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03 November 2004

Franken and Air America's Future

I'll be writing a lot more about where talk radio is heading after this stunning election victory for the GOP.

Immediate industry attention is focused on where Air America will go from here. It has been unclear all along how committed some of the players would be to this once the election is over.

Right out of the gate today, Al Franken said this on his show:

"I don't mind losing an election over honest disagreements that is based on facts, but that's not what happened. A large majority of Bush supporters are literally delusional because there has been a systematic campaign by the right-wing media of lying to the American people. We lost yesterday to a guy who is not honest and who is divisive. And here at Air America we will continue to be here, we are not going away and we are going to continue to fight every step of the way."

Bush bashing didn't win it for Kerry and these sour grapes aren't going to keep Air America going either.


  • I agree entirely. How can anyone listen to that group?
    They are so boring. Their attempts at humor are lame!
    Besides, they just echo the mainstream media's sentiment.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 13 November, 2004 11:15  

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