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15 November 2004

A Rare Bit of Intellectual Honesty From the Left- Will They Listen?

The Seattle Post-Intelligencer, probably one of America's most left-wing daily newspapers (of course Seattle could very well be exiting America to join British Columbia), surprised me with an unusually honest self-examination of "progressive" shortcomings and how they lead to electoral defeat. Click above to see the story.

Anthony Robinson, clearly on the left himself, has obviously spent some time observing the political scene in Seattle when he writes this:

Democrats and liberals tend to tout themselves as the people of tolerance and diversity. But when you ask what tolerance and diversity really mean, it often means tolerance for people who share our views and the diversity "of the enlightened." Liberals decry those who would "impose" their views on school prayer while confidently imposing their preferred school sexuality curriculums. And last time I checked most of us were quite willing to impose our environmental views and policies on loggers, cattle-ranchers and miners. The "tolerant" versus "intolerant" is a false and elitist move.

What I wonder is if any of Seattle's elitists are able to see this in themselves and will work to change it. This is where Robinson may be speaking Greek to the P-I readership. He is right on target again when he says:

Democrats and liberals also need to lose the language of scorn. During the past four years, I have heard much that I can describe only as scorn for George W. Bush, and by extension, those who support him. "What an idiot!" "The man is an absolute moron!" There's no way that the language of scorn can be made to sound appealing. I may be old-fashioned, but I believe a president of the United States, any president, deserves basic respect. Yes, I know the wackos maligned Clinton mercilessly. But what your grandmother said still holds, "Two wrongs don't make a right."

I'll be interested to see what kind of reaction this essay gets from P-I readers. Are they willing to listen to the real truth from someone on their own side of the fence?


  • Yes indeed... leave the language of scorn behind. That's for "wackos"... hypocrite.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 30 June, 2010 01:41  

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