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08 January 2012

Geraldo Rivera Uses New Radio Show To Advocate Government Licensing Of Parents


Defends Casey Anthony, Yet Wants Gov Parental Oversight

NOW we know why Geraldo Rivera was keen on adding a radio show to his schedule: so he could promote two opposing viewpoints on the same issue!

Within a period of less than 12 hours the King of All Media Hackery jumped on Bill O'Reilly for being much too critical of (insert your own descriptive language here) Casey Anthony, but then told radio listeners he advocates government licensing and "vetting" of all prospective parents in America.

In Geraldo Bizarro World, it's give Casey the benefit of the doubt, while real mothers and fathers are guilty until proven innocent. Could anything be nuttier?

w, watch as Geraldo pounces on O'Reilly, then in our own clip from his new WABC / New York radio program, see his real Big Brother-ish agenda exposed:

GERALDO RIVERA (34:11): I swear to God, you talks about sickos, you talk about sickos. You should need to have a license to have a child. You should be vetted. I think I can't stand these stories. I've covered so many of these toddler-torture-murders. It's just something that is unbelievable.

We're THRILLED Geraldo's decided to play radio for a while and can't wait for the next foot-in-mouth episode. He's off to a fantastic start!


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