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08 February 2011

Ed Asner Trashes Obama, Says Wildlife Worse Off Than During Bush Presidency


Lefty Ed Asner Slams Barack's 'Corporatist' Ways

At this point, our "progressive" friends are divided into two camps: one mindlessly hooked on Obama Happy Pills and the other, a disillusioned lot who feel they've been hoodwinked.

Both were vividly displayed during Tuesday's Stephanie Miller Show as notorious Hollywood lefty Ed Asner revealed a distinct loathing of the Obamist presidency.

Listen as Miller is sorely disappointed after expecting the usual happy talk:

ED ASNER: I’m on the board of Defenders of Wildlife. At a recent board meeting the announcement was made for just wildlife alone the conditions are worse with this administration than they were when Bush was president and both houses were under Republican control.

MILLER: Now, how so why? What’s happening?

ED ASNER: Well, I guess you’ve got craven Democrats and you’ve got maniacal Republicans who are being infected by Tea Party candidates that got elected. I don’t know.

MILLER: But tell us more about the, what is the state of what’s happening and why in that regard with wildlife.

ED ASNER: Well, I think we’ve got another corporatist as president. That’s what I think. And I think he’s [Obama] behaving accordingly. It seems we can’t get away from a president who represents corporations more than people.

MILLER: You’re kind of harshing my buzz this morning Ed.

ED ASNER: I do what?

MILLER: You’re kind of harshing my buzz this morning, ha ha.

Compare Asner's "corporatist" complaint with Rush Limbaugh's recent monologue on GE's Jeffrey Immelt joining Obama's economic advisory team. Notice a pattern? Are both left and right equally frustrated with Barack's elitist Wall Street/banking buddies?

The new America: Obama's pals versus virtually everyone else.


  • That fool is still kicking??

    By Blogger United Citizens Council, at 09 February, 2011 00:28  

  • Anser has jumped from obscurity to senility.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 09 February, 2011 18:46  

  • Wait. He said "Tea Party" and not the filthy terminology normally used by the left. Are we sure this was the real Ed?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 09 February, 2011 18:56  

  • Ed Asner = idiot

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 09 February, 2011 19:08  

  • Poor Ed it seems he is never happy, the poor communist! Go save a whale, Oh he is one!

    By Blogger Evelyn, at 09 February, 2011 19:31  

  • Like most American socialists Asner doesn't seem to have a clue what the term corporatist means.

    Corporatism is derived from corpus. The idea was to plan the economy by uniting government, workers/unions and owners/management in one body.

    Corporatism has nothing to do with "evil corporations" and capitalism and everything with socialism.

    By Anonymous Peter Verkooijen, at 09 February, 2011 19:42  

  • I give him credit for not being a Koolaid drinker and criticizing someone on his team.

    By Blogger mclaureano, at 09 February, 2011 19:48  

  • I'm give him credit for not being a Koolaid drinker to the extent that he'll criticize the captain of his team.

    By Blogger mclaureano, at 09 February, 2011 19:50  

  • And now robo-snout Huffington refuses to tell if she's gonna vote for Obummer in 2012. Remember how Jimmy Carter got caught between Fatboy Teddy on the far-left and John Anderson in the middle? They both squeezed the little jerk until Ronald Reagan saved the country by kicking the little twit out.

    Hope Obummer is Carter Redux...!

    By Blogger dave in boca, at 13 February, 2011 07:34  

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