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29 March 2011

Stephanie Miller: My Mother's Bird Is Aroused By Fox News Channel


Is This Libtalk's Most Pathetic Moment?


We've covered many dubious liberal talk radio moments over the years, but this bizarre rant may top them all: one host's claim that her mother's bird is aroused by the Fox News Channel!

Syndicated libtalker Stephanie Miller dropped this on her listeners during yesterday's program. Listen (if you dare) as she uses her own mother and the latter's pet bird to disparage Fox News:

STEPHANIE MILLER: Chris! I then went to Charlotte North Carolina where as you know my 88-year-old Republican mother and my Republican brother, who hung me, when I was a child, live. And I think it’s important to mention as this point that my Mom’s bird masturbates to Fox News. (plays Fox breaking news sounder)

LAVOIE: um um.

MILLER: Now, in all fairness, I have been warned about this cause if anything can be compared to your 88-year-old Republican mother who raised you Catholic explaining to you how her bird masturbates I don’t know what’s more disturbing. In my personal opinion, she sort of did what he does with his arms, except she had trouble with the word. She’s like, oh Stephy, what’s the word, masturbate. I was like oh I know wow [Lavoie interrupts]

LAVOIE: Yeah Republicans (Miller interrupts)

MILLER: This is going to be years of therapy now. And as I previously said my mom at her age if she were any close to Glenn Beck she would be poltergeist. She would be in the TV spooning with Glenn Beck.

So, ah the Fox News on all the time and the bird, love bird it’s a love bird named Pretty Boy and cause you know what many people have asked me how does a bird masturbate? Cause you know, no hands, no opposable thumbs. Well let me explain, he has a colorful chain a colorful sort of rubber you know, they have a lot of sort of colorful bird toys in there. And so he has a chain that he sits on, it’s like a rubber chain. It’s a perch you know it like a (Lavoie interrupts)

LAVOIE: A perch yeah, that’s a chain.

MILLER: Oh it’s also a chain that he regurgitates his food on and then eats it again. By the way the cage right next to the dinner table. So that’s already ah huh. And so anyway, what happens is he sort of get going on the chain he kind of just sort of here I’m doing it if you’re watching U-stream you see he kind of does this he rocks into the thing with his he pushes his little beep into the chain. It’s not a chain it’s a rubber thing whatever anyway he starts he just starts and then he does this thing, now you’ll have to be on U-stream to see. He raises his little what are they wings above his and goes huba-hy-ya and just kind of lays on the chain exhausted to ah Fox News. [applause sound effect]

Just in case
anyone had missed this sorry exchange, Miller brought it up again later in the program.

Miller's mother is the widow of William E Miller, 1964 GOP Vice-Presidential nominee and onetime Republican National Committee chairman.

Something tells me we'll ALL need years of therapy after this one.

Rosie O'Donnell: I Feel Sorry For Chris Brown!


Rosie O'Donnell: Racism Behind Chris Brown's Treatment


BOY, did we miss Rosie O'Donnell!

During the two weeks she was away from her satellite radio program, we were stuck covering B-grade liberal talk insanity. But now, the woman who wrote the book on broadcast nuttiness is back and quickly setting new standards others could only hope to emulate.

Never one to disappoint, a refreshed Rosie immediately launched into a tirade about how supposed "racism" is behind Rhianna-beater/hip hop thug Chris Brown's "mistreatment". Never mind the trashed green room, it was really about stereotyping!

Listen as the White Liberal Guilt Express roars right out of the station. O'Donnell adds a special touch in scolding the African-American Good Morning America host (Robin Roberts) who improperly interviewed Brown:

ROSIE O'DONNELL ( HOUR ONE - 58:38): I can name twenty-five stars who trash dressing rooms, who trash hotel rooms. I just don't know why this kid seems to be held to a different standard than anyone else.

JANETTE BARBER (executive producer): I can't help but go, is there a racist thing here, because--

O'DONNELL: I totally think there is, and I also think it's why he felt he was safer with Robin Roberts.

BARBER: ...I was thinking of Kanye West. Is he the one that they wouldn't let get over the thing at the music awards--

O'DONNELL: With Taylor Swift.

BARBER: Wasn't there a thing a few months ago where they wouldn't let him get past that, either?

O'DONNELL: ...With Matt Lauer.

BARBER: Black rappers are not allowed to be angry and then recover from it?

O'DONNELL: Well, I do think that there is a societal paradigm in which you have to be an angel or a thug if you're a black male.

Beating Rhianna was mere "anger" that Brown needed to "recover from"? THIS is liberal feminism in 2011?

27 March 2011

Hannity, Dr Laura, Fox, Palin Remember Geraldine Ferraro


Ferraro Unafraid To Spar With Conservatives


Unafraid to appear on the Fox News Channel even when it was met with scorn from her own side, Geraldine Ferraro is being warmly remembered this weekend by conservative commentators. The 1984 vice-presidential candidate passed away in Massachusetts yesterday aged 75.

Fox honcho Roger Ailes almost immediately released a statement praising Ferraro's network role, where she'd made regular appearances since 1999 (via Orlando Sentinel): “Geraldine Ferraro was an important and influential part of America’s political landscape. Her deep contributions on many significant issues will be felt for years to come. Geraldine was also an intelligent and warm contributor to the Fox News family and we will miss her.”

Asked about Ferraro's impact, Fox News Channel host Sean Hannity told your Radio Equalizer, "Very sad to hear about her passing, she was a frequent guest on my show. She was an incredible person, fun and full of life both on and off the air.

"We would often bet on political contests for charity, and I lost every time. We would kid each other about our different political views, but it was always with a smile," he said.

"She showed incredible strength and courage her entire life. I lost a friend today, and America lost a great American," Hannity added.

Satellite-based advice talker Dr Laura Schlessinger responded to a Radio Equalizer email inquiry with this remembrance: "I met Ms. Ferraro once in a TV green room. She was a classy, down to earth, warm and intelligent woman. I was always impressed with everything about her, except the political party she chose :)."

Though she remained loyal to her Democratic Party during the 2008 presidential election, Ferraro boldly spoke out against media mistreatment of Republican VP nominee Sarah Palin during the height of Obama-mania. A subsequent study confirmed Ferraro's concerns, finding reporters dismissed both of their respective selections as desperate campaign stunts. Perhaps that's why Palin was one of the first to appear on Fox yesterday with fond remembrances of Ferraro.

From November 2010,
here are Palin and Ferraro together on Fox:

25 March 2011

Mike Capuano (D-MA): Obama's Setting Dangerous Precedent For 'President Palin'


Dem Rep: 'President Palin Might Invade Iran'


What does Mike Capuano know that the rest of us don't?

Apparently, very little about bombing raids on Libya (Obama Administration honchos haven't briefed him) and perhaps quite a bit about America's post-2012 landscape.

Appearing on libtalk's Stephanie Miller Show, the longtime Massachusetts Democratic representative spoke out against Obama's Libyan bombing raids because they could open the door for "President Palin" to "invade Iran". Has war become nothing more than a partisan issue?

Another key question: why do "progressives" seem so fatalistic about Sarah Palin running for president and winning?

From the program:

FILL-IN HOST HAL SPARKS (1:21:45): By the way, I’ve said respectively there is a tremendous amount of positive debate going on on the left side of the aisle where meaningful people who really do have good intentions are having a conversation about the validity of Operation Odyssey Dawn and the you know action in Libya and on the right there just seems to be a clamor to be on the opposite side of the president regardless of circumstance no matter what.

[Rep Mike Capuano D-MA joined the show]

SPARKS (1:22:52): Give me your assessment of sort of where we are with Libya and where we need to be going.

CAPUANO: Well, for me, I believe in the Constitution and I think the Constitution requires the president to get the approval of Congress to take an act of war. I’m disappointed that the president didn’t come to Congress before hand. I’m an early and ardent supporter of the President, but that does not mean I have given him carte blanche. Nor would I give anyone carte blanche because he won’t be president forever and my fear is you know President Palin [disdain] might decide to invade Iran without [Sparks interrupts]

SPARKS: And use that same power.

CAPUANO: ha ha ha. And so for me I want to think that this is the right thing to do, but honestly all I know about the issue is what I have learned through the media and I think that’s an inappropriate way to go and I think the president I hope the president comes to Congress this week and number on explains it to us better, explains what his goals are, what he thinks we should be doing.

Why we are there as opposed to not in Sudan and not in Yemen? And I do think those arguments can be made, but nonetheless I thinks it’s incumbent on him to do it and I’d like to hear those discussions.

Hey Mike, why not ask Acting President Hillary Clinton? She might at least be in the country and available to take your questions.

Libtalker Slams Obama - Makes Child Comparison


Did Mike Malloy Really Say This?


No, that's not a voice actor playing the part of far-left talk host Mike Malloy, he really did rip Bracket Obama during his program this week.

Calling the president's experience at "third grade" level compared to previous leaders (especially Bill Clinton), Malloy delivered a rant Wednesday evening that sounded almost identical to monologues delivered daily by dozens, if not hundreds of conservative talkers every day.

While Malloy calls Obama "a corporatist", right-leaning talkers rail against Bracket's ties to GE, Wall Street and banking elitists who benefit from crony capitalism. When Mike complains about the president's inexperience, conservative hosts do the same. Has a failed presidency become clear to both sides?

Imagine the media response, however, were conservative talkers to use "Obama" and "third grade" in the same sentence:

MIKE MALLOY (47:38): Obama has zero experience. If, uh, intelligence is in part based on experience, and I do believe it is, and a very, very large part based on experience, Obama is a babe in the woods.

And - and I think that's one of the reasons I don't want to let him off the hook at all - because he's the one that wanted to be president! He's the one who talked the talk, he just can't walk the walk!

One problem, Mike: your "progressive" movement DID let Obama "off the hook" for years, looking the other way as his deficiencies became ever more clear. Now that he's really checked out of the job, why are you the last to take note?

24 March 2011

Libtalkers Cover For Obama By Attacking Rush


Lefties Remain Loyal To Bracket, Not Hillary

With their Dear Leader looking weaker than ever, lefties are lashing out as Hillary Clinton's position of political strength becomes clearer. Rather than address the issue directly, however, libtalkers are choosing to change the subject.

And what better way to do it than shift the focus to Rush Limbaugh? He remains the left's default target, while attacking Hillary is tougher without generating heat. In fact, it once got Randi Rhodes canned, something she hasn't forgotten.

One thing should be clear: the "progressive" camp remains loyal to Bracket Obama, NOT Hillary.

From Wednesday's syndicated Randi Rhodes Show, more childish playground taunts that pass for left-wing reasoning:

RANDI RHODES (08:43): Nothing makes a man sound more like a sissy when he - than when he used the word sissy to call someone a sissy! all that is missing is like - you can hear him going like this! [makes clanking sounds hitting her hand against the table] He's just - he's freaked out that women are capable!

RHODES (09:11): Rush! Rush! You were caught at an immigration checkpoint with a purse full of Viagra! You cannot make fun of other people's cars when yours is sitting on the side of the road broken down! Rush Limbaugh, who travels with uh vials of -of Viagra and needs Oxy to forget that he's doing a woman apparently, is calling people sissies! I mean - you know - this is unbelievable - what is he, he's stamping his feet while he's calling somebody, he's calling, you know, Obama, a sissy!

I just want to have some sort of a macho contest cause I - I think Rush Limbaugh could get his ass kicked by the Pillsbury Doughboy or Glenn Beck, who I believe are the same people except one has crescent rolls and the other one has freaked out! Just lost his mind! You know Glenn Beck wants the Department of Justice to investigate, you know, the janitors union? The janitors? He thinks the world is going to be taken over by janitors!

A nice try at deflection, Randi, but the question remains unanswered: in what way does Obama look strong as major world events unfold?

20 March 2011

Ed Schultz: Blame Obama's Aides For Bracket Flap


MSNBC Libtalker: 'Fire Aides' Over Misplaced Priorities

When their Dear Leader proves asleep at the switch, what's a loyal libtalker to do? While other lefty hosts simply change the subject, MSNBC's Ed Schultz has taken a different approach, choosing to blame Bracket Obama's aides for his seeming insensitivity during times of global crisis.

During Thursday's syndicated radio show, Big Eddie road-tested this tactic, calling on Bracket to fire some of his advisors for the inconsiderate focus on March Madness basketball rather than earthquakes, nuclear meltdowns and Middle East uprisings.

One problem: did these aides prod Obama into going public once again with his picks, or was it a reflection of his keen interest in the tournament? Listen as Ed attempts to blame others for Bracket's weak leadership:

ED SCHULTZ (Hour One - Thursday 17 March 2011 - 20:03): I'm saying it shouldn't even get to that point [of aides defending Obama making NCAA picks]. It shouldn't even get to that point. And you mean to tell me that there's no one on the Obama team that would advise the president, you know, maybe this year isn't a good year to do this, and if you do do it, with everything that's going down across the globe, you might want to make sure you qualify it that you really don't spend much time doing this but you are a fan and you'll probably end up watching a little bit of the championship game. That's it!


SCHULTZ (20:50): So, relate this situation, if you may, for a moment, for conversation, relate this situation of the president, in my opinion being ill-advised to get so serious about this damn bracket, to the story, 'Obama team seeks new ways to fire up the base!'

President Obama! Get rid of the idiots around you. Fire some people! Knock off the Chicago loyalty thing and turn and pivot, if I may use a basketball term, pivot to 2012 and get serious about this!

Hey Big Eddie- do you actually believe Bracket listens to his aides?

17 March 2011

Libtalker Bill Press: Americans Are 'Ruffians And Thugs' After Disasters


Dem Strategist: Americans Violent After Disasters

Are Americans prone to violence after natural and man-made disasters? That's the assertion of libtalker / Democratic Party strategist Bill Press, who used yesterday's syndicated radio program to compare post-quake Japan to the US in derisive terms.

Citing looting after Hurricane Katrina and rioting in South-Central Los Angeles during the Rodney King incident, Press claimed the calm atmosphere in Japan proves Americans are "ruffians and thugs" by comparison.

The former CNN Crossfire host also contended Americans lack patience with government officials in times of crisis, particularly ironic as Democrats pounced on Bush almost immediately after Katrina for supposed inaction.

From the show:

BILL PRESS (14:33): I've got to say, what a contrast. Do you think if this happened in this country, do you think Americans would behave anywhere near as politely, as well? I don't. In fact, we know that. Remember Katrina? Remember the looting, remember the crimes, remember the-- I mean, it was anarchy in New Orleans right afterward.

PRESS (15:39): They sort of make us look like a bunch of ruffians and thugs.

To those playing the conservative talk Gotcha Game this week, where does this gem fit into your worldview?

16 March 2011

Mark Levin Wants Marco Rubio To Throw Hat In Ring


Battling Leadership Void, Talkers Demand Rubio Run

As the nation starves for leadership thanks to Obama's bizarre indifference, conservative talkers are evaluating conservative rising stars to see who might have what it takes to go all the way in 2012.

With our alleged president more concerned with NCAA brackets than global crises erupting seemingly without end, there is no time to spare.

During Tuesday's program, Rush Limbaugh singled out freshman Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) as one of the few Republicans taking on reckless spending and a feckless political establishment in Washington.

Syndicated talker Mark Levin (image above right) took it a step further, pleading with Rubio himself during an on-air interview:

Is Rubio truly in position for such an undertaking? While perhaps a bit young (born 1971), he's exceptionally intelligent and articulate. He's not interested in pandering to the out-of-touch Beltway establishment.

While the senator himself used the interview to rule out a run, he's almost certainly moving to the top of the potential VP selection list for any major candidate.

The bigger question, however: with the world in a state of crisis, isn't it time for Obama to either get to work or step aside?

09 March 2011

MSNBC's Ed Schultz: We Faked Calls, Dems Were Involved


Libtalker: Congressional Staffers Served As Fake Callers

For over a month, Rush Limbaugh and other conservative talkers have been under attack by the left for supposedly using paid actors as callers. The charge is ridiculous (they have their choice of thousands, lines are full, why would they need them?) and based on a misunderstanding of a new service offered by Limbaugh syndicator Premiere Radio Networks.

Limbaugh has already debunked this fledgling myth.

As with all anti-Rush smear campaigns, the truth is irrelevant, all that matters is spreading the lies far and wide across the Internet.

But in a candid moment during yesterday's program, syndicated libtalker / MSNBC host Ed Schultz admitted that not only have calls been planted on his show, but that Democratic Party staffers on Capitol Hill were behind the fakery, phoning in from congressional offices!

(A reader wonders about the legality of using congressional offices this way. Does anyone know more about this?)

Schultz repeats the lie about actors calling Rush's show, of course, even using his own inexplicable disclosure to bash the talk titan. Does any of this make sense? Don't worry, it doesn't.

Why Schultz would admit this is beyond belief (he sounds perfectly sober in the clip), but here it is nonetheless:

ED SCHULTZ (Hour One - Segment One - 08 March 2011): So, Limbaugh has got his back up because apparently there's some fake callers to his program and according to a recent report in Tablet magazine, Premiere Radio Network, a subsidiary of Clear Channel Corporation, Clear Channel Communications, hired actors to call in as guests.

Now I have to tell you, this has been done. It's been done on the Ed Schultz radio show when we first started. But as we gained stations, we never did it again. Look, this is show business, although we venture into some more serious bidness as the world goes on. But I remember when we started our show in 2004, and I have no problem admitting this, our business manager Vern Thompson at the time was the head of the Democratic Party in the great state of North Dakota.

And a year after we started he joined our team here on the Ed Schultz radio show and has been with us ever since. And when we started on two stations, one in Langdon North Dakota, and the other in Needles California, we had about 500 people listening on the Internet, this was before we were on XM and Sirius.

I mean, let's face it, nobody knew who the hell I was or where we were from and guess what? There weren't any callers. And so what did we do through my good buddy Vern who now works for the program? We used to have a few people call in. And it got to be kind of fun because I was trying to guess who the hell Vern was getting to call into the program. But we were trying to start a program. We were grassroots.

SCHULTZ (04:59): By the way, we haven't had a staged caller to this program since, I think, the first three weeks of the show. But that's, I'm just being brutally honest with you. That's how it was started with us. We didn't pay anybody. Hell, we didn't have any money.

SCHULTZ (05:22): Now the other story was, when this program started in 2004, there was a lot of scuttlebutt on Capitol Hill, was that, well, Democrats and liberals don't know how to use talk radio. They're just overwhelmed by the right-wingers and we just don't know how to do anything when it comes to conversation.

So there were, and I'm not going to reveal the names, there were a few Senate offices that got involved and got some interns involved and they started to survey and coach these kids up and a few of their communications people were coaching them up on how to call a talk show.

And so such was the birth of liberal talk. I don't know if they do that now. I don't know on Capitol Hill, I'm in New York, I'm not, I don't know if any of the Senate offices or House offices do that any more.

Premiere's service is actually for FM morning shows who need fake callers for staged on-air stunts, since the FCC no longer allows impromptu gags involving unsuspecting individuals. Paid actors eliminate the potential for FCC fines that are issued for non-compliance. It has NOTHING to do with Rush, Hannity, or other syndicated talk programs.

But hey, who cares about the truth, right?

08 March 2011

Libtalker: Hitler's Autobahn A Model For Public Works Spending


Schultz: Autobahn Set Example For Today's Spending


It's hard to believe MSNBC libtalker Ed Schultz could be THIS foolish, but don't blame us, we're just passing it along.

Incredibly, during an angry anti-Scott Walker rant (where the Wisconsin governor was labelled "a turd") during yesterday's syndicated radio show, Big Eddie lived up to his nickname in citing Hitler's Autobahn as an example of inspired public works projects to be emulated by today's leaders.

Though limited Autobahn construction began before Hitler's reign, it was adopted by his regime and built largely with prison labor in the 1930s.

Hey Ed, Mussolini's trains ran on time, should we look to him as well for Obama's next "shovel-ready" project?

ED SCHULTZ (Hour One - 07 March 2011 - Segment One): It would have been a foundation of a job creator because of the transportation and the movement of the people.


SCHULTZ: That's what they did back in the 1930s to move people and get the economy going. They made the Autobahn system.

HOLM: Yes, they did.

SCHULTZ: Remember?

HOLM: Yes, they did.

SCHULTZ: OK. So it's been done before! That's all I was trying to point out! It's just been done before! You know, well

HOLM: Well, Eisenhower did it with the Interstate System.

SCHULTZ: Sure, absolutely!

And Scott Walker is the problem in today's America? Sorry, Ed, you lose this one by a mile.

07 March 2011

Rosie O'Donnell: Media Conspiracy To Marginalize Michael Moore, Spike Lee


In 'Progressive' Universe, Right Control News Media

Just in case we'd needed a fresh bit of insight into the alternate universe known as "progressive" politics, here's an amusing yet disturbing bit from Monday's Rosie Radio broadcast.

On Planet Rosie, the news media is dominated by the right and they conspire daily to "marginalize" freedom fighters such as Michael Moore and Spike Lee.

Living in fear of their message, Moore and Lee are kept from public view, exactly why we've never heard of either one of them. Spike who?

ROSIE O'DONNELL (57:42): The reason that Michael Moore and Spike Lee are marginalized is because, I think, the media is afraid of them and their message, and whenever someone comes out and is brave enough and bold enough to speak to the social injustices that are happening now, currently, they are often marginalized and silenced in some capacity.

The question: which is more disturbing, Rosie's conspiracy theory or the caller's assertion Americans should spend more time watching films about Malcolm X?

06 March 2011

Mike Malloy: Hillary Clinton's A 'Corporatist' And 'Fascist'


Another Libtalker Slams Hillary Clinton, But Why?

What is it about Hillary Clinton that seems to drive her own side batty? Whether insufficient liberalism or some other fault is behind occasional bursts of "progressive" rage isn't clear.

One thing is certain: insults from the left are nastier than anything that's emerged from the right.

For the unforgivable offense of daring to run against their messiah, Hillary was called a "f---ing whore" by libtalker Randi Rhodes. And during Friday's syndicated radio program, fellow host Mike Malloy labelled her a "fascist".

At least during the 2008 presidential campaign, Randi's outburst caused some controversy, but we're willing to bet slamming Hillary in 2011 is just another day at the "progressive" office. What has changed?

Woven into Malloy's deranged rant was a rare, on-target point: it's ridiculous for Hillary to oppose federal laws that were signed into law by her husband (such as broadcast industry consolidation) without at least mentioning the connection.

While longer than the usual clip, listen as Malloy lashes out as only an unstable character could:

MIKE MALLOY (07:15): I don't care a rat's ass about Hillary Clinton - I do not - she's a war monger - she is as much as a fascist as anyone in the Republican party - she is a corporatist - she is doing her part to destroy representative government in this country!

In his anger over media consolidation, Malloy fails to understand that surviving conglomerates are in serious trouble, weighed down by massive debt as the result of overpaying for radio, television stations and newspapers. Revenue has also been less than promising for some time.

In addition, they're under attack by a wave of agile Internet competitors and have been slow to respond to the threat. This has been underway for years. You're not living under a rock, are you Mike?

03 March 2011

MSNBC Libtalker: Dems Wrong To Tolerate Discussion Of Budget Cuts


Schultz: Dems Wrong To Even ALLOW Budget Debate

To those alarmed over increasing public sector and "progressive" mob rule in Wisconsin, here comes gasoline for the left's fire.

Finding today's Democrats insufficiently thuggish, MSNBC libtalker Ed Schultz used Wednesday's syndicated radio program to chastise his party for even ALLOWING DEBATE on budgetary issues.

In the old days, according to Schultz, today's Madison showdown would never have occurred as Dems effectively prevented opposing views from even being aired.

Just more evidence that the left isn't interested in "civil discourse" at all, it's really about shutting down the debate entirely! Here's the smug thug's rant:

ED SCHULTZ (02 March 2011 Hour One 10:18): Can we agree on one thing? That there is an old Democratic Party out there that would have never allowed Social Security to get even on the table for any kind of discussion, that would never have allowed these kinds of massive cuts to be even proposed without damn near a war inside the Capitol, going back and forth at each other.

The old Democrats, they would not even have allowed this discussion to take place.

Time to send in the pinky ring goons, they'll take care of this in no time at all.

02 March 2011

Rosie O'Donnell: Wisconsin Union Protesters Just Like Mideast Freedom Fighters


Lefties Push Ridiculous Egypt - Wisconsin Comparison

Is anything more absurd than equating well-compensated union thugs in Wisconsin with impoverished Arabs and others fighting tyrants in the Middle East? No matter how ridiculous the Egypt - Wisconsin comparison might sound, our "progressive" friends are working non-stop to promote it nationwide.

True to form, libtalkers are happy to spread the propaganda. There are too many examples to list, but one of the most obnoxious comes from Rosie O'Donnell, who accuses Republicans of using "talking points" while herself seeming to do just that.

From Tuesday's Rosie Radio, here are three sound bites:

ROSIE O'DONNELL (29:41): [The Wisconsin budget crisis] is the most important issue our nation is facing right now, and has for the last fifty, sixty years [...]

There's apparently over 100,000 people in the freezing cold in Wisconsin standing there, and they have been for the last eleven days. It took seventeen days to get the government in Egypt to stop abusing their citizens after thirty years of rule.


O'DONNELL (47:48): I believe the people of Wisconsin were inspired by watching the people of Egypt ... stand up to tyranny and dictatorship, a thirty-year dictatorship taken down in seventeen days of peaceful protest. The people in Wisconsin deserve our support ... They are us.

O'DONNELL (49:50): Today, with all of our social media, people like Governor Walker can't get away with the lies and the deception that have been the course [sic], especially during the Bush administration.


O'DONNELL (58:40): [Walker is] trying to ruin the two-party system in the United States, and, frankly, if the Democrats don't get their s**t together, they're really gonna be the root of their own demise, because the Republicans are organized and they've got talking points and they've got slogans.

, Rosie?
Preserving public employee bloat in Wisconsin is more important than the Civil Rights movement or any other domestic social matter since 1951? Minus one for that.

And where is the oppressive "abuse" in Madison? Isn't that an insult to those who've been injured or killed in the battle against corrupt regimes?

On the plus side, extra points for managing to squeeze irrelevant Bush-bashing into the argument.

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