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19 November 2004

A Talk Radio Double Standard: Rice Called "Aunt Jemima" on Show

Just two weeks after WISN/ Milwaukee host Mark Belling was suspended for calling Mexican voters "wetbacks" on the air another host in the same state, John Sylvester of WTDY/ Madison, got away with calling incoming Secretary of State Condolezza Rice "Aunt Jemima" and Colin Powell "Uncle Tom". Sylvester, a white liberal, has drawn criticism from some leftist politicians but no calls for his removal from the airwaves. In fact he plans to give away Aunt Jemima products as part of a radio stunt meant to pour salt on the wounds.

The double standard here is obvious and it comes after a wave of outrageous racist statements directed toward Rice by Democrats and liberals in the days since Bush announced her appointment as Secretary of State.

What's more obvious is that Rice is a genius, a key adviser to Bush that he most certainly listens to on a daily basis. She's a renowned expert on Russia and ran Stanford University years ago. If we ever do have a female President in this country, I sure hope it will be her and not you-know-who.

As for talk radio, it's further proof that leftys are getting away with what conservatives can't. There were never any repercussions after Air America's Randi Rhodes and Seattle's Mike Webb called for President Bush to be killed earlier this year. Belling, meanwhile, is now back on the air at WISN, but lost his TV show and newspaper column.


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