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10 April 2011

Democratic Party Consultant: Republicans Should Be Attacked With Bats


Carter Admin Official: GOP Deserves Violence

Courtesy of a Democratic Party strategist, here's today's delightful example of liberal political 'civility': a call for violent bat-work against those who dare to oppose their rule.

Earl Bender, a former Carter Administration official who now consults for liberal candidates and initiatives, used Friday's syndicated Ed Schultz Show to make the thuggish call.

While Schultz was away, his fill-in host did nothing to challenge Bender's violent rhetoric. In fact, he agreed, as long as wooden bats were used:

EARL BENDER (DEMOCRATIC PARTY POLITICAL CONSULTANT) (07:47): Well, instead of a baton I think he [Obama] should pick up a baseball bat and just start bashing 'em over the head, hoping that the Republicans will gain some common sense.

Let's add this one to our Democratic Love Speech files for use the next time conservatives are under media fire for supposed "incivility" in public discourse.


  • Democrats are filthy, violent, greedy pigs. If it's a fight they want, let them bring it on now! We'll see who gets their heads bashed in! These people will kill us if they get the chance. They are the very same as the Nazis and the Stalinist, as soon as they have complete control, then the mass killing will start.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11 April, 2011 09:09  

  • Is there currently a list of these many outrageous comments since the AZ shooting, somewhere? It would be helpful to have an ongoing list. In fact, I'd like to see an honest side-by-side list of Reps and Dems' comments containing violent imagery. I know there has to be a few from the right that would qualify, but I suspect it would be greatly dwarfed by the rhetoric coming from the left.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11 April, 2011 13:15  

  • The double standard continues in "moron speak." The democrats point the finger and call for cutback in violent comments but yet they are the most violent of all. This is just another example.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11 April, 2011 15:15  

  • Democrats are living a normal, logical existence in a world where the God of the Bible is not real. I am completely OK with them wanting to kill all conservatives because without a Moral Law Giver it's Dwarinism all the way. The problem with the conservatives is that they engage in as much perversion as a godless liberal, but they keep a veneer of loving a "God", but that god isn't the Jesus in the Bible who is to be feared and fill them with awe at His Majesty, but a Jesus they can buddy around with. Why else do you think conservatives love anonymous Internet Pornography? It's so they can Praise the Lord during the days and lust like their father the devil at night.

    Conservatives need to repent even more so than liberals.

    By Anonymous Thomas Ohio, at 11 April, 2011 15:26  

  • Perhaps you are right as far as you go. But lusting after women is not the same as premeditatedly murdering a child in its mother's womb, as demoncrats love to do. The budget issue was "stuck" because demoncrats would not budge on giving money to their favorite "charity", planned barrenhood. So they were more than willing to slip the shaft to granny and deny her S.S. check so the baby killers at PP... er... PB... to continue using taxpayer dollars against the will of people like myself. That way they can "suck" me and others in as accomplices to murder. Oh... by the way... demoncrats also want to KILL granny when they no longer want to care for her. Oregon demoncrats passed the "euthanasia lite" law years ago and now demoncrats are working in VT to do the same thing. Yupper, the entire demoncrat party platform can be summed up in few words... "ABORTION UBER ALLES", Euthanasia, Socialism and HOMOSEXUALITY. The entire demoncrat party is one huge PIMPING MACHINE for Planned Barrenhood. The one thing demoncrats claim to abhor is war, yet they wage unlimited war on unborn children. What fu*king cowards... won't face another man up front with an equal chance of dying themselves,... no they'd rather dismember a helpless child in the mothers womb. Some heroes. Go suck a banana or some other phallic object.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11 April, 2011 18:36  

  • Carter, you hypocrit and you teach Sunday school??? And you detest Israel?? You old fart

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12 April, 2011 01:49  

  • The fool doing all the crying about the way the Republicans operate. I thought he was describing the democratic party to a tea. I think someone has beaten that poor man with a baseball bat. Whatever happened to being civil or is that just for the republican`s. This guy is a total loser!

    By Blogger allengainer, at 12 April, 2011 01:54  

  • I do believe that bringing a bat to a gun fight might not be the best idea. I am waiting for a legal gun owner having to defend themself from a bat/club wielding leftist thug with a registered firearm in a clear case of self defence. This will happen if things don't get dialed back, but I don't see that happening anytime soon.

    By Anonymous danybhoy, at 12 April, 2011 12:53  

  • I honestly believe we have entered into the early stages of our next civil war. Thanks to the current administration and their violent and heated rhetoric, this nation will never be able to come together again. When the financial meltdown hits, it will be the poor who take the hit which is always the case thanks to leftest programs. This is when the leftest union thugs and communists will begin their violent rampage which is what they always do. This is exactly what has been planned by progressives for years and they are not going to allow this opportunity to slip by them without a fight. I think the left is chewing off more than they can eat. Our military is made up mostly of conservative voters and they would never turn their weapons on fellow Americans.

    By Blogger Unknown, at 12 April, 2011 21:39  

  • Clearly, he missed Obama's call for civility. I'm sure libs will call him out on it. Oh wait....

    By Anonymous righthook38, at 26 April, 2011 18:47  

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