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02 March 2011

Rosie O'Donnell: Wisconsin Union Protesters Just Like Mideast Freedom Fighters


Lefties Push Ridiculous Egypt - Wisconsin Comparison

Is anything more absurd than equating well-compensated union thugs in Wisconsin with impoverished Arabs and others fighting tyrants in the Middle East? No matter how ridiculous the Egypt - Wisconsin comparison might sound, our "progressive" friends are working non-stop to promote it nationwide.

True to form, libtalkers are happy to spread the propaganda. There are too many examples to list, but one of the most obnoxious comes from Rosie O'Donnell, who accuses Republicans of using "talking points" while herself seeming to do just that.

From Tuesday's Rosie Radio, here are three sound bites:

ROSIE O'DONNELL (29:41): [The Wisconsin budget crisis] is the most important issue our nation is facing right now, and has for the last fifty, sixty years [...]

There's apparently over 100,000 people in the freezing cold in Wisconsin standing there, and they have been for the last eleven days. It took seventeen days to get the government in Egypt to stop abusing their citizens after thirty years of rule.


O'DONNELL (47:48): I believe the people of Wisconsin were inspired by watching the people of Egypt ... stand up to tyranny and dictatorship, a thirty-year dictatorship taken down in seventeen days of peaceful protest. The people in Wisconsin deserve our support ... They are us.

O'DONNELL (49:50): Today, with all of our social media, people like Governor Walker can't get away with the lies and the deception that have been the course [sic], especially during the Bush administration.


O'DONNELL (58:40): [Walker is] trying to ruin the two-party system in the United States, and, frankly, if the Democrats don't get their s**t together, they're really gonna be the root of their own demise, because the Republicans are organized and they've got talking points and they've got slogans.

, Rosie?
Preserving public employee bloat in Wisconsin is more important than the Civil Rights movement or any other domestic social matter since 1951? Minus one for that.

And where is the oppressive "abuse" in Madison? Isn't that an insult to those who've been injured or killed in the battle against corrupt regimes?

On the plus side, extra points for managing to squeeze irrelevant Bush-bashing into the argument.


  • This fat assed no-nothing with a big mouth keeps getting air time ?
    Rosie has a constant brain fart brought on by the feared "TOXIC Tampon Syndrom".
    Maybe Rosie was a case study for the World renowned scientists and psych's about the liberal/Nazi brain.
    The girl is full of hatred and is a hetero-phob !

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 02 March, 2011 12:03  

  • Ummm. ROSIE, the 'protesters' in Wisconsin are motivated by MONEY. THEY are spoiled teachers, police, government workers, who think the PEOPLE exist to SERVE them.
    AND that the "services" they provide are so invaluable,they deserve to be paid MORE ON AVERAGE than the average Wisconsinite, get generous benefits, generous retirement, sick leave, health care and more.
    ALL the while the AVERAGE WISCONSIN citizen has to PAY their own medical, has to rely on their savings and Social Security. AND their kids still don't get a descent education, and when you call for a cop, they are too busy writing TRAFFIC tickets to respond.
    Here's the deal. PROTESTERS in MIDEAST were responding to OPPRESSIVE governments. The one that started the fire was in Tunisia. A Arab man, had his food cart conficscated, until he paid a "fine". HE couldn't, and in shame, he lit himself on fire.
    THE PROTESTERS in WISCONSIN want to be paid MORE than usual, want COLLECTIVE rights to bargain. IOW, if teachers want more money, then the DHS workers, police, fire, will all go on strike until the TAXPAYER pays them more.
    THE two don't compare. AND when a state is BILLIONS in the RED with their budget, they should sacrifice before asking people who make LESS than them to pay for their extravagant benefits.
    That's kinda like a former Hollywood actress and former TV talk show hostess who think her opinion matters on it, but she lives in a mansion, with armed bodyguards.

    By Blogger Unknown, at 02 March, 2011 14:39  

  • Ain't the 1st Amendment great, boys & girls? You can be a blithering fool, make rediculous statements into a radio mic, & get paid big money. I'm just getteing ready to re-up long term with XM, & they still pay Rosie lots of money to talk out of her ass.

    As for what's happening at the Wisconsin capital, Rosie does'nt get it. I know Wisconsin well(I live 10 minutes away from the MN-WI border), & those who live outside of Madison or Milwaukee are really pissed about what's happening with those who are supposed to be working for them. The taxpayers are very much behind Gov. Scott Walker, & feel he should follow through with is plans. They want him to win this battle, because they know the future of Wisconsin depends upon Walker winning this one.

    By Anonymous danybhoy, at 02 March, 2011 15:43  

  • Slogans, Rosie? Really? That's what it boils down to in your mind? Yeah,well hopeandchange this, toots.

    By Anonymous princetrumpet, at 02 March, 2011 18:38  

  • We care what Manatee Woman thinks?

    For the record, here's what the "people" of Wisconsin will have left over after the mean Republicans "strip them of their rights:"

    1) Collective bargaining for wages

    2) The majority of both their pension and healthcare contributions will be paid by the taxpayer

    3) They'll all get to keep their jobs with their above avergae wages (no pay cuts)

    4) The unions will be able to automatically deduct dues from their paychecks.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 02 March, 2011 18:48  

  • They must be referring to the protestors roughing up observers.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 02 March, 2011 20:30  

  • Rosie....please...Please I beg you...visit your nearest "Oram’s Donut Shop"....pig gluttony...then choke to death on the sugar, fat and your own bile.

    Take the fat ass Moore with you...please.

    By Anonymous America, at 02 March, 2011 21:59  

  • Rosie just makes people think of the stereotype of the Irish being drunks. Obviously her mother drank heavily while pregnant with her. I believe if Rosie met a hot conservative woman that she wanted to eat out, she would change her liberal thinking overnight.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 03 March, 2011 06:35  

  • Who knew Rosie's skidmarked undies could speak?

    By Blogger locomotivebreath1901, at 07 March, 2011 21:53  

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