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03 November 2004

South Dakota

The race that I'm watching like a hawk tonight is the South Dakota Senate race. Republican John Thune has just pulled ahead of Senator-for-life Tom Daschle for the first time all night. He's 6000 votes ahead now. Now it's a question of where remaining ballots might come from- reservations or rural pockets of the state. I didn't think Daschle could be beaten.

The huge GOP US Senate pick ups may be a bigger story than Bush's likely re-election if things keep going this way.


  • I used to live in South Dakota, and back when I was a Democrat even volunteered in his West River office. He is a merciless and ruthless campaigner and I have seen him chew up and spit out many contenders. I believe, though, that he learned some of that from McGovern, whom he took his seat from way back when. His politics is dirty and if Thune does pull this off, which I think he will, Daschle did a great disservice to him by issuing his lawsuit against him on behalf of the Indian tribes the night before the election. By doing that Daschle was trying to motivate a major base support of the Indians to make sure they vote on Tuesday even though I believe the accusation was bogus. Now, if Thune takes office, he will have a problem getting tribal support because Daschle labeled Thune with that "racist" suspicion through his legal action.

    By Blogger Richard L Zorek, at 03 November, 2004 03:24  

  • Has Daschle actually conceded the race? I know it was called for Thune last night. Will Tom push legal action?

    By Blogger Brian Maloney, at 03 November, 2004 13:22  

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