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13 April 2011

Libtalker / Notorious Trial Lawyer: Obama 'Carries Our Spear'


Libtalker Papantonio: Paul Ryan's 'A Freak'

While today's Wall Street Journal carefully picks apart left-wing arguments against Rep Paul Ryan's budget proposal, it may be wasting its time. That's because many of our "progressive" friends hope to win this battle through smears, not facts.

Today's poster child for this strategy is notorious Florida trial attorney / libtalker Mike Papantonio. Best known for his fill-in work on MSNBC and weekly radio show with Robert F Kennedy Jr, Papantonio used an Ed Schultz Show guest appearance to repeatedly call Ryan "a freak" and "boy", used and abused by the all-powerful, eminently-evil Koch Brothers (cue sinister musical score).

Then, just when his rant was growing especially tiresome, we were suddenly jarred awake: the Papster says he still supports Obama because he's "carrying our spear."

JUST IMAGINE the reaction to a conservative host using "Obama" and "spear" in the same sentence! It would dominate the news cycle for days.

But don't expect Sharpton & Friends to protest this one:

MIKE PAPANTONIO (22:35): It is the Paul Ryan hate-the-poor-people plan.

PAPANTONIO (24:33): Every time he (Obama) gives credence to this freak (Paul) Ryan. It's not just Ryan. Ryan just a mou-, he's just a boy. Ryan is just a boy. He's a boy for the Koch brothers. He's no different from Christie or Scott Walker or Rick Scott.


I think he's a terrible negotiator. Think about his background. He comes from a professorship teaching constitutional law at Harvard [incorrect]. Now, there's no negotiating involved there. He doesn't get, you know, down and dirty ...

ED SCHULTZ: So why did progressives support him then?

PAPANTONIO: Because he is good for progressives. Don't get me wrong, Ed, he is good for progressives. He's the only guy out there carrying our spear.

Something tells us the PC police will be cruising right past this crime scene.


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