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03 November 2004

Why Should We Be Surprised?

It's obvious Kerry has lost Ohio, Iowa looks bleak, and so does Nevada and New Mexico.

So what do we get? A repeat of Sore-Loserman from four years ago in John Edwards, emerging in Boston to talk about how we can wait one more night. There is no way that provisional ballots are going to get Kerry anywhere near what he would need to close the gap in Iowa. Most won't be valid. Kerry is behind by 125,000 votes in Ohio at the moment. And yet he has lawyers flying into Ohio right now.

This is why the Democrats lose elections. They tick people off.


  • Bush-Cheney took Texas and Wyoming. Kerry-Edwards too Massachusetts...but not North Carolina. I kind of thought early on there was going to be a problem again when one of the candidates can't take their own home state. Gore never took his own home state either. Gore set a new precedent, though, in the 2000 election and I think they will always hold out until they are sure they have exhausted all their legal objections.

    By Blogger Richard L Zorek, at 03 November, 2004 03:14  

  • Thanks Richard- you are absolutely correct. Edwards should have been able to take his home state. And his Senate seat will now go to a Republican.

    Other than Coors losing in CO, this is an amazing night for the GOP when it comes to Senate pickups. Stunning the incumbent President could see his party do so well.

    As for lawsuits, you knew there was no way Kerry would concede this thing no matter how badly he might have been behind.

    By Blogger Brian Maloney, at 03 November, 2004 03:20  

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