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30 April 2011

RFK Jr: Republicans Treasonous, Will Sell America To Foreigners


Libtalker Praises Grandfather As Paragon Of Virtue

With a Republican even occupying the Senate held for decades by Ted Kennedy, attitudes toward what liberals call "America's royal family" are decidedly more balanced these days. We know they weren't angels.

But to Robert F Kennedy Jr, the myths endure: during a libtalk radio interview Thursday, he praised his grandfather as a paragon of virtue who stood up for American patriotism while others parked profits overseas to evade taxes.

In RFK Jr's convenient world, circa-1929 stock market manipulation, rum-running and political trickery are apparently fabrications concocted by enemies for personal gain. Is this mere brain decay, or a deliberate attempt to rewrite family history?

Meanwhile, treasonous, evil Republicans can't wait to privatize public institutions for sale to foreigners at a quick profit. Can you follow his twisted logic?

ROBERT F KENNEDY JR (17:46): My grandfather used to, there was a guy who was putting his money, keeping it, shifted his corporations and his citizenship to the Bahamas and my grandfather, I remember how angry he was, he said that's treason to the United States.

Kennedy maintains a liberal radio show which has continued since the demise of Air America. His co-host: notorious trial lawyer Mike Papantonio, who was filling in for Ed Schultz during this particular program.


  • Poynter is releasing the circulation numbers for newspapers in the first quarter of 2011, and the Boston DAILY Globe is ranked 25th; the SUNDAY Globe is ranked 20th. Apparently some numerical legerdeman was used to rank a San Jose, CA paper in the top ten. A Seattle paper was higher than the Globe, but Seattle is a one-paper town. (In a sense so is Boston; the CHICOPEE Herald is a no-show).

    By Anonymous Laurence Glavin, at 03 May, 2011 14:37  

  • While I'm no fan of the Kennedy's, the dropoff from his dad's generation(RFK,JFK, & Ted)to RFKjr, & JFKjr is a big one. The currunt group, including Caroline & Patrick are barely worthy of the family's legacy. RFKjr should get on his knees every day a thank God he never had to really earn a living. Without the Kennedy name, the generational wealth, & the power that comes with all of that, BobbyJr would be a regualar guy trying to make ends meet. He hit the genetic lottery, he should have a little more class then he does. It also show the class cannot be bought, & RFKjr, despite his wealth, can't afford it.

    By Anonymous danybhoy, at 04 May, 2011 02:09  

  • Uh, Kennedy did NOT portray his grandfather as a "paragon of virtue." He provided an anecdote about specific response his grandfather made to a specific situation. As for whether I could follow Kennedy's allegedly "twisted logic," yup, no problem at all. What's yours?

    By Anonymous JohninOregon, at 05 May, 2011 21:50  

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