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01 February 2012

Al Sharpton: Republicans Wrong To Claim There's A Social Safety Net


Sharpton Claims Poor People Are On Their Own

There are two men of the cloth in Barack Obama's life: hate-filled extremist Reverend Wright and his partisan establishment counterpart, Reverend Wrong. By the latter, of course, we mean Al Sharpton, who spent a portion of today's radio show blasting Mitt Romney over the issue of poverty in America.

As you may have heard, the former Massachusetts governor is taking heat for saying he's "not concerned about the very poor", meaning he believes there is a strong government-run safety net for the least wealthy in the United States.

In response, many Democrats are trying to claim George W Bush is "the real food stamp president", though growth in the program has greatly accelerated under Obama. The facts just don't back up their crazy assertion.

But Sharpton's approach is different: he's furious with Romney for suggesting the poor have anywhere to turn at all in this mean-spirited, cold-hearted country. From today's edition of Keeping It Real:

AL SHARPTON (5:20): This statement by Mitt Romney today, he’s trying to walk it back saying that he wasn’t concerned with the poor concerned with the middle class said he’s trying to clarify it but even in his clarity he exposes to many the misconceptions he said, 'well there’s programs for the poor, I meant my focus'.

What programs for the poor? They [Republicans] keep acting as if poor people have all of these things helping them.

Yes, between food stamps, housing vouchers, SSI payments, etc, why would anyone be crazy enough to believe poor people could survive in America?


  • A great number of poor people are poor by design. There are those in all levels of gov't who make their living on the poor. Their job is to keep you poor so they need gov't until they die. Also, many poor people are poor because of crappy life choices & a lack of discipline. Many are poor because of combonation of these 2 things. Many of these folks have never really worked a day in their lives, & they do not deserve our help.

    There is a section of people who are poor despite the fact they bust their ass & want to work. They have held jobs & perhaps their employer cut their workforce for whatever reason. These people deserve help, & I have no problem doing so.

    As for Sharpton, look up this link...

    ...& ask yourself how ANYONE takes this racebaiting idoit seriously? Maybe Brian could prove a link, with subtitles.

    By Anonymous danybhoy, at 02 February, 2012 13:18  

  • Following the link takes me to a Youtube page which claims the video is no available. Somebody been "sterilizing" Sharpton's trail?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 06 March, 2012 01:48  

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