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28 May 2011

KFI Host's Inexplicable Take On Ed Schultz 'Slut' Flap


SoCal Talker: Any Proof She's NOT A Slut?

While reactions to the now-infamous Ed Schultz "slut" flap have ranged from outright revulsion to qualified quasi-support, a deranged rant by KFI-Los Angeles libtalker Bill Handel absolutely tops all comers.

Taking a machine gun to the boundaries of human decency and good taste, Handel used his morning show to rail against Schultz not for calling Laura Ingraham a slut, but because of the apology, which he saw as "caving in".

Repeating the insult, the longtime lawyer rhetorically added "what proof is there she's NOT a slut?" Saying Ed's tirade was "just fine", the KFI talker compared it to conservative hosts who label Obama a traitor.

Handel sees the controversy only in political terms since Schultz framed "slut" with "right-wing" and "talk".

When confronted and challenged by others in his morning team, Handel confirmed he felt Ed's vulgarity was "just fine". "There's NOTHING inappropriate" about using the term on the radio, he asserted.

Whether Handel's off his meds or merely doing a fairly decent impersonation of CNBC's wacko Jim Cramer isn't clear. You be the judge:

At one time, Handel was considered by some to be moderately conservative, but in recent years he's marched steadily leftward. In particular, he's known for slamming Rush Limbaugh at every opportunity.

He also has a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame.

We've previously covered his program here and here.

26 May 2011

Rosie O'Donnell: Tornadoes Caused By Global Warming


Rosie: Global Warming Behind MO Tornadoes

Living in an era when pop culture celebrities can assert "expert" opinions on any subject, why wait for science to catch up with pesky facts?

If Rosie O'Donnell says global warming caused Joplin's destruction, then it must be true, right? As Hollywood knows best, there's no need for lab research, instant proclamations are good enough.

And don't forget, she's got Oprah's Official Seal of Approval.

Welcome to the absurd world we live in today.

From Rosie Radio:

ROSIE O'DONNELL (Tuesday 24 May 2011 46:45): It's hard to find a reason that is not environmentally centered, that [doesn't have] something to do with global warming or what the planet is going through. The amount of's like three times the highest amount ever before, right? Something weird is happening with all of these natural catastrophes.

JANETTE BARBER (executive producer):
It's global warming. People can say whatever they like. It's global warming.

To those in Missouri living through this nightmare, do Rosie's words provide comfort or further aggravation?

25 May 2011

Libtalker Ed Schultz Uses Vulgarity To Attack Conservative Host


MSNBC'S Schultz: Laura Ingraham's 'A Slut'




Bye-bye, Ed Schultz.

We'll especially miss your gigantic ego, unending rage and all-around delightful personality. Will Comcast tolerate this kind of behavior from one of its cable hosts, particularly on top of so many past antics?

From yesterday's syndicated radio program:

ED SCHULTZ (02:52): And what do the Republicans thinking about? They're not thinking about their next-door neighbor. They're just thinking about how much this is going to cost. President Obama is going to be visiting Joplin, Mo., on Sunday but you know what they're talking about, like this right-wing slut, what's her name?, Laura Ingraham? Yeah, she's a talk slut. You see, she was, back in the day, praising President Reagan when he was drinking a beer overseas. But now that Obama's doing it, they're working him over.

It was fun while it lasted. See ya.

24 May 2011

Neal Boortz Warns Republicans Over Abortion Issue


Boortz: Social Issues Could Derail GOP In 2012

Hey Republicans: want to blow it next year? It can be done easily by veering away from top-priority fiscal issues (taxes, national debt, personal finances, job outlook) and onto divisive social causes.

That's the view of longtime libertarian talk host Neal Boortz, who used a special roundtable program yesterday to warn the GOP that highlighting abortion restrictions will only serve to scare away fence-sitting moderates, especially women.

Joining Boortz for the broadcast were Jamie Dupree and Editor Erick Erickson.

As a funny aside, Boortz noted that two of his former fill-ins are now presidential candidates (Newt Gingrich and Herman Cain): “I’m the only host with two former guest hosts running for President. Clearly, I’m a kingmaker.”

From the program:

Is Boortz correct that Republicans could destroy their chances of defeating Obama next year by emphasizing abortion? Given that 61% of Americans now favor restrictions (according to decidedly non-conservative Gallup), it might actually be a winning issue.

That said, Obama's mishandling of the economy via Keynesian money-printing schemes and other madness is likely to top any other concern depending on terrorism / war developments between now and election day. The GOP nominee would do well to pound away on that with little time for anything else.

Beyond that, however, we really haven't heard much about abortion recently, unless Boortz is referring to Governor Rick Perry of Texas and a new law that would require sonograms before any procedure could take place.

Hasn't Perry ruled out running? Or does Boortz know something we don't?

21 May 2011

Rosie O'Donnell 's Incredibly Obnoxious On-Air Moment


'Arnold Didn't Have Right To Shriver Legacy'

Though it seems difficult to feel sorry for Arnold Schwarzenegger, a handful of obnoxious commentators may inadvertently pull it off.

got the ball rolling earlier in the week with a ridiculous piece questioning why he ever became a movie star. Aren't there a thousand others in Hollywood who could face the same scrutiny?

Of course, that line of reasoning only encourages our friend Rosie O'Donnell to execute another verbal belly-flop and it's a whopper: a sad attempt at Beacon Hill brahmin-style snobbery.

Why the arrogance? Perhaps Rosie's participation in Oprah's final episode has gone to her head.

We don't need to check with John Kerry to know this rant simply doesn't cut the Grey Poupon:

ROSIE O'DONNELL (1:12:47): There is a legacy of the Shrivers in America, of the Kennedy - Shrivers, right, and it's not the Schwarzeneggers, and I always felt like he, this Republican guy, kinda snuck in and...

BOBBY PEARCE (staffer): She married beneath her...

O'DONNELL: ...That's not my place to say, but I always did feel that, and, I feel like, [he didn't] have a right to that legacy...

PEARCE: And he proved it.

We could remind Rosie of the real Kennedy family "legacy" in this department, but why bother? We'll simply be accused of running a hate site, just as Rosie Radio did the last time we made one too many effective points refuting O'Donnell's commentary.

10 May 2011

Libtalker Mike Malloy Features Crazed N-Word Rant On-Air


Malloy Airs Unhinged N-Word Tirade

Stability-challenged libtalker Mike Malloy apparently feels he hasn't made enough headlines this week: days after calling for George W Bush's execution, he's followed up with a bizarre N-word rant worthy of the Broadcasting Hall of Shame.

Of course, because Malloy's a "progressive", it's okay to read this crazy letter on the air, especially since a black person gave him permission!

That's why we can't write this one off as mere insanity: our white "progressive" friends see themselves as helpful to African-American struggles, therefore suspensions/terminations are for chumps (named Imus, Schlessinger, etc).

Malloy is "good", so he can only mean well, right?

MIKE MALLOY (26:31): that n----r shouldn't be president! I mean, g--dammit, he's not even American! Where's your birth certificate, boy? You've got a white momma and one of them Af-ree-kan fathers - well, you know what we think of that, don't you? And how'd you get into Harvard boy - we know you aren't smart enough to get into a school like that - you're probably had low grades. I heard you did.

Somebody told me that, must have been one of those affirmative actions to get you into school. I heard Pat Buchanan say he figured it was one of those affirmative action things. I want to see your school records too. I mean, this black guy should not be in the White House - I mean, it's the White House, dammit!

Good thing he began with that disclaimer- it absolves him of any responsibility for what was said immediately thereafter.

Lefty Talker: 'I'm A Bloodthirsty Liberal'


'Progressive' Politics Now Soaked In Blood?

Post-Osama, do our "progressive" friends stand for anything?

Just a few years ago, they were marching in the streets against the Bush/Cheney "war machine" and über-sinister "Military-Industrial Complex".

With their Dear Leader now happily in the warmongering business, however, blood-red is the hot new accessory for spring!

The days of campaigning for a Cindy Sheehan Nobel Peace Prize are apparently long over.

For today's off-the-charts study in political surrealism, here's syndicated libtalker Stephanie Miller openly proclaiming her bloodthirst while Team Steph make jokes about the bloody compound siege:

GUEST JOHN FUGELSANG (6:57): You know what? For a lot of liberals who kind of have mixed feelings about murdering this guy I think we can all agree that we would have liked it a lot more if he’d been taken alive and put on trial in Manhattan...

[Miller interrupts]


FUGELSANG: ...and face the families of his victims.

MILLER: No, I don’t.

FUGELSANG: I’m not going to waste any energy weeping for the guy or feeling bad that he’s dead...

[Miller interrupts again]

MILLER: No, I’m a bloodthirsty liberal. I’m very happy.

PRODUCER: You’re your [conservative] brother in drag pretty much.

"Jumping the shark" suddenly sounds wholly inadequate- we need a new catchphrase for our credibility-challenged "progressive" friends.

08 May 2011

Randi Rhodes: Bush Knew Bin Laden's Location, Protected Him There


Libtalker Pushes 'Bush Knew' Conspiracy Theory

One week after the elimination of Osama bin Laden by American forces, "progressives" have put together a number of kooky, agenda-boosting conspiracy theories.

As extra points are scored for advancing the eternal "blame Bush" effort, libtalker Randi Rhodes may well now lead the pack. In her crazy world, W knew exactly where bin Laden was hiding but allowed him to remain villa-bound in order to appease Pakistan's government.

Luckily, Randi's loaded with "facts" to make her case:

RANDI RHODES (11:03): Listen, for the conspiracy freaks out there, for the Glenn Becks of the world with his blackboard - you want a conspiracy theory? Why don't you try one that's based in somewhat in fact? OK?

You've got some facts you can really play with, go nuts on your blackboard, OK - Rush, you too, sit up and take notice! Here's facts: 2005, no one's left at the Bin Laden desk, they close it.

Two thousand-five is when they start building this compound in Abbottabad for Osama bin Laden. Pervez is scared of a coup d'etat so he won't get - he is the obstacle the CIA keeps identifying over and over again about why won't they get Osama Bin Laden, they he's in Pakistan, everyone knows he's in Pakistan.

Two thousand-eight - Bush makes the decision to send our troops over to Abbottabad to train the guys in the 'West Point' there, 800 yards from Osama Bin Laden's door.

And Christiane Amanpour goes on Bill Maher and says, 'Listen, I heard from people in the know that Osama Bin Laden is living in a villa in Pakistan!" So, if you want a conspiracy theory, it's gonna to lead you right back to the Bush Administration KNOWING where Osama Bin Laden was, that he was in Pakistan, the whole - ever since he fled Tora Bora, that he knew the whole time, which is why the President said...

[Bush audio clip airs] -

RHODES: Because he knew where he was! He was with the Pakistani military and they were guarding him, they were keeping him safe, they were protecting him, and the United States of America had reached an agreement that they needed a bogeyman, so what the hell, let the Pakistanis keep him, let the Pakistanis have him, keep him in this military garrison town, we'll even send our troops over there to pretend that, you know, uh, we had no idea! -

Yes, it makes perfect sense to believe Bush would have happily reserved the glory of Osama's capture for the next president to enjoy!

07 May 2011

Rosie O'Donnell Wonders Why Osama Wasn't Given Hague-Style Trial


Rosie: Why No Osama Due Process, Trial?

Is this what Oprah really had in mind?

As talk radio blabbermouth Rosie O'Donnell transitions to Winfrey's doomed cable network, another controversy adds fresh baggage to the former's dubious résumé.

Disputing Obama's terrorism approach isn't necessarily the problem, as there are critics of the raid on all sides of the political spectrum. But characterizing cheering Americans celebrating Osama bin Laden's demise (which she oddly labels as 'protesters') as "drunken fraternity boys" is especially unreasonable.

Hey Oprah, how advertising-friendly is this kind of rhetoric?

ROSIE O'DONNELL (43:40): Why is it, if people question whether or not filming Americans in the streets chanting 'USA!' and a lot of the coverage of the White House protesters [sic] seemed to be drunken fraternity boys, why this is in some way determined to make you un-American if you don't support that. You can be happy for the death of the person because he no longer walks the Earth. That he quote-unquote 'didn't deserve to live.'

You can also be upset about the fact that he didn't have due process, that he didn't get tried, that he wasn't brought to The Hague for war-crime tribunal [sic].


O'DONNELL (49:51): Many, many people, including now on the Twitter feed say, 'Now, Rosie, it was illegal for them to fly planes into the Twin Towers.' I'm fully aware of that. Because other people are capable of criminal acts on our soil doesn't equate to 'therefore, we are allowed to do criminal acts on their soil.'

America has always been the beacon of light and hope for the world, right? We're supposed to be the leader in terms of our morality and our democracy and our fairness, right, so saying the reason that it's all right for us to do that is 'look what they did to us,' well, that does not equate, because you don't want to become what you loathe. Wasn't the whole point of this is that we are not monsters?

Does Rosie represent Oprah's Hail Mary pass, a desperate attempt at generating TV ratings even if it proves uncomfortable for sponsors? It's hard to believe Winfrey isn't aware of Rosie's increasingly extreme radio rants.

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