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15 July 2011

Libtalkers Create Fake 'Fox News' Scandal


Lefties Desperate To Connect UK Scandal With FNC

Here's a quick example of how our "progressive" friends are playing fast and loose with the facts regarding News Of The World's phone-hacking scandal. Yes, the now-defunct newspaper's actions were deplorable, resulting in one of history's greatest lapses of professional media judgement.

At this time, however, there isn't a shred of evidence connecting News Corporation properties in the US (specifically Fox News) to NOTW's spying campaign.

But that hasn't stopped libtalkers and others on the left from recklessly recasting this as a "Fox News" issue, as though the cable talker's reporters and hosts were somehow teamed up with their tabloid cousins in Britain.

Listen as one host dishonestly relabels it a "Fox News" scandal:

STEPHANIE MILLER (3:50): Roland, our tour director, who knows everything about everything.

PRODUCER: He does, he’s very smart that one.

MILLER: Yeah, ah sent us some fun facts on the hack, you know, the Fox News Scandal. Cause I was asking, cause you know I’m not technical, how do you hack someone’s phone. It’s a horrible story, hack 9/11 victim’s phones.

PRODUCER: You don’t even know how to get into your own voice mail!

MILLER: I can’t get into my own voice mail.

With Dow Jones CEO Les Hinton the latest to find his neck chopped off (he oversaw the firm's UK tabloids at the time), it's only a matter of time before our "progressive" friends succeed in damaging FNC. But until (if ever) evidence emerges of similar behavior from News employees in America, this is quite a dishonest campaign to destroy one's ideological enemies.


  • When I compare hacking the phones of victims and victims families (hurtful and vicious, yes) with publishing national secrets that endanger the lives of hundreds abroad and put Americans everywhere at greater risk by allowing terrorist to avoid detection I really could care less.
    The liberal dinosaur media in general and the fish wrap of record have reveled in their attempts to destroy America by undermining our families, our economy and our security. Let the mindless twits who care what is published in that rag whine to their food stamp collecting hearts content. Like Heinlein wrote "like kittens in a box: lots of noise nothing else"

    By Anonymous Scott Merker, at 17 July, 2011 11:15  

  • Well there's an informed opinion!

    By Anonymous ArchiBish, at 19 October, 2011 19:26  

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