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31 August 2011

RFK Jr Associate / Libtalker Papantonio: Hannibal Lecter Better Man Than Cheney


How 'Pap' Outdoes Mike Malloy's Extremism

It takes a great deal of vitriol to beat extremist "progressive" Mike Malloy at his own game, but libtalker / notorious trial lawyer Mike Papantonio has managed to crown himself the King Of Hate.

Where Malloy's infamous rants are the product of improvisational derangement, Papantonio's smears appear premeditated, as though he's reading from a script or rehearsed them in advance.

And in terms of on-air rhetoric, "Pap" is now so far over the edge that Randi Rhodes is probably taking notes.

Even more ridiculous is Mike's liberal use of a faux-folksy twang probably developed long ago for closing arguments in class action lawsuits. He's "one of us", even though he clearly isn't.

In the latest examples, Papantonio asserts that Tea Party supporters would like to "lynch black people for real" and that fictional serial killer Hannibal Lecter is a better man than Dick Cheney.

Here are the clips and transcripts:

MIKE PAPANTONIO (ED SCHULTZ SHOW 26 AUG 2011 HOUR ONE) (02:33): Don't believe it, it's not true. The rage has just started. We got a glimpse of that hate, if you'll remember, when we saw the signs they held up at their rallies. There were pictures of Obama depicted as a monkey. Or Obama hanging in effigy like the good ol' days to this crowd, when this same group no doubt would be lynching real black people for real.


MIKE PAPANTONIO (03:43): In day one, they're talking like Christians. In day two, they're showing us their low breed, angry hate. The floundering tea party, I gotta tell ya, is almost an exclusive club of white conservative Republicans who really believe that government should be heavily influenced with conservative religion, that's their new talking point, just listen to Michele Bachmann, listen to Rick Perry, even though the overwhelming majority of Americans say you need to separate the two.

MIKE PAPANTONIO (ED SCHULTZ SHOW 29 AUG 2011 HOUR ONE) (01:43): You know, it was easier to at least respect a character, a fictional character, like Hannibal Lecter in "Silence of the Lambs" because Hannibal Lecter at least readily admitted that he was a dangerous mutation and he was somebody capable of lying and manipulating and even killing to get what he wanted.

But we could write a part into a fictional book where we're able to put a character like Hannibal Lecter in a cage, we're able to get him away from society. But in real life, justice just doesn't work that way. In real life, a dangerous sociopath can become a Republican vice president of the most powerful country in the world.

Papantonio is also co-host of Ring Of Fire with Robert F Kennedy Jr in addition to his day job as an attorney. Now, he can proudly add Crown King Of Hate to his distinguished résumé.

25 August 2011

Libtalker: Fracking May Have Caused VA Quake


Drilling Technique Fingered As VA Quake Culprit

Thank goodness our "progressive" friends are a go-to source on "science", a subject we conservatives adamantly oppose. Otherwise, how would we discover the cause of this week's 5.9 earthquake in Virginia?

It COULDN'T be natural in origin, nope, humans apparently triggered the quake through fracking, an invasive (yet effective) drilling technique used to obtain deposits of natural gas. Lefties have been fighting to ban the practice for some time but earlier today lost a key battle in New Jersey.

Watch as syndicated libtalker Thom Hartmann wins our Just Plain Fracking Nutty Comment of the Week Award:

THOM HARTMANN (24 August 2011 - 28:34): I still wonder if fracking had something to do with the [East Coast] earthquake that we experienced yesterday. You know, fracking is pumping enormous amounts of water and noxious chemicals into the ground at high pressure, to break up the rock.

If you're breaking up the rock underground, doesn't it make sense that the ground would move? I mean, call me a conspiracy theorist if you want, but I wonder if two plus two equals four here.

Thanks, Thom, you've made our week here at the Radio Equalizer.

24 August 2011

Caller Has Al Sharpton Flustered: 'We Just Tune Out Obama'


Can An Obamist Mouthpiece Survive In Cable Talk?

If Huey Lewis is still around, we've got a great song idea, one inspired by the Reverend Al Sharpton: "I Need A New Schtick". Can the latter really expect to survive in the cutthroat world of cable talk carrying water for this unbelievably unpopular president?

If one thing saves Sharpton, it will be MSNBC's lack of viewer phone-in segments. That's what's killing the radio program.

But he'll still need ratings, right? So far, he's been crushed not only by FOX but even sad-sack rival CNN. Yesterday, for example, he pulled a meager 647,000 viewers versus 1,148,000 for CNN's Wolf Blitzer and 2,301,000 for Bret Baier on Fox.

In radio, Sharpton's been able to hide behind station affiliates and markets so small they don't show up in the ratings or aren't ranked by Arbitron in the first place. That won't work in cable.

So far, there's no sign of flexibility, he's determined to go down with the Obamist ship. Even Gaddafi's loyalists are beginning to throw in the towel, but Sharpton is like a barnacle stuck to the boat.

From today's radio program, watch as yet another African-American caller critical of Obama is met with Al's typical trickery and filibustering (though he does seem more flustered than usual here):

KELLY IN CHICAGO (20:59): What can the President say when he comes back here that we haven’t already heard about how he’s going to create jobs? I’ve heard it so many times that it’s almost now I think people tune it out now. I really do.

AL SHARPTON: I think you raised a good question, not only what could he say, but I think the second part of that Kelly is that if we are genuinely concerned, hold on a minute because I want to talk about this with you. [Segment ends]

SHARPTON (30:55): We are talking to Kelly, Kelly in Chicago. Kelly what my fear is my concern what you said. All right the President comes and says whatever about dealing with the people that are most needy and certainly I agree with that and that’s what the march is about, those of us that are most impacted if he says that and we feel better, says the speech a week from after the march he goes off TV then what? And that’s my real concern is that at some point do we want ot feel better or do we really want to get something done? And to get something done, what is the strategy? And what I’m trying to say and going to lay out at the march is that unless we are going to put pressure, not only on the President to make this a priority, but on the Congress including out legislators to come up with legislation that can address that and that they can get passed, we are only playing with our people.

KELLY IN CHICAGO: Ah you know at this point Rev, Sharpton I do believe and we’ve all heard the phrase ‘well done is better than well said.’ I think we all know the President can give a great speech. He’s got to come back with a great plan. We can blame Congress and rightfully so, but the President is the leader and see when Al Sharpton [Sharpton interrupts]

SHARPTON: He’s not the leader of Congress. That I’m not going to agree with you.

Sharpton's on-air crutch is that it "feels better" to criticize Obama, "but if we want to get something done", then unquestioning praise for the Dear Leader is necessary. Sorry buddy, cable will demand more than this. Are you up to the task?

23 August 2011

Al Sharpton: I've Finally Been Hired For MSNBC Gig


Sharpton: I've Been Hired Permanently

Putting an end to persistent rumors he wouldn't get the gig, Reverend Al Sharpton told radio listeners today he's been permanently hired by MSNBC. What finally managed to convince Comcast suits to lock in the deal is unclear at this time.

Given Sharpton's dubious background, there have been significant public concerns regarding his presence at the liberal cable network. What kind of conditions might be attached to his contract is also not yet known.

The syndicated radio program is expected to continue (it's his main source of income).

In recent weeks, the Reverend's antics have been particularly questionable, given his close ties to the Obama Administration. How the new show will avoid becoming part of the president's 2012 re-election campaign remains to be seen.

Watch as happy camper Sharpton gets the champagne ready:

AL SHARPTON (23 August 2011): I want everybody to know that this afternoon MSNBC will announce my show is permanent and will be on every day, six o'clock and we gonna call it Politics Nation with Al Sharpton. And we on so y’all gonna be seeing a lot of Reverend Wilson and everybody else on the air.

What I say was I gonna get on permanent? I’m gonna be on starting NOW, six o’clock every day and we’re gonna keep it going an stay on the radio and stay out there on the road with National Action Network and New TV One.

Cause I wanted you to know that Rev. Wilson and all my listeners before it hit the wires. All right!

19 August 2011

Lefty Host David Shuster Furious Over Obama Canadian Bus Flap


Former MSNBCer: 'Fox Hates The Secret Service'

Another day, another silly attempt at smearing Fox News.

Because they dared to report on Obama's made-in-Canada bus flap, one libtalker believes the network "hates the Secret Service."

Yes, this assertion's more than a stretch, but our lefty friends specialize in this brand of embellishment. Former MSNBC talker (now of CurrentTV with Keith Olbermann) David Shuster is absolutely incensed given his assertion that most of the bus fleet's parts were actually manufactured in the US.

While filling in for Bill Press yesterday, Shuster spent the better part of an hour railing against Fox for its coverage. What a great way to deflect from Obama's sagging poll ratings, a sinking stock market and souring economy thanks to Obamanomics.

Shuster has a particular obsession with News Corp, lamenting in July over Rupert Murdoch's "surprisingly" human performance before a parliamentary committee.

But we're still unsure how this means Fox somehow hates the Secret Service, watch for yourself and see if you can figure it out:

DAVID SHUSTER (12:19): Our question is, why does Fox News hate America? Why does Fox News hate the Secret Service?

SHUSTER (12:57): I think this is some sort of deliberate game to smear this president. To use anything they possibly can to fool their listening audience. It's something that Fox News does everyday, is they try to fool people. They don't bother with the facts because they have their right-wing talking points and right now their right-wing talking point is, well we need to get people all fired up against this president because we're into a campaign and we need to throw everything we have against him.

Nowhere in Shuster's long rant is any suggestion Obama may be responsible for his own poor performance, it's entirely blamed on his opponents.

And according to Huffington Post, he's delivered similar (if tamer) rants recently on television. We hope our "progressive" friends have a better strategy than this, otherwise 2012 will prove dull indeed.

18 August 2011

Al Sharpton: Rick Perry 'Swiftboating' Obama


Rev Al Tries His Hand At 'Operation Scary Perry'

What will successfully undermine Rick Perry's presidential bid? Our "progressive" Democrat friends need to know as soon as possible.

Could the stakes be any higher?

With its seldom-heard programming, liberal talk radio is the perfect place to road-test strategies and tactics. And given his career-threatening association with Obama, no one has a greater incentive to participate than the Reverend Al Sharpton.

But this line of attack sure is half-baked: in what way is Rick Perry "swiftboating" Obama? Does this even make sense?

Watch as Sharpton does his part to advance Operation Scary Perry:

AL SHARPTON (6:48): But I’m beginning to see that Rick Perry is coming on with almost a Swift Boat kind of strategy. He [Perry] said that people need to elect a president that is proud of America. Like if President Obama is un-American, or not proud of America.

Then he took a shot at him saying, the military would be proud of him because he was one of them because the president didn’t serve in the military. And we’re beginning to see signs that they’re going to try to Swift Boat come real heavy at President Obama.

Al's strategy here is certainly swift, but not terribly sharp.

16 August 2011

Liberal Actress/'Comedian' Re-Ups On Violent Rhetoric


Libtalk Promotes Violence For Fun And Profit

For our "progressive" friends, advocating violence against enemies isn't just politically useful, it's also funny and even profitable.

Yes, when we say something really, really sickening, it can go on a T-shirt and make us money!

From today's Stephanie Miller Show, watch as alleged actress / would-be comedian Aisha Tyler calls for Rush Limbaugh's death via immolation:

AISHA TYLER (9:40): Oh god! Catch on fire, you douche bag!

SHOW PRODUCER: He’d (Limbaugh) burn for a good long time actually. That’s a lot of lamp oil there.

TYLER: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Oh, that was good! That was enjoyable.

MILLER: The Stephanie Miller show wishes to apologize for anything Aisha Tyler has said except the things... [Tyler interrupts]

TYLER: Yes, the violent lefty Liberal

MILLER: ...that end up on t-shirts and make us money.

Of course, the Tyler/Miller tag team has pulled this before and it smacks of a good old-fashioned radio stunt, a desperate plea for much-needed career attention.

But it's worth noting here anyway, for one reason: it illustrates how lefties use Rush (through feigned "outrage") to move up the "progressive" ladder. The more outrageous the comment, the more applause from deranged liberals. It's worked before and will again.

15 August 2011

Sharpton, Guest: GOP To Blame For Obama's Sagging Approval Ratings


Rev Al: Republicans Undermining Obama & America

In the wacky world of Al Sharpton & Friends, destroying Obama's popularity is just the first phase of an eeeeeevil Republican plan to sink not only the president, but America as a whole.

Now that their mean (!!!!!!) words have directly caused Barack's approval ratings to sag, the GOP will soon launch phase two, a wholesale, nationwide elimination of civil rights.

Clever scheme, isn't it!

If only Republicans could be that effective.

Luckily for Obama, absolutely nothing he's done has led to the poll collapse, as Republican counterrevolutionaries have instead unwisely ripped up the Dear Leader's blueprint for a glorious future.

From Sharpton's Monday radio program, watch as the reverend and guest Earl Ofari Hutchinson sidestep reality:

AL SHARPTON (15 August 2011): The President’s approval numbers dropped to an all time low of 39%. Now, Ronald Reagan has also been and 39% and won reelection, but that is a troubling number, you’re not only under 50 you’re under 40%.

So they (Republicans) intend to do whatever they can to not only defeat this President, but to turn back the clock on this whole pro-civil rights pro-strong federal government looking out for the middle class and the poor. This whole kind of agenda.

EARL OFARI HUTCHINSON: Well you know, Rev Al, the sad part about it is and I think we have to be brutally frank and we are you know we are political and social realists here. We don’t sugarcoat anything and look at anything thing through rose colored glasses what we want to see. We look at what is and also the possibility of making change.

Having said that, at this point in time the brutal reality is they (Republicans) are dominating the agenda. Everything you just ticked off Al, especially the assault on government, maybe we could even say the tsunami against government, we can see it.

Obviously, Sharpton's in a tough spot: he's tied his career fortunes to an exceptionally unpopular president, one whose day in the sun is quickly fading. To save his own neck, however, he'd better come up with something more clever than ineffective spinmeistering.

12 August 2011

Mike Papantonio Disparages Christians At Texas Gathering


Libtalker / Trial Lawyer Slams 'Would-Be Christians'

It's no surprise to see Democrats set their sites on Texas Governor Rick Perry now that he appears poised to jump into the 2012 GOP presidential primary. Operation Scary Perry is well underway.

But the attacks are already so nasty that the upcoming election season could absolutely prove the most disgusting ever. Thank our enlightened "progressive" friends for that.

During yesterday's syndicated Ed Schultz Show, guest host / notorious trial lawyer Mike Papantonio not only slammed Perry as a "hustler" and "charlatan", but disparaged the thousands of Christians in attendance at a recent Texas prayer rally, apparently for failing to adhere to his "progressive" view of religion.

Papantonio is known as well for his frequent MSNBC appearances and weekend radio show co-hosted by Robert F Kennedy Jr. His law firm once employed "Morning Joe" Scarborough, also of the liberal cable network.

In the clip below, watch as "Pap" delivers layer upon layer of unhinged hatred for Perry and those at the event:

MIKE PAPANTONIO (02:49): Like most people listening to this show, I looked forward to sitting through a church service on most Sundays. But you know what, I don't judge people at all when they believe in something different than what I believe in.

That's why a room full of 30,000 Christians praying for a better world, I believe, you know, it'd be a good thing. But when Perry launched his presidential bid in Texas in front of 30,000 would-be Christians, would-be believers down in Texas weeks ago, all I saw was another hustler, another charlatan, just like Lee Atwater in Mississippi with Ronald Reagan all over again.

There was nothing Christian about that rally, ladies and gentlemen, it was just like Reagan in Philadelphia, Miss., in 1980

Like a good trial lawyer, he packed everything but the kitchen sink in there, didn't he? The ghosts of Reagan and Atwater, Texas, Perry, thousands of Christians, "Pap" really knows how distribute hatred efficiently.

11 August 2011

Sharpton Denies Tax Troubles When Confronted By Caller


Rev Al Plays Dumb Over IRS Penalties

If Al Sharpton were to suddenly split for Tahiti, it wouldn't surprise us a bit.

After all, it's been a bad week, not just a result of his now-infamous on-air flubbery, but also an increasingly hostile radio listenership that's taken to outright heckling.

When confronted by one caller over his growing tax troubles, he played dumb, claiming he didn't know what she was talking about. The subject was abruptly changed to Rush Limbaugh (who had some fun tackling the Reverend's troubles during today's show).

While her specific reference to a new AP story (we couldn't find it) did add confusion, it's more than clear he owes the IRS a bundle.

He's brought all of this trouble upon himself, isn't that obvious?

Interestingly, he sounds just as inarticulate here as on television earlier this week. Is the good Reverend distracted for some reason?

AL SHARPTON (3:24): Let’s go to Pamela in Jersey City, Pamela?

PAMELA IN JERSEY CITY: ah ya your Comcast scandal plus you owe two million dollars to taxes, what say you? The AP Reporters now are going to have a scandal with Comcast that the Republicans will use and use. They’re investigating that now. That’s why you got that job at NBC. Plus you owe 2.4 million dollars to taxes, so what’s going on? Please clarify, we read it on AP an hour ago.

SHARPTON: Okay thank you for your call. [laughs] I don’t know what you're talking about, but I guess you do.


Ah, David A. Wilson is in the ah studio and all kinds of craziness and so I guess that means we did the right thing by making sure we turn on the heat ah ah with our shows.

DAVID A WILSON: If Rush Limbaugh is angry than you definitely did something right.

SHARPTON: Ha ha ha!

DAVID A WILSON: Actually if you did everything wrong, he’d still be angry. He can't you know the guys just angry.

SHARPTON: That’s right, that’s right.

That's right, it's all Rush's fault. Do you think you're fooling anybody?


09 August 2011

Al Sharpton And Guest: S&P Downgrade Merely Political, No US Debt Problem

WE'RE A-'O'-K!

Sharpton Show: Obama's US In Great Shape, S&P 'Suspect'

While Obamists often go to incredible lengths to defend their Dear Leader, Al Sharpton & Friends are living in a different galaxy altogether.

On Planet Tawana, Barack's America faces NO debt crisis, the economy is strong, while S&P's downgrade is "suspect" and "political" (read: right-wing conspiracy to bring down the president).

During Tuesday's show, talk titan Rush Limbaugh noted the left's new effort to demonize S&P.

From Monday's syndicated radio program, watch as Sharpton and longtime confidant Earl Ofari Hutchinson attempt to hoodwink their listening audience:

AL SHARPTON: The whole downgrading by the S&P, I have my own thoughts on it, but where are your thoughts on this and the president is going to be speaking any minute on this as well as the loss of US troops in Afghanistan. Where are you on this?

EARL OFARI HUTCHINSON: Well, I think it’s totally political. You know Reverend Al, I see politics, I’m like a detective. I don’t just look at the surface in fact, we don’t just look at the surface. We always sniff out politics behind everything.

S&P is political. Moody’s and Fitch, the other two ratings services they still give the US the triple AAA rating. They’re still very creditworthy. In fact the most creditworthy on the planet. Now why S&P? S&P when you look at their history, very suspect.

This is the same rating agency that didn’t seem to have a problem a few years ago with the banks, Wall Street when they were doing all the manipulations with the derivatives in the housing markets Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac when they didn’t seem to have any problem lower rating them. They gave them a triple AAA every step of the way, even though they were collapsing all over the place.

Now why all of a sudden when the debt ceiling issue has been resolved, you have a committee in place, it appears that the cuts that they required, they of course on the other side of the political spectrum are going to get and essentially the no one has implied that the US is going to default on anything, it has never done that and the fact is it never will.

And Rev Al, one other little thing too people seem to forget, they keep talking about debt and how we just had this mountain of debt. Some of the economists that have looked at it a little closer said even that is not what it’s cracked up to be.

The overall debt, service on the debt and the debt is about 1.6% of the overall Gross Domestic Product. Now, that doesn’t sound like to me in a big economy a fulsome economy and still basically a solid economy like the US overall that that’s such a crushing debt thing that the whole system is going to collapse like a house of cards. It’s political!

Of course, estimated US debt-to-GDP is actually 102.63% for 2011 (hello Greece!). But we're guessing you'd already concluded Sharpton & Pals were full of crap.

Yes, S&P's track record is poor, usually because they're slow to implement downgrades in deteriorating economic conditions. That's why some experts believe S&P actually hasn't gone far enough when it comes to American debt.

But political? That's a two-bit "progressive" conspiracy theory.

What's truly "political" is the need to sacrifice our entire economy and well-being in order to prop up a hopeless, doomed presidency.

06 August 2011

Libtalker Bill Press: Biden's Right, Republicans Are Terrorists


Libtalker: Biden Correct To Call GOP Terrorists

It was just a few days ago that Democrats were busy denying reports terminally absurd Vice President Joe Biden called Republicans "terrorists". But heck, on second thought, that doesn't sound so bad! Yes, they sure act like al-Qaeda militants, don't they?

For our "progressive" friends, what's too extreme one day is perfectly acceptable rhetoric the next.

That's why the debate over whether tape exists of "Bite Me" making the decidedly uncivil remark faded quickly.

Here's how Rush Limbaugh covered the flap during Tuesday's show:

RUSH LIMBAUGH: After making such a big deal about hate rhetoric and Gabby Giffords, the vice president of the United States calls opponents terrorists, the media helps bury the story. Why did they ask him? Why did Scott Pelley ask him if they weren't gonna show the answer? Maybe they didn't like his answer. But when Biden was asked about what he spoke with Giffords about he joked, "She's now a member of the cracked head club like me." I think he said that to her.

She is not able to speak yet. She's able to vote, but she's not able to speak. And Biden either said to her, "Hey, hey, hey, how are you? You know, hey, Chuck, stand up, let 'em see you. Oh, my God, love you. God love you, Chuck's in a wheelchair, can't stand. Well, let's all stand up for Chuck." It was one of those moments, where Biden goes up and says to Gabby Giffords, "Hey, you know what? You're like me, you're a member of the cracked head club."

Now, there's no tape on that, either. Apparently cameras don't follow Biden around. Yeah, of course they follow Biden. Of course there's tape on this. They're sequestering it, or suppressing it. They've got tape of Biden saying all this stuff. They're just hiding it. They are not using it. Now, how many times has Dick Cheney asked about calling Pat Leahy an orifice hole?

And Cheney, by the way, admitted it, and Cheney told him to do something more than just called him a name. Cheney said you go do something anatomically impossible to Pat Leahy. And of course everybody was outraged, this is unacceptable in Washington, DC, why, how can we expect togetherness and comity and civility when the vice president of the United States is referring to a revered member of the Senate in such horrid ways? And yet here's Biden out there just setting all kinds of records with the rhetoric.

By the end of the week, however, libtalkers such as syndicated host Bill Press were singing a different tune: that Biden HAD said it and was RIGHT to do so:

BILL PRESS (15:18): You see what this is again? These guys are terrorists! You know, Joe Biden, they say he's getting in a little bit of trouble because he called them terrorists, but that's exactly what they are.

They've taken us hostage again and they're demanding 100% their ransom. And unless they get 100%, they're holding a gun to our head. What do you call people who put a gun to your head and say, "Unless you pay me whatever, I'm going to kill you or kill this program." You know what they call them? Terrorists! Exactly what they are over this FAA.

We could deliver a lengthy lecture here on the cheapening of the word "terrorism" and the "civility" campaign Dems themselves launched in January, but you've heard it all before.

04 August 2011

Libtalker: Next Plane Crash Can Be Pinned On GOP


'Progressive' Freak Out Over FAA Budget Flap

While the rest of the world worries about a debt-fueled crisis smashing financial markets, our "progressive" friends panic over a government not spending money quite fast enough.

The dispute over rural air subsidies has led to a partial shutdown of the Federal Aviation Administration while a budgetary impasse remained unresolved going into the congressional recess. In an unusual maneuver, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) is to approve a temporary funding measure.

Of course, any disagreement over wasteful spending can only mean one thing: "obstructionist" Republicans want to kill children, the elderly, cute kittens, fluffy bunnies, etc. And sure enough, the FAA flap signals a GOP THAT WANTS PLANES TO FALL FROM THE SKY!

In fact, Eric Cantor himself will personally be responsible for the next tragedy.

Yes, evil conservatives find aviation mishaps quite entertaining, so we'd like to encourage more to have something to watch on TV.

And in your "progressive" diatribe, don't forget to include a link between Republicans and 9-11 terrorists! It's mandatory.

From yesterday's Thom Hartmann Show:

THOM HARTMANN (02 AUGUST 2011 - Hour Two - 30:46): The people who are inspecting planes for safety are not being paid, or at least they're not being paid for overtime [or] anything over budget, and typically they have to work overtime.

If a plane falls out of the sky in the next five weeks while the House of Representatives is on vacation, partyin' hard, call Eric Cantor.

If the Republicans are willing to crash the economy, they're certainly willing to crash an airplane, which raises the question, how different are they from...nineteen guys who crashed some, well...yeah, wait a minute...You read Osama bin Laden's diatribe about 9/11...

What he said was that he was going to try to crash the American economy by taking down the World Trade Center, and the Tea Party just said 'we're gonna crash the American economy if you don't buy this piece of legislation.'

Remember, "progressives": Republicans are on the hook for the next plane crash, so have your talking points at the ready and keep fingers crossed.

02 August 2011

Libtalker Randi Rhodes Imagines Violent Right-Wing Revolution


Libtalker: Beck Doesn't Have A Chance

Our "progressive" friends continue to fantasize (?!?!?!) about a violent, right-wing revolution that will justify a physical response from the left. If only conservatives were this well organized!

Just how delusional has the left become?

Watch as libtalker Randi Rhodes invents a conflict with Glenn Beck out of thin air, entirely on the basis of a routine talk radio monologue. Trust us, Beck said NOTHING that would suggest a violent struggle coming to a neighborhood near you.

From yesterday's syndicated Randi Rhodes Show:

RANDI RHODES (01 August 2011 - Hour One - 09:45): See, I think they want a revolution, I really do, and if Beck's going to be the one fighting it, I win! I'm a girl and I can kick his ass, so - you know, and he's like 9 feet tall! I win!

Unless, of course, he brings those um, oh I don't know what they're - you know, the sunglass-wearing, sort of Secret Service type bow tie-wearing white-shirt, you know, black suit - guys that he walks around with... or, unless the rich people starts buying, you know, $200,000 guard dogs - oh, they have?

Oh, and personal drones - swear to God! These freaks are getting ready for some sort of a revolution and it's the rich against everybody else? You know, we will kick their ass, OK!

What is fueling this paranoid "progressive" belief that civil war is imminent? Is this something they want?

NOTE: there never was a Randimobile Hummer, it's an old gag from the Air America days

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