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26 December 2011

Obama-Slamming Liberal Talker Lynn Samuels Passes Away


Independent Thinker Samuels Did It Her Way

"Why are you writing about me?"

In covering some of her most outrageous outbursts, we never did manage to convince longtime liberal talker Lynn Samuels of our motives. Given how others generally ignored her, the former WABC host turned satellite chatter was puzzled by our attention.

Samuels passed away at home in New York City aged 69 on Christmas Eve, according to multiple press reports. Whatever did occur, there was no time to say goodbye. Her website and Twitter page had been updated just a day earlier.

Your Radio Equalizer
found Samuels refreshingly genuine and unique, refusing to tow the party line, as opposed to NBC's predictable cable talk lineup. She could blast Republicans and rip Obama to shreds without pausing for air. Refusing to give up her trademark accent, she came across as authentically New York City.

Most of all, Lynn Samuels was entertaining. THAT'S why we wrote about her!

More recently, however, satellite radio gave her the opportunity to really let loose and the results were sometimes excessively obscene and nasty. But unlike one-note hate-talkers such as Ed Schultz, Samuels made up for it with warmth and courtesy elsewhere.

Samuels worked with
many of talk radio's greats, including Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and others. We reached out to Hannity last night via email for reaction. Here's his response:

"I am so sad to hear about the passing of Lynn Samuels. While most people may know we had many political disagreements, many may not know we developed a strong friendship over the years. We would often instant message late into the night about politics, radio, the Easter marshmallow Peeps she loved so much (only the yellow ones) and topics too numerous to recall.

"She was a true original, a terrific talent, and her voice and instant messages will be greatly missed," Hannity added.

In addition to rare open criticism of Obama from a left-wing talker, Samuels was known for kind words toward some of the conservatives with which she shared an office (at one point using the same desk as Rush!):

Samuels was furious when fellow liberal Juan Williams was fired by NPR, especially when few others came to his defense due to Fox News Channel ties:

Samuels saved perhaps her harshest criticism for former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, blasting the San Francisco Democrat for blindly supporting Obama through the most ridiculous of circumstances:

Samuels will be remembered above all else for her zero tolerance of phoniness, especially in politics. While you might not have agreed with her views, it was difficult not to respect her passion and courage. She'll be missed.

23 December 2011

MSNBC's Ed Schultz: Republicans Like 'Sewer Rats'


MSNBC's Bully-In-Chief Cranks Up Mean Factor

How's this for spreading a healthy dose of Christmas smear? Cue MSNBC's Ed Schultz with lumps of coal for opponents of a surreal Capitol Hill battle over $40 that wasted at least a week of America's precious time (not like there's a global financial crisis occurring or anything).

NBC's Bully-In-Chief used the occasion to label so-called tea party Republicans "sewer rats".

Way to keep the rhetoric civil, Big Eddie!

Of course, Schultz is probably perfectly happy with John Boehner's subsequent cave-in on the issue, his anger reserved for Republican backbenchers who dared question spending so much time on something so trivial (just so cynical Obama could look like a tax-cutter)

From yesterday's syndicated Ed Schultz radio program:

ED SCHULTZ (34:56): They have a sewer rat mentality. You know what sewer rats do? They go down in the hole and they don't come out. And they all hang out together. And they're comfortable in their environment.

Here's the question: in between "cold ones", does Schultz ever soften up enough to show an appealing side to his personality? Or is it All Mean, All The Time?

Lighten up, Ed, it's Christmas.

22 December 2011

Ed Schultz Has Two Versions Of Bar Encounter With Fox Host


Schultz Later Softens Fox Host Bar Run-In Story

Ever hear this one? A guy walks into a bar, bumps into a cable talk rival, then....

Sadly for Ed Schultz, he doesn't remember the punchline, mostly because he was behaving as Ed Schultz normally does in a bar. If there had been a fistfight, it might be easier to recall.

Does he really believe Fox Business Channel's Eric Bolling would make up a story about buying MSNBC's Bully-In-Chief a drink?

Yes, it's a silly flap, one that might not generate much attention during a busier news cycle, but it does provide insight into Schultz's fuzzy, hazy, "cold one"-centered existence.

While several sites including Mediaite and Huffington Post have reported on Big Eddie's televised version of events, we have his far more strident assertions from the radio program earlier yesterday. There, he was adamant the encounter never took place, but then seemed to leave plenty of wiggle room on MSNBC.

ED SCHULTZ: [after playing clip of Eric Bolling on Fox's The Five]: That - never - happened. I don't know Eric Bolling. I have never bumped into him before, to my knowledge. No one has ever bought me scotch and anybody that knows me knows I don't drink that garbage.

Look, Eric, if you ever do run into me and if you do get my attention, because I don't drink with conservatives, nor would I buy a conservative a drink. I don't, I have no reason to, my God, you people have had all the tax breaks, now you want me to buy you booze?! It ain't gonna happen!

On MSNBC later, however, he seemed to admit it could have happened after all, saying, "Sorry, dude, I didn’t realize you were looking for a handout."

Memo to other cable guys who might bump into Big Eddie sometime: he drinks A LOT. His memory is FUZZY. He has a HOT TEMPER.

And because we've seen him at radio conventions, we know he's about as much fun as... wait, it's hard to remember.

21 December 2011

Sharpton Show: GOP Actively Conspiring To Disallow Black Vote


Lefty Fear Campaign Asserts Voter Suppression

Using slanderous misstatements of fact, "progressives" are busy scaring their own into believing Republicans will actively prevent African-Americans from voting in 2012.

Though it's been done before, this election cycle has seen a more stealth (but no less prevalent) fright campaign focused on lefty blogs, talk radio and cable.

And despite his supposed "mainstream" reputation these days, Al Sharpton has allowed his radio program to spread this falsehood, often via a co-host or guest.

During yesterday's syndicated show, Sharpton fill-in host Andre Eggleston did his bit for the Smear Machine, even throwing a fabricated "paraphrased" statement supposedly by Senator Mitch McConnell into the rant as "evidence":

ANDRE EGGLESTON (AL SHARPTON GUEST - 19 DEC 2011) (45:02): Eric Holder may have waited too late to try to do something about the drive by the right wing to try and right this election.

I mean they [Republicans] don’t want black folk to vote. This is a blood-won right. Mitch McConnell even said 'voting is working out for us too well' to paraphrase what he had to say.

Lost in the argument here is how exactly Republicans plan to bar black voters from the polls, but other libs claim voter ID laws somehow discourage African-Americans.

Any data to back that up? Need we even ask?

18 December 2011

Sharpton & Friends: GOP Using Satanic Strategy


Republicans Have Devilish Approach To Winning

Somewhere out there, the Church Lady must be laughing.

What more can be said about the ridiculous notion that Republican strategy is built around Satanic principles? Yet that's what passes for ordinary rhetoric during Al Sharpton's national radio program.

Sure sounds a lot like some of Reverend Wright's sermons, doesn't it?

It also underscores the phoniness of Reverend Sharpton's ongoing effort to mainstream his image. Beneath the surface (new clothes, cable talk show, etc), partisan extremism remains.

From Thursday's syndicated radio program with regular guest Karen Hunter:

AL SHARPTON (4:30): But isn’t it to you [Karen Hunter] a strategy cause I think you eluded to this, isn’t it a strategy that the Republicans seem to be concentrating on everything but really dealing with issues?

Let’s try to change voter ID, let’s try to do this and that about this and that rather than deal with the real problems of the economy the real problems of health care, it’s like distractions.

KAREN HUNTER: Well, that’s the tool of Satan, you know chaos, distraction and all that, lies.

Could it be...... SATAN?

15 December 2011

Libtalker Bill Press: S-T-F-U Tim Tebow!


Former CNN Host Slams Tebow For Christian Beliefs

What happens when one of our "progressive" friends writes a book called TOXIC TALK: How The Radical Right Has Poisoned America’s Airwaves (with a book-signing party hosted by Media Matters), then gives an on-air F-U to Quarterback Tim Tebow for daring to express religious beliefs?

For lefty politics in 2011, we might call that just another day at the office.

But it's also a striking example of unhinged anti-Christian bigotry. What exactly is Tebow doing that is so offensive? It's a quick public expression of religious devotion, usually lasting mere seconds.

From today's Bill Press Show:

BILL PRESS (15 DECEMBER 2011) (29:45): Oh yeah, all right all right yeah first of all I just have to thank my lord and savior Jesus Christ and you know what I want to say, S.T.F.U. [shut the f*** up]!

I’m tired of hearing Tim Tebow and all this Jesus talk. I don’t know about you, 866 55 Press. Come on Tim Tebow, of course ha ha ha I got to tell you, he’d better be praying up praying hard this week because he’s up against a real quarterback on Sunday against Tom Brady and the New England Patriots.


PRESS (39:21): Tim Tebow, everybody wants to make him a hero. I think he’s a disgrace! I think he’s a disgrace! I think he’s an embarrassment!

Attacks on Tebow from the left are increasing exponentially. Are they more worried about Tim than Newt or Mitt?

13 December 2011

Mark Levin: $100K For Savage If He Gives Up Show


Conservative Talker Turns Rival's Offer Upside-Down

From a pure self-promotion standpoint, talker Michael Savage's million-dollar offer to Newt Gingrich was marketing genius. Than in his last five years combined, the syndicated host managed to generate more public attention in a single day. Ten thousand stories listed at Google News can back that assertion.

But rival conservative talker Mark Levin has his own idea: rather than a million for Newt's exit from the GOP presidential primary race, he'll give Savage himself $100,000 to hang up the headphones for good!

Levin made his case during last night's nationally-syndicated radio show, claiming Savage's career has seen better days, with lower ratings and a decrease in affiliates from an earlier peak.

Levin is heard on major stations including WABC / New York, WBAP / Dallas, WMAL / Washington and many more.

See it here:

Okay, who's next with a big-money offer?

12 December 2011

Randi Rhodes: Senator Coburn's A Meth Addict


Are 'Progressive' Attacks Randomly Generated?

In the 1980s, now-defunct Spy Magazine debuted a regular feature, the Script-O-Matic, where plot cliches could be randomly assembled to create the perfect Hollywood screenplay.

More recently, our "progressive" friends have taken the idea to the next level, using a seeming Smear-O-Matic dart-throwing process to slander their political opponents.

Today's example comes from deranged libtalker Randi Rhodes, who sees no other explanation for Senator Tom Coburn's (R-OK) recent facial hair growth beyond obvious drug use.

Yes, it's always ironic to hear Rhodes accuse someone else of being an addict, but it happens frequently.

From Friday's syndicated program, here's the smear in question:

RANDI RHODES (13:28): Did Tom Coburn shave yet? No, he didn't - he's on the meth, I'm telling you! Tom Coburn of Oklahoma - he's part of the epidemic!

The only "epidemic" we see around here is one of partisan "progressive" sleaze (and whatever causes Randi to behave this way).

10 December 2011

Lefty Trial Lawyer Papantonio: Newt Says Black Kids Out To Kill


Sleazy 'Progressive' Trial Lawyer At It Again

Here at the Radio Equalizer, we're still not sure what to make of Newt Gingrich's second political coming. What is clear, however: some of the former House speaker's detractors are as sleazy as they come.

High on the dirtbag list: lefty trial lawyer / partisan attack dog Mike Papantonio, known to go by "Pap" for short. The longtime Robert F Kennedy Jr / Ed Schultz confidant is the Democratic Party's ultimate loose cannon, making regular appearances on cable and libtalk radio shows.

Pap's latest attack includes a wildly over-the-top assertion that Gingrich is using racial scare tactics (the "Willie Horton II" theme Al Sharpton utilized earlier in the week) to advance the notion that black youths are ready to terrorize America en masse.

From Friday's syndicated Ed Schultz radio program:

MIKE PAPANTONIO (23:16): Newt's telling his feeble, old teabag supporters that young black lawless children are going to kill America.

While Newt himself still has much to prove on the campaign trail, one thing is obvious: "Pap" is a one-man smear machine.

08 December 2011

Former MSNBC Anchor, Caller Spread Christmas Fear


Shuster Laughs As Caller Threatens Violence

There's nothing like a bit of violent throat-slashing to get America in the Christmas spirit, don't you think?

With ever more deranged anti-holiday rants, our libtalk friends are especially full of good cheer this season. Today's example might not be so bad if not for host David Shuster's amused reaction.

It's one thing to take a crackpot caller, another for a talker to appear just as disturbed.

In the "progressive" world, of course, bad-mouthing Christians and Christmas is routine, so why should the former MSNBC anchor feel the need for distance from the comment?

From yesterday's Bill Press Show with Shuster as guest host:

DAVID SHUSTER (1:01:04): Kevin from Naperville Illinois, you’re on the Bill Press show good morning.

KEVIN IN NAPERVILLE ILLINOIS: I’m so sick and tired of Christian privilege in this country and cramming it down everybody else’s throat.

They just tried to do it with Thanksgiving, which is not a Christian holiday, it’s a secular holiday and this Christmas thing, you know somebody wishes me a Merry Christmas I don’t really take offense at that.

But, if someone hears me say Happy Holiday and they take offense at that, I want to rip their throat out.

SHUSTER: Ha ha ha ha!

Wonder how this guy feels about Easter? No bunny is safe.

07 December 2011

Rep Sheila Jackson Lee's Bizarre Iran Hostage - Bush Tax Cuts Comparison


Some Cards Are Missing From This Dem's Deck

We'd generally like to believe we've heard it all, but on occasion new ground is broken in partisan kookery. For expanding the threshold of political nuttiness today we'd like to thank Rep Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX).

We could do an in-depth analysis of her rhetorical tactics, but the absurdity here speaks for itself. Next stop: head examination.

Watch below as Jackson Lee compares Bush tax cuts to 1979's Iran hostage crisis during yesterday's Ed Schultz radio program:

SHEILA JACKSON LEE (04:06): We saw what happened when Iran took hostages in 1979. A president lost his re-election. The prestige of the United States was challenged.

I am not going to be taken hostage again to extend the Bush tax cuts when every economist says that it's absolutely absurd forever and points to the fact that no jobs are necessarily created by extending the Bush tax cuts, at least on the top one percent of Americans, and when the opt one percent population polled have said that they have no problem with losing that ludicrous benefit forever and ever.

And then, when everyone understands the question of mutual sacrifice, benefit and sacrifice, with all of our soldiers coming home we're now going to talk about being held hostage to the Bush tax cuts forever.

Nope, nothing more needs to be said! We're speechless.

03 December 2011

Al Sharpton: Gingrich Campaign Is Willie Horton II


Sharpton: Gingrich 'Baiting The Far Right' Using Race


Now that he's once again considered conservative and viable, it's no surprise to see Newt Gingrich's establishment / Beltway liberal friends turn against him. The ferocious nature of this sudden shift may be startling to the former House speaker, however.

In the latest example, Al Sharpton has abruptly decided to throw everything including the kitchen sink at Newt, accusing him of race-baiting and a divisive campaign strategy.

Given their strange history of palling around, however, this one may sting a bit.

Gingrich and the race-baiting reverend have a history of appearances together for reasons that must have made sense at the time (kind of like teaming up with Nancy Pelosi over global warming). Now, it's Sharpton accusing Newt of racial trickery, even labeling his tactics Willie Horton II!

From yesterday's syndicated Keeping It Real With Al Sharpton:

AL SHARPTON (6:51): Newt Gingrich, at the request of President Obama toured some inner city poor area schools with me and Secretary Duncan. And he knows thses kids have parents that work and that are not making money illegally. For him to say, read his quote so that peolple will understand that maybe haven't heard it. Read what he said Smokey.

FONTAINE: This is a direct quotes (Fontaine proceeds to read quote)

SHARPTON: Now He’s (Newt Gingrich) been to South Philly with us, he’s been other places. This is like when we saw the welfare queen imagery used in another Presidential Campaign, or saw the whole question of Willie Horton.

And this is now where we are getting into this cheap kind of race baiting kind of poor ah ah criminals kind of behavior and we need to call it out. There’s no one better to cal it out than me cause I went on the tour, risked ah people criticize, I’m glad I went now. Cause I can say I know he (Newt Gingrich) knows better. Y’all are playing poverty and race politics.

SHARPTON (13:20): Smokey the real outrage to me of Newt Gingrich’s statement and let’s remember now, despite you me whoever’s feelings, newt Gingrich according to every poll is now the frontrunner of the Republican Party. So we’re not just talking about some former Speaker who is given to saying scurrilous things. We’re talking about someone who is the standard bearer, at least right now, appears that he will be the standard bearer of their Party. And to say this when I know he has had experiences that would tell him and show him better means that a strategy that works for the far right of that Party is to bait people. And that is something that we need to address early and often, because if not we going to have an ugly campaign season against this President. We may have it anyway, but we at least need to identify that’s what’s happening.

Bonus clip! Dems are determined to bolster Barney Frank's damaging legacy:

STEPHANIE MILLER (30:34): We were actually reacting to the ah you know the right wing talking point that the housing crisis was all Barney Frank’s fault.

REP JIM MCDERMOTT (D-WA): Ha ha ha ha!

MILLER: A lovely parting gift for his thirty years of service

REP MCDERMOTT: Ha ha ha ha!

MILLER: You like that one, okay. Your thoughts?

REP MCDERMOTT: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! They have to have someone to blame it on and ha ha ha ha ha Barney’s got broad shoulders. But it’s baloney.

MILLER: Exactly! I mean just give us your thoughts on that. Cause I think that you know it really is ironic that here’s a guy you know at least got some financial regulation accomplished and they’re making him the scapegoat of all this.

REP MCDERMOTT: Well they’re (Republicans) whole strategy right now is to deregulate the government as a way of recreating the economy and the financial regulations that he (Barney Frank) did was just trying to get us back to some sanity. I mean we learned what happened in the thirties and we gradually eroded it over time and Barney tried to bring us back to where it makes sense.

This from a guy who openly supported Saddam's regime.

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