The Radio Equalizer: Brian Maloney

03 November 2004


As of mid EST/ 9p PDT, with 10% of returns in, Bush is slightly ahead in Washington State! Now that shouldn't hold as Seattle precincts are counted, but for Bush to be ahead at any point in the game is significant in WA. It means the state is changing.

Dino Rossi has at least a prayer of beating Christine Gregoire to become the first (R) WA governator in 20 years. Early numbers don't look too bad. That's huge in itself.

Tim Eyman having a tough night as his gambling/property tax reduction initiative goes down to defeat. His email already reached me about what next year's initiative plans will be. This isn't even going to slow him down.

Also in WA, the 1% sales tax increase for education backed by the Gates family is going down in flames. WA voters 1, Seattle elitists 0.

No monorail recall numbers yet.

What's going on in Oregon? It was supposed to be a swing state, so far a huge advantage for Kerry. Maybe they had it backwards, WA was the real state in play. Are the early returns all from Portland and Eugene?

MSNBC called CA for Kerry and Murray over Nethercutt before any votes were counted. Could you at least wait for some returns?

I can't believe Kerry will really win Nevada once rural voters and all of Washoe Country is tabulated. The early numbers looked heavily to represent Clark County.


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