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15 November 2004

WA Governor's Race a Rollercoaster Ride

Latest returns have Democrat Christine Gregoire now in the lead by about 600 votes. Dino Rossi had held a 2000 vote lead for a number of days, but that was wiped out late Monday. Creepy parallels to four years ago, when Sen. Slade Gorton was defeated by Maria Cantwell after last minute provisional counting, are becoming visable.

What has party officials and activists in a tizzy now are the provisional ballots, many of which come from Seattle. Democrats want to make sure all of these are counted, whether from legitimate registered voters or not. They won a court ruling allowing them to contact those whose provisional ballots are in question due to signature irregularites. They can then turn around and swear up and down that they are bona fide voters.

The big question, the one faced previously, is this: why so voters in Seattle can't seem to figure out where to vote or whether they are registered on election day.

Not only will there be a recount in this race but there will also be court battles no matter who comes out ahead.


  • This should help put some of those worried about King County at ease. A little. Maybe.

    Right now Rossi, taking the trends in each county into consideration, is going to win by 1,036 despite leading by a mere 304. This is all mathematical projection, but take a look.

    I've got an Excel spreadsheet designed by my brother that tracks all counted votes, results by county, and ballots outstanding to project the winner. It updates every 10 minutes.

    Available at it, open it, allow automatic updating, and watch it in real time, including projections.

    By Blogger Murdoc, at 16 November, 2004 22:12  

  • Interesting theory. Now we have Rossi ahead by 67 votes. Still a nailbiter. A hand recount will be mandated if the final lead is less than 150 votes.

    By Blogger Brian Maloney, at 17 November, 2004 13:43  

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