called him himself,” said Sheridan’s spokesman, George Regan . “He was pretty sheepish when he found out it wasn’t him. “He values his relationship with WRKO and is a proud sponsor of the ‘Howie Carr Show.’ But there is a bigger issue here - people posing as others on the Internet.”

Other big sponsors on the list were Giant Glass, Amica Insurance and Shaw’s Supermarkets. There were a couple smaller ones, too, like Eastern Standard Restaurant.

But when confronted with their fraud, Blue Mass danced around the dishonesty, according to the paper:

In an e-mail to the Track, David Kravitz, founder of, refused to identify "Ernie Boch III," because he "has chosen to remain entirely anonymous, as our users are entitled to if they wish.

"As far as I know, however, he has no relation to the real Ernie Boch of ‘come on down’ fame," the Web master wrote.

No kidding.

Since being nailed for the impersonation, Blue Mass has done nothing other than add a disclaimer to one of the many posts by "Ernie Boch III". In fact, the name has been used on subsequent updates as recently as today.

For his part, Carr used today's Herald column for this response to the sleazy "progressive" bloggers:

“Ernie” suggests that among those who might want to join the crusade - oh, can’t use that word, it’s Christian - are “the governor, the speaker of the house, the senate president, the mayor and other powerful people who have been targets of Howie’s unique brand of journalism.”

That’ll be quite the organizational meeting, won’t it? The Hands Off Jim Marzilli Committee joins forces with the Friends of Whitey Bulger.

Who else might join, “Ern”?

“Old Dukakoids.”

Go ahead, old Dukakoids, make my day.

The moonbats are also concerned about my “bizarre repetitive attacks on Tom Finneran.” Felon Finneran to you, pal. By the way, I’ve been bludgeoning Roman Polanski this week. I’d like to see him in a cell too . . . right next to Felon Finneran.

I guess they want me out of that AM radio station. Now, that’s funny, because what do these Birkenstock-wearing vegans think I’ve been trying desperately to do for the last, oh, four years?

No word on whether
Boch will consider litigation against these dishonest and intolerant sleazebags.

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  • With zero audience, except a few dozen Kool-Aid drinkers, who really knows or cares what Lib Talk is saying/has to say?

    By Blogger PRH......., at 03 October, 2009 07:52  

  • Brian, you are right in calling WXTK the top ranked station on the Cape...based on Arbitron numbers. By the way, Boch sold WXTK, plus Hot AC WCOD, Classic Hits WCIB and then Top 40 WRZE to Qantam Broadcasting. Since the sale, WRZE became WEII, part of the WEEI Sports Radio Network (as if Boston and vicinity CAN'T TALK ABOUT SPORTS EVEN MORE NOW WITH 98.5 The Sports Hub or WBZ-FM).

    The other big owner on the Cape Sandab has recently fallen on hard times. Scott Fybush at his website reported Sandab d/b/a Cape Cod Broadcasting

    "is filing for chapter 11 bankruptcy. Sandab Communications, which does business as Cape Cod Broadcasting, owns hot AC WQRC (99.9 Barnstable), country WKPE (103.9 South Yarmouth), AC WOCN (104.7 Orleans) and classical WFCC (107.5 Chatham), as well as the World Classical Network - and it says it owes M&T Bank $6.5 million dollars, as well as a $3.5 million debt to Charles River Broadcasting that still remains from the $7.5 million purchase of the Orleans and Chatham stations. Sandab says it will continue the stations' operations without change while it reorganizes."

    I guess this is what you get when having FIAT paper currency that ain't even worth the paper it's printed on.

    By Blogger The Real Bob Anthony, at 04 October, 2009 09:00  

  • How many people post comments on blogs using their real names?

    Not many that I've noticed.

    Also, when this guy attached the 'III' to the name, it became a fictitious name, not "fraud" as the author of this post claims.

    Even if this 'Ernie Boch III' had simply signed his name 'Ernie Boch' or 'Ernie Boch Jr.,' I wonder if that would constitute "fraud."

    Unless I'm mistaken, fraud is a legal term which involves some kind of taking or theft. Did an actual crime take place?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 04 October, 2009 13:06  

  • Yes, a crime did take place. "Thou shalt not bear false witness" The Ninth Commandment.

    By Anonymous God, at 14 October, 2009 17:55  

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