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16 September 2009

MSNBC Libtalker Explains Why He Won't Cover ACORN Scandal


MSNBC'S Schultz: ACORN Scandal Not Worth Discussing


As increasingly-damning revelations threaten the very existence of far-left activist nonprofit ACORN, libtalkers are in a genuine pickle: how should one deal with this clearly embarrassing story?

MSNBC libtalker Ed Schultz has the answer: pretend there's no story there at all!

As defensive as a squirrel hanging on to his winter stash, here's Big Eddie explaining to radio listeners why there's nothing to see inside ACORN:

SCHULTZ (32:36): Now some of you have sent me emails saying, Eddie, how come you're not doing anything on ACORN? 'Cause I don't care!

This thing they're doing on ACORN is like a drug bust.

You going to tell me that's in every ACORN office in America?! Baloney!

Did they get a provocative piece of tape on a couple of people that were pimping the system?

Yeah, they did. Big deal.

At least Ed is willing to acknowledge that some sort of controversy exists, however: other libtalkers are ignoring the issue entirely.

Is ACORN really this important to the left?

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  • Ed who?

    By Blogger Carl, at 17 September, 2009 00:32  

  • Does the criminal indictment of a few low level ACORN workers mean the whole organization is discredited? If that is the standard then the rat's nest of convicted Republican felons over the past several years invalidates the entire Republican Party.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 17 September, 2009 10:33  

  • Apparently ACORN really is that important to the left. A criminal enterprise from the top down. I think it was created that way, to milk the system as much as they possibly could. How many mayors pledged themselves as "friends of ACORN" when they ran for office?

    Mine did. (his name: Herbert Gears, Irving TX)

    By Blogger United Citizens Council, at 17 September, 2009 11:33  

  • Give them a few weeks. The lefties will start claiming that Hannah is actually a prostitute in real life, and that she and her partner are having a torrid affair.

    Which one of the talkers will first start using that tack? Malloy? Rhodes? Heck, they might have already started.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 17 September, 2009 23:18  


    That's FAUX NEWS for you.

    By Anonymous pbrauer, at 18 September, 2009 01:28  

  • Oh, question, where are the wise Latinas condemning ACORN for being willing to enable, aid, and cover up the illegal importation of underage Hispanic females to be enslaved into prostitution?

    By Blogger PCD, at 18 September, 2009 11:00  

  • shoreke,

    Why do you condone lawlessness when committed by Democrats? Hey, Biden said it was patriotic to pay your taxes. Ergo, these ACORN people are unpatriotic in ASSISTING OTHERS NOT TO PAY THEIR TAXES!

    By Blogger PCD, at 18 September, 2009 11:02  

  • I see all of Airhead America's listeners are here to defend ACORN & fat Eddie "I see nothing, nothing!" Schultz. Libtards are morally bankrupt laughable cowards. What a pathetic existence.

    "You can Lead Liberals To Knowledge, But You Can't Make Them Think!"

    By Anonymous LIBSTOMPER, at 19 September, 2009 17:39  

  • I've noticed that liberals are using their old stand-by argument lately...when faced with facts and embarrassment, resort to pointing out something that a Republican did years ago, and compare it to the situation happening right now. Why should we stop there? Let's just go all the way back through history and keep a running count. Beckel did the same thing the other night on Fox News, and was summarily shot down in flames.

    By Anonymous no treading allowed, at 23 September, 2009 15:46  

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