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28 February 2011

Lefties Laugh While Airing Audio Of Fox Reporter's Attack


'Progressives' Find Attack On Reporter Funny

Courtesy of libtalker Stephanie Miller and Eric Boehlert of Media Matters, enjoy today's example of "progressive" civility. Who knew a reporter being attacked while covering an angry (leftist) mob could be so funny?

It's a real laff riot!

Listen as Miller, her producer and Boehlert yuk it up while airing audio of Fox News reporter Mike Tobin surrounded by a hostile crowd of Madison liberals:

STEPHANIE MILLER (28 FEB 2011 - 13:51): All right Mike Tobin and Gregg Jarrett on Fox News:

WI PROTESTERS: Fox News lies.

GREG JARRETT: You know Mike I hate to put you in this situation because you’re being surrounded there and yeah you’re being heckled and there is profanity.

MIKE TOBIN: A guy just hit me!

LAVOIE: Ha ha ha.

Why do they express such vitriol toward the media?



MIKE TOBIN: You know, I don’t know what they intend to [Miller laughing in the background] accomplish by it, but they definitely as you can see by covering up the cameras they want to shut down the communication.

MILLER: HA! No, they didn’t say 'the media', they said 'Fox News.'

BOEHLERT: I didn’t hear any Washington, I didn’t see any Washington Post demonstrations etc. Now this is I was just looking at some clips of this and then later over at some point over the weekend he and this reporter and Geraldo had an on-air pity party and the reporter talked about how these protesters, just hate free speech and hate diversity of viewpoint and you can see the hatred in their eyes.

[Miller laughing in the background]

You just have to laugh. I mean this coming from someone who works for a station that essentially concocts hate on an hourly basis. They’re stunned when they go out into the real world when they venture beyond they’re right wing bubble you know that people don’t like them and they’re going to express them with free speech. So yeah, it’s been kind of funny to watch.

MILLER: Oh my God that was first of all I didn’t hear any obscenities. The only obscenity I heard was Fox. I don’t think ha!

LAVOIE: And did you hear in the middle of there Mike Tobin said ‘someone just hit me someone just hit me.’

MILLER: Yeah, oh sure they did yeah, those violent thugs you know.

BOEHLERT: That later became 'he was assaulted' if you go on the blogosphere. You know look no one should be hitting any reporters or anything like that. But it’s kind of unusual if you’re a TV reporter with a camera and you’re claiming or your allies are claiming that you were assaulted, there should probably be some video of that. But there hasn’t been so the right wing bloggers, this whole thing the right wing blogosphere is upset with finding this violence that they can’t really find.

MILLER: I know.

As you can see, they've given themselves cover by claiming the attack never occurred. How does this contribute to the "civility" our "progressive" friends have preached since the Tucson shootings?

Are the airwaves being used to promote violence against those who resist their far-left agenda?


  • I was listening at the time! It was quite clear that only FOX NEWS was the target, and I certainly heard no attack in that segment! The guy claims to be hit, we don't know how hard. It sounded like they were exaggerating the whole thing!

    By Blogger Whazdat!, at 01 March, 2011 06:42  

  • NPR has a nice companion piece to your post -

    Arab governments routinely shut down Al-Jazeera's satellite signal.

    Satnam Matharu, the director of communications, is reading an e-mail alert: Al-Jazeera's signal is down again. Later, the network announces that the culprit is the Libyan Intelligence Agency. Matharu says it's all part of the playbook of Arab autocrats.

    "So, the reason that we get cut off on a regular basis, our signal gets hijacked, disrupted, blocked, you know, turned off, shifted on the same satellite so people can't find us, governments are not happy to see what's actually happening on the streets," he says.

    By Anonymous Rob, at 01 March, 2011 08:38  

  • It's kind of funny to hear them claim that he wasn't hit because there's no video of it, yet the same people claim Rep. Lewis was spit on and called racist names with no evidence despite hundreds of rolling cameras and th epromise of a $100k reward.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 01 March, 2011 09:46  

  • What's that, Whazdat!? They only went after the media that didn't toe their line? What a relief!

    By Blogger pantsdailyon, at 01 March, 2011 10:41  

  • Oh Hell, it was just FOX right? I'm sure the union goons could have worked him over with ax handles and Media Matters would have just gaffawed at that too.

    The FOX haters don't get that when FOX has more viewers than it's next three highest competitors combined.. it ain't FOX that's way outside the mainstream. It's the FOX haters.

    and really, if once, just once a reporter from MSNBC was given a hearty one digit salute, with a light slap, we'd hear the same folks laughing and rolling their eyes at this foaming with outrage at the meanies at those AWFUL Tea Parties. Clue for some of ya, America don't hate FOX, they either like it, or don't care,.. they watch another channel..

    only the bitter tantrum throwing left HATES them or attempts to discredit them.

    Name a lie they air, just one, name what they do that promotes hate, or just give it up. You can fill a library with MSNBC's leftwing rants, and it's deliberate distortions of actual facts.. Fox is the only network to give conservatives a voice, and that is why the hateful left dispises them. On FOX you get A debating Z,. on the others you get 4 lefties and one squishy RINO whom they bully A to B in opinion... and with nearly half the nation self described as conservative and only 20% progressive,.. you'd think these so called educated news hounds would get that the country is sick of being ridiculed and talked down to by the fringe left that occupies the other networks.

    By Blogger Mark, at 01 March, 2011 10:52  

  • Big Labor is clearly trying to shut out the truth of what is happening. The main stream media is happy to ignore the violence and racism as long as its dem's supporters doing it. Their bias is clear every time they show the fleebaggers as anything but anti American traitors who refuse to respect our democratic system. They would rather throw away our system of gov by the people for the people than lose, pathetic.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 01 March, 2011 11:54  

  • "Oh Hell, it was just FOX right? I'm sure the union goons could have worked him over with ax handles and Media Matters would have just gaffawed at that too."

    Hey Mark, did you see that little kid with a T-shirt that read "union goon?" In case you missed it - that was satire!

    They were bringing children to that event! These are teachers, first responders, snow plow drivers, the people who fix your roads, and yes, cops and firefighters support them! These are not terrorists, they are simply people trying to defend their rights! Nobody but cops have weapons there, and the only "goon," is Walker! He's behaving like a bad cliche of a Western villain!

    And the so-called "violence" of that moment? Somebody got jostled that's all! The FOX guy reacted as if on cue. Nobody got violent, except in your imagination!

    Also, try reading MediaMatters before you make remarks about it! I at least know what a Breitbart lie looks like!

    By Blogger Whazdat!, at 02 March, 2011 15:51  

  • You really betray any attempt to sound reasonable when you call Walker a goon, and label Briebart a liar,.. and I know damn well what a Media Matters lie looks like.. or do you always like having your news bought and paid for by billionare sugar daddies like Soros?

    You believe Media Matters...

    My God that's lame, they get debunked so often, they have to be dizzy from being b*tchslpped.

    They bring children.. that's nice.. but you cannot discount the numerous,.. repeat, numerous videos of union thugs (not just in Madison) pushing slapping and punching counter protesters. call that a FOX lie if you want to, but it doesn't change the video. I'm sure 95% of the protesters are really nice with no envolvement in the rough stuff.

    That doesn't excuse it, and you ignoring the work of over enthusiastic thugs buys you no credibility.

    You make it seem like none of what we see could happen, well.. I doubt the front edge of the crowd late in the evening has many kids in it, after the families go home, the campoutanistas can be as ugly as they want.

    I was in a union for 17 years, private secter, and I knew exactly who the goons were that enforced union rule in the rank and file, and what they threatened people with.

    Oh they're just teachers,.. harmless types who'd never do wrong right?.. and the guy who threatened me and three other guys with burning down our homes was just a grocer by profession.. I saw his eyes and the hate in there for disobeying the union.. I was just as serious as I told him what I would do if he tried..

    I know what union fanatics will do, go sell it's about our rights to someone else.

    We're sick too of government workers demanding no sacrifices from them, when all the rest of us have to give up alot. Sick of pampered jobs that you can't be fired from no matter how much they suck at it. Sick of paying for people who make more than twice what most of us do, being pissy because they "deserve it"... really?

    It's the NEA and the PEO's that have caused the public to be angry at you, their own behavior, their snotty attitudes that upset taxpayers, always gimme gimme, with no better results..

    The unions were necessary 80 years ago, now, they just destroy the host they feed on with no ability to see everyone must kick in, there's no more free ride. Walker's no goon, he ran on what he's doing and won easily, the unions couldn't buy this last election, so this is nothing more...

    than the crushing of democracy by a frenzied minority that can't get over losing an election. It's the unions subverting democracy, they lost, get over it.

    By Blogger Mark81150, at 10 March, 2011 11:12  

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