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21 July 2011

CurrentTV's David Shuster: Too Bad Rupert Did Such A Good Job


Libtalker Sorry Murdoch Came Across As Human

Think our "progressive" friends have moved on from their increasingly-futile crusade against News Corp?

Guess again: just when a corporate implosion seemed probable, Rupert Murdoch's "surprisingly" human performance before a parliamentary committee spoiled the party. Touchiness remains, however, as the mere suggestion Murdoch had done "just fine" was enough to send Media Matters into a tizzy.

Now, dreams of vanquishing Fox News Channel have faded, at least until the emergence of the next flap.

What's surprising in the clip below is the unusual degree of honesty and candor exhibited by (infamous former MSNBC talker, now of CurrentTV) David Shuster, who admits to being frustrated by Rupert's inability to show his monstrous side.

From the Bill Press Show, where Shuster was filling-in as host:

DAVID SHUSTER (BILL PRESS SHOW FILL-IN HOST - 20 JULY 2011 - 7:18): I must say, as somebody who detests Rupert Murdoch, I found myself somewhat surprised and frustrated by how well he did. I thought he came across as-- he was defiant, he spoke, he didn't really give much ground.

He was much more sort of clear in his answers than his son, James Murdoch. And I thought he came across -- and this pains me to say this -- but actually as a likable character.

PRODUCER: I actually told someone yesterday, I go, 'I hate to say this: I sort of feel bad for the guy.' I know I shouldn't feel bad for him because it's his company, but he came off as a sad, old man who's out of touch with his company, and it's kind of like, man. I don't want to beat up on him too much.

What a tough break for the left: the cartoonish demon image they'd created didn't match Rupert Murdoch's actual appearance in a public setting. Don't believe for a moment they're ready to back off of Fox, however, the soldiers are merely regrouping for the next battle.


  • Bill Press had David Shuster as a fill in host? Why? Nobody would notice if nobody did the show, so why have a fill in? The few hundred who listen to him nationally would just flip to state controled NPR anyway.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 24 July, 2011 07:46  

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