The Radio Equalizer: Brian Maloney

23 November 2004

Rossi Gains in Recount- But What About King County?

So far Republican Dino Rossi has actually gained on his 261-vote lead in the recount by 25 additional votes, but the big question is whether his lead is sustainable after King County is finished cheating on Wednesday.

Cheating? It's a carbon copy of Florida 2000, with elections workers making judgment calls about voters intentions. They're going out of their way to "find" the votes Democrats need in their core constituencies. Election workers say there's no bias, and in most Washington State counties that might be true, but not in King.

So far Republicans have lost two court challenges to the county's manufacturing of votes. Another try will be coming up. Democrats have their usual rhetoric about "counting all of the votes" as though they care. Funny how in the other counties it's a simple matter of making sure the machines didn't miss a vote or two. In King it's a legal showdown that probably won't end on Wednesday.


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